segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Eadesville Climb Part 2 of 2 Eadsville1,075 ft83 ft28023800Casper
2Looky Looky Overlooky Eadsville1,174 ft71 ft27522033Casper
3Wyoming 789 Climb Johnny's Draw1 mile356 ft2698522Lander
4The Herps Casper Mountain Trail - To Rail Tail connection4,798 ft224 ft25713295Casper
5Eadsville South Climb Eadsville4,074 ft270 ft24216351Casper
6Down J.O.T. - Start to hill climb Johnny on Top3,431 ft218 ft2155762Lander
7Whistling Kitty Chaser Eadsville4,515 ft128 ft1649422Casper
8Red Ridge descent - JBR Red Ridge Doubletrack Access1 mile348 ft1313824Lander
9IMBA Re-Route Climb Johnny on Top1 mile272 ft1263641Lander
10The Bus - Cactus Patch Downhill Cactus Patch4,195 ft253 ft1228217Lander
11Four Corners to Twin Pipes Johnny's Draw2,589 ft180 ft1163181Lander
12up johnny's draw Johnny's Draw2 miles349 ft1133550Lander
13the Bus - G&T climb G & T3,248 ft235 ft1137824Lander
14Beaver Pond Overlook Hill Beaver Pond Overlook774 ft75 ft1082462Casper
15Copper S to N Copper3,634 ft27 ft1015412Casper
16Beaver Pond Overlook to Fire Road Beaver Pond Overlook2,814 ft79 ft982810Casper
17Catalyst Meadow Middle Brewers4,406 ft502 ft932382Lander
18Zippity Do Da Miner Loop3,730 ft94 ft893591Casper
19Fire Road to Beaver Pond overook Aspen4,117 ft76 ft882470Casper
2038 (not so) special Wiggles2,148 ft126 ft856815Lander
21JBR - Johnny's Draw - Final Descent Johnny's Draw1 mile310 ft842111Lander
22Upper Catalyst Middle Brewers2 miles64 ft841951Lander
23Get 'em Tiger Hoodoos1,564 ft90 ft806403Lander
24Catalyst Meadow to Warming Hut Fork Middle Brewers2 miles706 ft771964Lander
25Johnny on Top - Descent Johnny on Top2 miles447 ft711530Lander
26Maze trail: western half Miner Loop3,336 ft49 ft701751Casper
27Dry Well Rd - JBR Dry Well Road1 mile266 ft681610Lander
28IMBA Re-Route Descent Johnny on Top1 mile263 ft662112Lander
29chain reaction to first switchback Middle Brewers1 mile306 ft642653Lander
30G&T descent G & T3,463 ft245 ft621775Lander
31Backside Climb Sketchy Bridge1,523 ft124 ft594971Lander
32JBR - Johnny On Top - Decent North to South Johnny on Top2 miles461 ft561020Lander
33Louis Lake Road Climb Middle Brewers4,095 ft304 ft552280Lander
34Brewer's to Catalyst Middle Brewers2 miles652 ft531712Lander
35Falls Junction to Bruce's Bridge Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)1 mile590 ft46910Lander
36First Switchback to Meadow Middle Brewers1 mile454 ft451241Lander
37Sheep Bridge Downhill Section Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)1 mile702 ft40792Lander
38Hoodoo Hot Lap Hoodoos3,409 ft90 ft391442Lander
39Middle Fork High Point to Bruce's Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)3 miles1,013 ft36700Lander
40Downhill Switchbacks to Bruces Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)2 miles854 ft34672Lander
41Worthen Bridge to Bruces Bridge Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)8 miles1,972 ft33643Lander
42Catalyst Meadow Climb Middle Brewers4,659 ft503 ft33720Lander
43Hoodoo Reverse Hoodoos2,576 ft82 ft321471Lander
44Up The Gulley Gully1,968 ft75 ft281381Lander
45Blue Ridge climb - JBR Cedar Draw Road2 miles475 ft25490Lander
46Cactus Patch Up Hill Cactus Patch2,513 ft253 ft18270Lander
47the Bus - North Face two track Eternity Hill1,436 ft213 ft12230Lander
48Falls Trail Climb to Falls Turnoff Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)1 mile538 ft10150Lander
49The Zohan Eadsville4,995 ft72 ft08490Casper
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