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50 YearCatalina State Park
5.2 miles-431 ft
Baby JesusCatalina State Park
3.8 miles-1,016 ft
BridleCatalina State Park
1.4 miles-46 ft
Canyon LoopCatalina State Park
1.5 miles-206 ft
CatalinaCatalina State Park
3.7 miles-159 ft
Cherry TankCatalina
4.3 miles-355 ft
Chutes AccCatalina State Park
1.6 miles-57 ft
Cloud Nine AccCatalina State Park
1,982 ft-25 ft
ConnectorCatalina State Park
1,980 ft-59 ft
Cow PiesCatalina
2.4 miles-292 ft
3,291 ft-292 ft
Honeybee Canyon AccCatalina State Park
2.8 miles-117 ft
Middle GateCatalina State Park
2.5 miles-460 ft
2.2 miles-646 ft
SutherlandCatalina State Park
3.4 miles-1,737 ft
SutherlandCatalina State Park
1.2 miles-271 ft
2.4 miles-1,001 ft
The BadlandsCatalina
6.6 miles-489 ft
The ChutesCatalina State Park
1.1 miles-199 ft
The Chutes AltCatalina State Park
1,903 ft-3 ft
The Chutes AltCatalina State Park
2,483 ft-186 ft
Trail LinkCatalina State Park
2.1 miles-445 ft
Upper Fifty YearCatalina State Park
1.9 miles-401 ft
Wild Burro to RidgelineCatalina State Park
1.5 miles-264 ft
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