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4 DayCarson City
2,500 ft-138 ft
7 StepsCarson City
1,465 ft-52 ft
Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon TrailAsh Canyon
7.3 miles-1,761 ft
Babyheads BypassAsh Canyon
282 ft
Baldy GreenAsh Canyon
3,572 ft-183 ft
Centennial LoopCentennial Park
3.7 miles-523 ft
ConnectorAsh Canyon
2,557 ft-126 ft
Creek TrailAsh Canyon
1.2 miles-463 ft
Deer RunAsh Canyon
2,995 ft-124 ft
EvidenceAsh Canyon
1.1 miles-195 ft
EZ TrailCarson City
3.4 miles-221 ft
JackrabbitAsh Canyon
3,069 ft-234 ft
Larry's TrailCentennial Park
2,659 ft-245 ft
LongviewCarson City
1.9 miles-79 ft
Lower Jacks ConnectorCarson City
2,393 ft-2 ft
Main Loop DHCentennial Park
1,204 ft-75 ft
Moundhouse LoopCentennial Park
2.2 miles-150 ft
OverlookAsh Canyon
785 ft-70 ft
Pooh Corner ConnectorCarson City
1,393 ft-3 ft
Postal RouteAsh Canyon
2,380 ft-150 ft
Prison Hill North LoopCarson City
3.0 miles-429 ft
Short LoopCentennial Park
2,607 ft-181 ft
Upper Vicee CanyonAsh Canyon
4,702 ft-10 ft
V&T Rail-to-TrailAsh Canyon
4,741 ft-5 ft
Vicee RimAsh Canyon
3,511 ft-255 ft
West LoopCentennial Park
1.0 miles-217 ft
Z TrailCentennial Park
1,698 ft-113 ft
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