segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1DH-SERPENTINE Serpentine1,683 ft95 ft24082682233
2Warm up doubletrack Lake Loop (South Shore)698 ft80 ft2102177939
3Bottom of La Costa switchbacks ascent Switchbacks3,715 ft246 ft1907126389
4Doubles Horned Lizard745 ft63 ft1814124828
5Just the Switchbacks Switchbacks2 miles409 ft17281118716
6Braap! Water Tower Access Road769 ft51 ft1607136482
7Lizard Super D Horned Lizard1 miles406 ft1603950311
8Curious Little Twist Whip Tail915 ft44 ft1538103823
9Just the creek S. Copper Creek1,132 ft43 ft1495117482
10BOttom Whip Whip Tail3,375 ft184 ft148896286
11Slip and Slide S. Copper Creek1,226 ft140 ft1475107876
12Poop shoot S. Copper Creek486 ft37 ft1472161058
13Calavera- Serpentine DH Serpentine2,265 ft92 ft1472122247
14Calavera- Monkey Flower Trail East DH-TOP East Loop415 ft66 ft12911003911
15tech up hill on lizard Horned Lizard558 ft50 ft120685941
16Horned Lizard Mile Marker to the Top Horned Lizard1,942 ft144 ft111380863
17Copper Mine Escape S. Copper Creek1,891 ft177 ft98876061
18Up the Poop Shoot S. Copper Creek1,026 ft76 ft97372241
19Assclown to RSD turnoff Rancho Summit Switches3,533 ft100 ft89265932
20Calavera- Monkey Flower Trail West (heading south) Monkey Flower1,264 ft38 ft83144633
21Nascar to the Box Drop Down (NASCAR)2,314 ft266 ft81737928
22Chute Whip Tail1,073 ft70 ft81639744
23Up the Whooptiedoos RSF Tunnel Connector557 ft100 ft81650672
24The full enchilada Rancho Summit Switches1 miles191 ft73342471
25Calavera- Monkey Flower Trail East DH-BOTTOM East Loop1,609 ft113 ft71233861
26Calavera- Monkey Flower Trail East DH East Loop1,443 ft109 ft70333675
27Shot Gun Climb Denning Drive3,128 ft362 ft66832981
28Whiptail Bottom Half Whip Tail4,278 ft208 ft64728124
29Eastern Warm up hill East Loop2,648 ft178 ft61227250
30Calavera flowy up hill singletrack Serpentine2,059 ft96 ft57627390
31La Costa Backside Fireroad Climb Denning Drive5,118 ft531 ft57227540
32Calavera- Monkey Flower Trail East DH-LONG East Loop2,024 ft179 ft49320782
33Shot Gun DH Denning Drive3,282 ft407 ft46716750
34Make a Wish Make a Wish1,150 ft153 ft36317330
35Calavera- Serpentine UH Serpentine2,310 ft91 ft34013681
36Lower MakeaWish Make a Wish3,209 ft182 ft33814770
37Upper Make a Wish corrected. Make a Wish1,066 ft149 ft30011582
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