segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Washed out east The Narrows923 ft7 ft138195606
2Washed out west The Narrows904 ft9 ft136895456
3GP downhill from west side of RC Grotpeter1 miles203 ft13171148911
4Roller Coaster Dirty Spokes LOOP Rollercoaster1 miles66 ft1259131339
5Rollercoaster CW Rollercoaster5,196 ft30 ft12271277531
6Love Uphill Mountain Ridge Connector5,184 ft172 ft11971308534
7singletrack connector - creek to MRC Grotpeter938 ft10 ft106570046
8Mountain Connector Decent Mountain Ridge Connector1 miles154 ft679314312
9GP - Original Upper Trail (Segment 3) Grotpeter2,245 ft9 ft60024466
10Roller Coaster CCW Rollercoaster1 miles46 ft57725478
11GP - Original Upper Trail (Segment 2) Grotpeter2,145 ft54 ft47919112
12Office Descent Midway/Office Connector2,091 ft161 ft38712375
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