segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Red Loop CW from TH to first peak Red Loop3,906 ft206 ft27211760913
2First Hill PCP Plum Cr Pky Trail1,738 ft35 ft111460325
3"The Flats" (northbound) of East Plum Creek Trail East Plum Creek Trail1,967 ft16 ft107993259
4Rhyolite Rumble Cyclocross Course1,188 ft35 ft1041111810
5Hill to the corner East Plum Creek Trail2,270 ft40 ft96382669
6Plum Creek Climb to the MAC Plum Cr Pky Trail3,001 ft138 ft96054173
7Sloppy descent State CX Rhyolite Park223 ft13 ft941155910
8East Plum Creek Trail: northbound, Sellars Gulch intersection (behind Old Stone Church) to Meadows Parkway East Plum Creek Trail3 miles137 ft91574708
9Plum Creek Parkway, I-25 west to Auburn Plum Cr Pky Trail4,626 ft156 ft78642545
10The Calm before the Climb Crystal Valley MUP827 ft14 ft78347913
11med jumpline Beginner DH Flow491 ft35 ft76491720
12CVP Short Crystal Valley MUP4,571 ft177 ft74541361
13Crystal Valley Pkwy Climb from Plum Creek Blvd Crystal Valley MUP1 mile245 ft714410912
14Front Street Sprint, southbound from Sante Fe to North Liggett Front Street Trail4,094 ft36 ft67728152
15Green jump line and up Beginner DH Flow1,110 ft29 ft61593591
16Plum Creek Crystal Valley to Back of Safeway East Plum Creek (South)2 miles109 ft49139654
17Plum Creek Crystal Valley Extension East Plum Creek (South)2 miles114 ft35837764
18Hangman's Gulch - Up Hangman's Gulch Trail4,201 ft134 ft33722842
19Front St. Bridge Bypass South Bound Front Street Trail4,818 ft28 ft28911820
20Hangman's Gulch Trail Climb Hangman's Gulch Trail1 mile194 ft28619935
21Hangman's Gulch Down Hangman's Gulch Trail1 mile198 ft23213202
22Woodlands NB 5th to Saddleback Path3,401 ft85 ft1849311
23Paintbrush Park Native Legend Trail1,291 ft37 ft1749101
24A couple hairpins Path615 ft20 ft13310630
25Green to Jumps Beginner DH Flow1,880 ft113 ft1112370
26dh Rhyolite green Beginner DH Flow2,181 ft146 ft881420
27Native Legend Open Space Trail to The Grange Native Legend Trail1 mile77 ft782961
28Rhyolite Short Cut Intermediate DH Flow Line210 ft56 ft721570
29Clockwise Memmen Ridge Loop1 mile144 ft37970
30Bike Trail from Meadows Boulevard south into Ridgeline Open Space (paved) Native Legend Trail1 mile240 ft351371
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