segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Coyote Shred Dog Coyote Trail1,072 ft57 ft72034722
2Coyote Chute Coyote Trail1,116 ft100 ft65417571
3Forest Road 462 Climb Coyote Trail5,062 ft302 ft44211601
4ever and anon Coyote Trail3,679 ft198 ft43311421
5Forest Road 462 Climb Coyote Trail1 mile285 ft43011320
6From Split to Top Coyote Coyote Trail3 miles573 ft42111110
7Up Coyote Coyote Trail5 miles600 ft39910174
8Coyote Split #3 Coyote Trail2,378 ft149 ft38513502
9Delbert DH to Chamisoso Delberts1 mile220 ft37010142
10Coyote Split #2 Coyote Trail1 mile300 ft36712361
11Upper Chamisoso DH Chamisoso (5184)1 mile130 ft36510071
12Coyote Split #1 Coyote Trail1 mile280 ft35612002
13"Down" Coyote Coyote Trail4 miles581 ft34311575
14Climb UP THE BACKWAY2 Chamisoso (5184)2 miles423 ft33214510
15coyote split to coyote dh FSR 4625,042 ft148 ft2959270
16Let it all hang out FSR 4621,076 ft95 ft2946100
17Chamisoso Technical Jam Chamisoso (5184)3,683 ft123 ft2569141
18Mishi Flow Coyote-Chamisoso Link1,713 ft40 ft2465950
19Bottom of Pinion South Pinion4,283 ft141 ft2356434
20Pinion Slalom Pinion1,238 ft99 ft2357730
21Northern Mahogany Mahogany2 miles78 ft2224820
22Pokerchip smooth descent Pokerchip South1 mile214 ft2154620
23Poker Chip North Face DH Pokerchip North1,761 ft213 ft1862800
24Bear Scat UpperGnar Bear Scat North990 ft182 ft1803431
25all in Pokerchip North2,116 ft222 ft1802560
26Poker chip DH from Mahogany Pokerchip South4,144 ft203 ft1151700
27Cedro Peak DH Cedro Peak DH1,684 ft219 ft1092591
28Powerline Plunge! Powerline North1,066 ft392 ft991381
29Coyote Split Trail DH Coyote Split4,948 ft239 ft942130
30Rattlesnake to Mighty Mule (Descent) Rattlesnake2,170 ft180 ft731321
31Snake Bite Rattlesnake1,619 ft220 ft721310
32ATV Rowdy ATV Bypass687 ft101 ft701610
33Delberts - Powerline to Chamisoso Delberts3 miles352 ft641210
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