Mountain Bike
Air Space
1,634 ft-94 ft
Ardencraig Road Connector
538 ft58 ft
Blue Trail
2,024 ft-139 ft30 ft
Boulder Dash
2,454 ft-14 ft85 ft
Brig O'Doom
2,034 ft-78 ft8 ft
Cathkin Road Connector
1,132 ft34 ft
Cathkin Road Connector
1,312 ft-19 ft
Clyde Climb
1,801 ft112 ft
Doon the Clyde
2,730 ft-167 ft19 ft
Double Dare
932 ft-102 ft
Formal Path
3,589 ft-115 ft59 ft
Formal Path
2,992 ft194 ft
Formal Path
1,588 ft-8 ft15 ft
Formal Path
3,750 ft125 ft
Formal Path
1,998 ft-63 ft15 ft
Formal Path
3,179 ft164 ft
Green Trail
1,437 ft-67 ft6 ft
Highland Jig
1,276 ft-115 ft
Nae Bother
1,549 ft-3 ft115 ft
Outer Skills Loop
1,670 ft-29 ft51 ft
Propeller Point
2,917 ft-59 ft50 ft
Rest And Be Thankful
2,769 ft-37 ft81 ft
Rock Garden
318 ft-10 ft
Skills Link
443 ft-7 ft
715 ft-32 ft11 ft
The Jouk
4,045 ft-52 ft56 ft
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