segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Lower Don Forest Trail Lower Don Trail1,731 ft120876441829Toronto
2Pottery Sprint South Lower Don Trail1,095 ft3 ft60884034235Toronto
3Beechwood to Pottery Lower Don Trail2,681 ft48 ft60173985021Toronto
4Pottery Sprint North Lower Don Trail1,140 ft4 ft55863229618Toronto
5Don Mills to Millwood Lower Don Trail4,727 ft17 ft54183121916Toronto
6Millwood to Don Mills Lower Don Trail4,604 ft19 ft52502820910Toronto
7It Stunks hill Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1,380 ft36 ft49822256022Toronto
8Bayview: Eastern > River Lower Don Trail3,310 ft22 ft49492337921Toronto
9It stinks Hil long Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)3,525 ft39 ft49472244325Toronto
10Archery Connector South Don Trail1,148 ft5 ft49233895327Toronto
11adjascent seton mtb Boo Trail1,852 ft2 ft4912370227Toronto
12Stephen Sprint Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)799 ft17 ft46742445915Toronto
13Science centre Don Trail1,353 ft1 ft46693399122Toronto
14South Humber Park Trail - Southbound Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)3,407 ft52 ft4609238157Toronto
15Humber Marshes Sprint North Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1,139 ft26 ft4397181253Toronto
162 Star Cobbles NB Don Trail3,673 ft7 ft4382275275Toronto
17Humber Marshes Sprint Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1,486 ft11 ft43291886213Toronto
18Marches climb Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)637 ft6 ft4319188679Toronto
19Quick Curves Don Trail1,277 ft2 ft4087265529Toronto
20Humber trail scarlet climb to eglington Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)2,133 ft47 ft39351617514Toronto
21Reymore Park up to Scarlett Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)846 ft35 ft3503134886Toronto
22Raymore park up to Scarlett CX style Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)805 ft36 ft3499136356Toronto
23Eglinton Path Eglinton West Path (Jane to Etobicoke)3,127 ft52 ft29211847611Toronto
24Jerry Maguire Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)3,457 ft16 ft2877987110Toronto
25Round We Go South Don Trail454 ft14 ft26081703516Toronto
26Crawford Jones SPRINT Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1,192 ft8 ft256991727Toronto
27Win - Kipling Eglinton West Path (Jane to Etobicoke)1,511 ft5 ft2547159654Toronto
28hill up to lambton Lambton - Wagon Road373 ft49 ft253971859Etobicoke
29Eglinton - MG to Kipling dash Eglinton West Path (Jane to Etobicoke)3,095 ft21 ft2467154656Toronto
30Southbound Connector Boo Trail2,449 ft33 ft24171378815Toronto
31Hadrian's Thunder Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)4,553 ft37 ft236687609Toronto
32Eglinton - Royal York to Islington Eglinton West Path (Jane to Etobicoke)3,527 ft51 ft2361155633Toronto
33Doubletrack to Pinecone X Connector Trail1,810 ft43 ft2321150256Caledon
34Full Pinecone Express Pinecomb Express1,773 ft41 ft23181564621Caledon
35Pinecone Express Pinecomb Express1,406 ft23 ft2315155969Caledon
36verobeach Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)711 ft5 ft229387147Toronto
37OFF Camber Punch in the Face Climb - Millwood Bridge The Ridge336 ft47 ft22892730740Toronto
38Old OCUP feedzone rollers Feed Zone Rollers885 ft26 ft2278155254Caledon
39Hammer Down Humber Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1 miles7 ft2277871610Toronto
40Straight Away DH Sanitation Plant to Ridge464 ft47 ft22532706319Toronto
41Eglinton - Scarlett to Royal York Eglinton West Path (Jane to Etobicoke)3,925 ft101 ft22481516722Toronto
42OLD VERSION - OLD VERSION - He Who Dares Sanitation Plant to Ridge1,471 ft63 ft2227266828Toronto
43Climb to Vic Park Taylor Creek Trail848 ft33 ft2172746619Toronto
44Last 1K of Epic 8 Fall 2012 Ski Trail3,336 ft115 ft2165110197Oro-Medonte
45IMBA I IMBA Alley842 ft29 ft2161146334Caledon
46The Don: Ridge Leaside Bridge to Cricket Tree The Ridge5,168 ft48 ft21502621529Toronto
47Chalet to IMBA Singletrack Connector Trail1,687 ft58 ft2115121448Caledon
48Kelso Slalom Snakes and Ladders1,277 ft115 ft2086153967Milton
49Pining for More Singletrack Pining for More1,521 ft49 ft20401174913Caledon
50Open Pines Pining for More1,697 ft33 ft1999115315Caledon
51High Roller High Roller274 ft30 ft1995116075Caledon
52Fast DH to Pottery Pottery Road Downhill511 ft46 ft19891793514Toronto
53SUGAR RUSH Sugar Rush885 ft22 ft1985111737Caledon
54Moraine Momentum Moraine Momentum1,221 ft15 ft19561178712Caledon
55The Don: Flats, Cricket lot to Millwood Bridge The Flats5,240 ft7 ft19291657630Toronto
56Sunnybrook to hospital Sunnybrook Dog Park Service Road2,028 ft83 ft19141604238Toronto
57Albion Witch Albion Witch1,207 ft31 ft18991152713Caledon
58Tea Cup Connector Trail647 ft1 ft1840900212Caledon
59DH MAX 3 Rocks to Redway Road Downhill575 ft35 ft18392361034Toronto
60alhart uphill Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1,405 ft183564328Toronto
61High Roller High Roller2,811 ft31 ft18261076210Caledon
62Aunt Flow 3 Rocks to Redway Road Downhill1,645 ft19 ft18142298129Toronto
63Podium Decent @ Millwood The Ridge469 ft26 ft18021041614Toronto
64Kelso Service Road Ascension (Lower)1,656 ft153 ft1799153609Milton
65Gnarly Berms Gnarly Berms3,020 ft60 ft1767925616Caledon
66Hot August Nights Hot August Nights962 ft11 ft175799128Caledon
67Wu-Wo Woo Wu2,815 ft39 ft175288038Caledon
68Up to Epic Handle with Care312 ft21 ft1745133590Caledon
69Rock Garden Rock Garden1,033 ft13 ft16801206912Milton
70Beltline - Oriole Park to Mt Pleasant Cemetary The Beltline (Kay Gardner Beltline Trail and Park)2,987 ft11 ft1656773012Toronto
71Lower IMBA Summer Solstice Light Tunnel871 ft44 ft158398323Caledon
72Goats Path - High Line Goat Path2,009 ft59 ft1524763214Caledon
73The Riverhead Remains West Humber Trail4,043 ft5 ft151078766Toronto
74Bird Park West Humber Trail4,759 ft10 ft148181556Toronto
75Dump trail (No Fluff) Old Dump Trail1,187 ft15 ft1481952111Milton
76Sandy Climb up Live and Learn Live and Learn1,251 ft49 ft147669526Caledon
77Momentum Momentum Flow920 ft88 ft14701249511Milton
78alicewood going west West Humber Trail1,118 ft146577508Toronto
79Live and Learn Live and Learn1,746 ft43 ft145163333Caledon
80Esther sprint West Humber Trail1,767 ft145178689Toronto
81Sugar Shack Climb Sugar Shack Shuffle510 ft61 ft144068254Caledon
82The Don: Ridge Cricket Tree to Leaside Bridge The Ridge5,105 ft45 ft14321350019Toronto
83Beltline Boogie (West) The Beltline (Kay Gardner Beltline Trail and Park)3,388 ft44 ft1407624721Toronto
84Get Groen Get Groen1,766 ft37 ft136265763Caledon
85The Epic Ride Epic Ride / S132,501 ft28 ft135961154Caledon
86Bowes End Maple937 ft37 ft13541327115Uxbridge
87EPIC RIDE Epic Ride / S132,005 ft21 ft135360648Caledon
88Dump Trail (Downwards) Old Dump Trail2,043 ft22 ft135078486Milton
89Concession Road 7 Climb Burnt Toast - Bowes II1,174 ft280 ft13501328724Uxbridge
90The Bloop Rough Trade748 ft1344773811Milton
91Handle With Care Handle with Care3,721 ft70 ft133959937Caledon
92Lora's Run - Northbound from Wizard's Way junction Lora's Run2,197 ft50 ft133889508Milton
93Kelso Deer Run Deer Run858 ft1336648912Milton
94Ridge Run Ridge Run1,021 ft48 ft132962865Caledon
95The Don: Sun Valley Climb Sun Valley Loop1,315 ft83 ft1327685021Toronto
96Sunnybrook past dog park Asylum Climb888 ft72 ft1324758925Toronto
97The Epic Ride to Top of Climb Epic Ride / S132,447 ft47 ft130657662Caledon
98Rock Garden (Reverse) Rock Garden1,063 ft13 ft1303904711Milton
99Lora's Run - Southbound to Wizard's Way junction Lora's Run2,211 ft46 ft129469237Milton
100Summer Solstice Summer Solstice2,383 ft22 ft126864968Caledon
101Port-O-Let UP Darryl's Alley1,205 ft7 ft124574884Milton
102The Swamp Swamp1,735 ft25 ft12421184925Toronto
103Serena Gundy Little Hill West Don River Trail1,188 ft51 ft1236659516Toronto
104Over Easy Logs Over Easy930 ft30 ft12361343011Uxbridge
105Wall to Moore Ave Moore Park Ravine385 ft21 ft123344816Toronto
106The real LOGS (NO CUTS) Logs Over Easy1,832 ft33 ft12241310113Uxbridge
107Rocky Road Climb Rocky Road774 ft47 ft122395579Milton
108The Boo trail Boo Trail2,836 ft39 ft1217900132Toronto
109X-treme Trail - Summit to Skill Park X-treem Trail3,640 ft7 ft121156244Milton
110Wizard's Way - Southbound Wizard's Way1,595 ft27 ft119667119Milton
111Albion - IMBA IMBA Alley1,849 ft27 ft118254547Caledon
112Brown Monster The Brown Monster366 ft3 ft116655634Caledon
113WizardsWay North Wizard's Way1,765 ft41 ft116155103Milton
114Rough Trade West (Down) Rough Trade3,344 ft64 ft1160541718Milton
115East Don bottom of Alamosa to Finch East Don Parkland Trail4,229 ft12 ft115667746North York
116Durham 2014 updated upper route Burnt Toast - Bowes II1 miles108 ft1147990115Uxbridge
117Sprint 'n Scream Double Track262 ft41 ft1141725510Uxbridge
118Gazpacho Stone Soup1,566 ft31 ft1128807512Uxbridge
119Sliders Sliders1,879 ft140 ft1126801033Uxbridge
120Logs over medium (backwards) Logs Over Easy1,804 ft50 ft1123784210Uxbridge
121On Fire after Fire Gateway to Heaven288 ft10 ft112268265Milton
122Rough Trade East (Up) Rough Trade3,303 ft62 ft1122424415Milton
123Sorelles swirl The Pines935 ft7 ft11131092711Uxbridge
124Sky pilot down Sky Pilot467 ft0 ft110439107Toronto
125Connector Trail North Bruce Trail Connector2,290 ft27 ft109860293Milton
126Don - Serena Gundy Park New Newness - westbound Woods Gundy1,793 ft69 ft10971058324Toronto
127Real Stone Soup Stone Soup1,454 ft28 ft10871110019Uxbridge
128Big Butter from the East Big Butter1,481 ft44 ft1087863114Uxbridge
129Beechwood Drive Descent Beechwood Dr Access Point1,473 ft103 ft107895484Toronto
130The Don - Vietnam - westbound Secret Hidden Trail2,287 ft37 ft10761073734Toronto
131Baby Butter from the West Little Butter1,608 ft38 ft1069880313Uxbridge
132Thursday Race Start Red Oak865 ft10 ft1063998511Uxbridge
133Up the Pines The Pines1,735 ft60 ft1062957814Uxbridge
134Redway (Loblaws) Hill Redway Water Treatment Service Road1,184 ft115 ft1056704964Toronto
135Rim Job: Alternate Exit Rim Job2,446 ft22 ft1031865412Toronto
136Kelso Extreme Trail (from Summit) X-treem Trail4,919 ft28 ft1031395718Milton
137Bell School Line Bypass Darryl's Alley1,241 ft45 ft102642714Milton
138The Maze (From Maple Gravy to Lickity Split) The Maze (Lickity Split - Main Intersection)1,365 ft15 ft101888477Uxbridge
139Lake to Bridge Nokiidaa - Holland River Path2,239 ft10 ft1017603311Newmarket
140Bailey Park River Nokiidaa - Holland River Path3,773 ft27 ft101157756Newmarket
141Hungry for Brew Hops Nokiidaa - Holland River Path3,783 ft26 ft100756278Newmarket
142BMBC O-Cup Section BMBC Twister1,467 ft19 ft100635174Caledon
143Stumpy * Mohawk Trail482 ft18 ft100447491Gravenhurst
144Maple Gravy Maple Gravy1,546 ft13 ft1002856419Uxbridge
145Belt Line Ratchet The Beltline (Kay Gardner Beltline Trail and Park)2,875 ft23 ft99136996Toronto
146Superfly Alley Superfly Alley2,023 ft135 ft987816220Uxbridge
147Upper Rocky Road (down) Rocky Road766 ft17 ft98231254Milton
148Ogers Ogre and Out2,642 ft34 ft982902320Uxbridge
149Sprint for the Hill - Tom Taylor Trail South Nokiidaa - Holland River Path1,016 ft16 ft968521712Newmarket
150Mr Puddle's Lament No Name1,044 ft71 ft95962866Uxbridge
151The Pines (Northbound) The Pines1,882 ft61 ft949769112Uxbridge
152The Don: Big Ol' Titties Big Ol' Titties713 ft40 ft939662027Toronto
153Zipline, Somebody had to turn this into a segment Zip LIne483 ft20 ft933572916Uxbridge
154Climbing Red Oak1,343 ft61 ft928641914Uxbridge
155Field & Forest - Northbound Field and Forest1,894 ft30 ft92461254Milton
156Oger's East 2 West Ogre and Out4,050 ft49 ft91349312Uxbridge
157Erindale Steep Climb Culham Trail Burnhamthorpe Bridge to Hwy403 Bridge208 ft31 ft90841994Mississauga
158Don - Serena Gundy Park - New Newness - eastbound Woods Gundy1,820 ft39 ft902854131Toronto
159East Don North from Leslie to Split East Don Parkland Trail3,347 ft3 ft88542562North York
160Dirty Drifter Nokiidaa - Holland River Path842 ft20 ft87244187Newmarket
161Burnt Toast - Back to Parking Lot Burnt Toast - Bowes II1 miles58 ft86847356Uxbridge
162Tannery to Bridge Nokiidaa - Holland River Path4,560 ft29 ft86846147Newmarket
163Snakes & (no) Ladders Snakes and Ladders1,634 ft22 ft867612118Uxbridge
164ApplebyAlley South 2016 Coyote Run1,893 ft9 ft85939793Milton
165Holland Bloorview Rehab2,113 ft40 ft85576279Toronto
166To the 7th Concession Rd 7 Access2,024 ft68 ft852350910Uxbridge
167The Don - Vietnam - eastbound Secret Hidden Trail2,267 ft24 ft850707719Toronto
168Foreplay Foreplay3,360 ft38 ft848827854Toronto
169Race Start Muskoka Road2,610 ft7 ft84637782Gravenhurst
170Pine Pitch * Pine Pitch840 ft13 ft84030672Gravenhurst
171Lyndhurst Lyndhurst Service Road1,072 ft73 ft83640014Toronto
172Border Run * Muskoka Road854 ft11 ft83230051Gravenhurst
173Turner Access to Un-Named Trail 5 Turner Tract Access Road1,037 ft11 ft82242734Milton
174From the 7th Concession Rd 7 Access2,123 ft70 ft81130912Uxbridge
175The start line sprint Maple1,076 ft19 ft80929585Uxbridge
176Toronto Rehab G-Spot918 ft10 ft805701212Toronto
177Biopace Biopace Blowout2,535 ft141 ft802328015Uxbridge
178Fire Fire1,373 ft119 ft80035988Milton
179Big Butter From the West Big Butter1,493 ft37 ft799421712Uxbridge
180Cattlelogs DH CattleLogs1,115 ft57 ft798345912Uxbridge
181Proper Seven Seven4,374 ft64 ft79229118Uxbridge
182Get it Up Creeks Black3,903 ft67 ft78639226Oro-Medonte
183Eager Beaver ** Muskoka Road1,106 ft16 ft77927824Gravenhurst
184River Walk Nokiidaa - Holland River Path1 miles15 ft77640167Newmarket
185Shakey Snakey Little Butter1,729 ft40 ft775463714Uxbridge
186Down with Snakes Snakes and Ladders873 ft21 ft77353919Uxbridge
187The steep bit Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail514 ft50 ft76852368North York
188Roller Coaster Roller Coaster2,203 ft77 ft762426412Uxbridge
189Palgrave Section 2 Pally Section 22,568 ft42 ft76048878Caledon
190The Hydro Field Hustle Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail2,050 ft127 ft757518326North York
191Hydro Field Ladder Finch Hydro Corridor Recreational Trail2,285 ft58 ft74951588North York
192Sunnybrook Slide Roller Flowster3,390 ft61 ft747648026Toronto
193Nokiidaa South Nokiidaa - Holland River Path4,674 ft18 ft74735206Newmarket
194Palgrave Section 3.5 Pally Section 31,282 ft33 ft74549137Caledon
195Twister Up Twist and Shout2,107 ft49 ft739273910Uxbridge
196Kelso 'Fire' climb Fire1,659 ft155 ft73830991Milton
197I'll Be Buck **** (log) I'll Be Buck761 ft4 ft73718382Gravenhurst
198Stubby Reloaded Stubby Reloaded3,079 ft64 ft73226039Uxbridge
199Climbmax Climbmax1,787 ft10 ft725604531Toronto
200ogers full loop Ogre and Out4,004 ft29 ft721420812Uxbridge
201Newest Noiikda Nokiidaa - Holland River Path5,172 ft17 ft71232373Newmarket
202Palgrave Section 3 Re-Route Pally Section 32 miles54 ft70846598Caledon
203Kelso single track climb Digger Downhill766 ft98 ft70819704Milton
204Albion-Tea-Cup Connector Trail2,878 ft58 ft70219420Caledon
205Moose Mayhem **** Moose Mayhem1,584 ft33 ft70021098Gravenhurst
206West Denile Mohawk Trail1,610 ft19 ft69419092Gravenhurst
207Do or dab Pally Section 41,212 ft26 ft68642471Caledon
208Sweet N Salty Knotty But Nice810 ft35 ft67534216Uxbridge
209Palgrave Section 4 Pally Section 45,026 ft54 ft67245625Caledon
210Bad Pit ** Inside Track970 ft3 ft66819391Gravenhurst
211Showtime *** Show Time951 ft9 ft66817843Gravenhurst
212Martins Mayhem Ugly Up449 ft8 ft66628242Milton
213Still Here * Still Here1,557 ft12 ft66017392Gravenhurst
214Palgrave Section 1 Pally Section 11 miles73 ft65238948Caledon
215Provincials final climb Highlands367 ft23 ft64425171Duntroon
216Motown Phase 3 Motown3,519 ft75 ft63131756Toronto
217Gravenhurst Parkway Climb Marsh Trail1,253 ft382 ft62817121Gravenhurst
218Berms No Name1,759 ft39 ft62728749Uxbridge
21920sec Spruce412 ft35 ft61717955Uxbridge
220Start to Tracks Board to Rail line3,118 ft31 ft61647257Midhurst
221The Don: Motown Motown2 miles78 ft614315042Toronto
222Buckshot *** Buckshot754 ft13 ft61320441Gravenhurst
223Motown Phase 2 Motown1 miles82 ft61229368Toronto
224Chaplin Crescent - Eglinton to Avenue The Beltline (Kay Gardner Beltline Trail and Park)3,216 ft41 ft60923603Toronto
225Blitz Pally Section 3278 ft7 ft60531144Caledon
226Chalk Lake Trail Chalk Lake Rd. Access2,158 ft54 ft60527598Uxbridge
227Etobicoke Creek - Horner to Lake Shore Etobicoke Creek (Marie Curtis Park)5,024 ft53 ft60219720Etobicoke
228Roller Coaster Lac Trail883 ft20 ft58912993Milton
229Enduro S3 #8980 ft16 ft58549110Barrie
230Enduro S1 #81,156 ft146 ft58448621Barrie
231Canada Cup DH section #8908 ft104 ft58450071Barrie
232403 Descent Culham Trail Hwy 403 to Hewick Meadows Park1,191 ft83 ft58026825Mississauga
233Energy to Gravel Energy Damping Field1,442 ft3 ft58019743Milton
234Loam Rider (A&B) Loam Rider3,371 ft15 ft57914852Gravenhurst
235Albion - Green Monster The Green Monster463 ft12 ft57424132Caledon
236parling lot twisty? BMBC Twister1,560 ft20 ft56512191Caledon
237Iceman Ally Prelude Home Run1,496 ft31 ft56322095Uxbridge
238Colonel Danforth Pk West Exit Highland Creek paved path.1,168 ft56121754Scarborough
239Short and Sweet * Short & Sweet891 ft3 ft56014221Gravenhurst
240Lady Di Memorial reverse TJ's Way1,487 ft68 ft55024833Uxbridge
241Sliders Up Sliders1,652 ft121 ft54616238Uxbridge
242The Wall 2.0 3 Roxx to Post 23604 ft83 ft543208911Uxbridge
243Science Centre Downhill Rush Climbmax876 ft10 ft528332610Toronto
244Climbmax 2016 Climbmax3,907 ft100 ft511305720Toronto
245Brickworks Hill to Top Brickworks High Rim Trail999 ft81 ft50013823Toronto
246Dog Park to Queen Nokiidaa - Holland River Path1 miles34 ft50020896Newmarket
247Keslo CX 2016 Gravel Stretch The Base Road1,524 ft12 ft49446050Milton
248The Don: Rimjob in Reverse Rim Job2,070 ft45 ft49123269Toronto
249UofT Mississauga Climb x2 Springbank Entrance671 ft23 ft49028045Mississauga
250Hustle and Flow Motown1 miles45 ft483169513Toronto
251Etobicoke Creek - Southbound Etobicoke Creek (Marie Curtis Park)1 miles58 ft48215604Etobicoke
252Up n' Out Creeks Black1 miles152 ft48215861Oro-Medonte
253Etobicoke creek without the last hill Etobicoke Creek (Marie Curtis Park)1 miles41 ft47514200Etobicoke
254O-Cup #7 - Big Climb Highlands3,172 ft212 ft47121082Duntroon
255Top Gear Highlands1,184 ft108 ft46910761Duntroon
256superfly reverse Superfly Alley2,530 ft35 ft46119594Uxbridge
257Pine Border Beaver Backwards Muskoka Road2,567 ft15 ft45814911Gravenhurst
2583 Rocks Post 23 3 Roxx to Post 231 miles217 ft45320689Uxbridge
259Toad Twiser ***** Show Time704 ft15 ft4539694Gravenhurst
260Piney Pull to lookout points Savanna Trail2 miles18 ft45210640test
261Lynx to Hilton Falls Wandering Lynx Backcountry2,253 ft34 ft44913343Milton
262McCowan McCowan2,010 ft16 ft43928285East Gwillimbury
263Bat Boxes SB Burnt Out Car820 ft3 ft43716917Milton
264Moose Mayhem backwards Moose Mayhem1,733 ft34 ft43621922Gravenhurst
265ButterNuts North ButterNuts3,667 ft41 ft43612083Uxbridge
266Turner Tract to I Will Allow It Turner Tract Access Road570 ft8 ft43316366Milton
267Etobicoke Creek Runway Etobicoke Creek Main (Mississauga)1,315 ft4 ft43111532Etobicoke
2682015 Top 1st Highlands1,481 ft12 ft42825820Duntroon
269mile high Mile High1,796 ft189 ft427261513Oro-Medonte
270Centennial Park Power Climb Access Trail367 ft2 ft42516871Etobicoke
271Mile high to five points Mile High2,835 ft183 ft42526030Oro-Medonte
272Partial Pinery on the road Savanna Trail2 miles17 ft42110580test
273Bouncing bettys and balls in the forest The Missing Link3,195 ft41 ft41916782Uxbridge
274Westbound Hydro Line to Parking Lot Currie Mahon Access Road1,640 ft73 ft41613874Milton
275Cry Baby Cry Baby3,889 ft32 ft41426715East Gwillimbury
276Lead in from Mohawk The Boundary Trail A995 ft28 ft41021948Milton
277UofT Descent Springbank Entrance775 ft40523047Mississauga
278One Bridge Etobicoke Creek Main (Mississauga)4,036 ft30 ft40510962Etobicoke
279LVP SW Climb Westoak Trail637 ft35 ft39135325Oakville
280Hilton Hwy to Lynx DH Wandering Lynx Backcountry2,239 ft33 ft3848702Milton
281Wilson Dr loop The Boner4,011 ft67 ft38028786Midhurst
282Fenceline 2014 North The Boundary Trail A807 ft5 ft37219245Milton
283Westbound No-Flowhawk Kicker Currie Mahon Access Road1,188 ft32 ft37111142Milton
284One Gee One Gee1,432 ft9 ft37019411East Gwillimbury
285Black E-D SCMBC FatBike Loop #22,934 ft106 ft36917383Oro-Medonte
286Downhill from Vanderhoof Vanderhoof Hill751 ft36 ft3659294Toronto
287Greenvale climb Highland Creek paved path.797 ft22 ft36211952Scarborough
288Big Meany Big Meany Loop2 miles29 ft36015489East Gwillimbury
289BC Rocks BC Rocks1,424 ft27 ft35614605Milton
290Copeland Downhill Copeland Downhill2,208 ft165 ft356188113Oro-Medonte
291The Stunt Trail to BC Rocks The Stunt trail1,867 ft11 ft35214435Milton
292Bat Boxes NB Bat Boxes922 ft3 ft34211816Milton
293Drum Line Hammerhead Trail2,205 ft44 ft33912784Milton
294Hammerhead Trail Hammerhead Trail2,273 ft49 ft33912803Milton
295Skunk Loop Skunk Loop1 miles182 ft33712593East Gwillimbury
296Basic-Intermediate Junction South to Intermediate-Advanced Junction Intermediate Trail2,044 ft5 ft33518220King City
297Walsh Black WB Walsh Tract Black1 miles68 ft33311133Oro-Medonte
298Ease your way down the wall o' pain Wall of Pain936 ft120 ft3327331Uxbridge
299Cliff Climb Bronte Creek South2,893 ft25 ft33225787Burlington
300Singletrack Fast Culham Trail Hwy 403 to Hewick Meadows Park1,339 ft37 ft32818712Mississauga
301King Basic South to Basic-Intermediate Junction Beginner Trail1,996 ft5 ft32722791King City
302Reverse Loop Bronte Creek North2,444 ft28 ft32720335Burlington
303Down Boundary The Boundary Trail A1,010 ft6 ft32612154Milton
304trail south Etobicoke Creek Main (Mississauga)3,273 ft14 ft3257815Etobicoke
305I Will Allow It! Trail - Heading Northeast I Will Allow It1,155 ft323117210Milton
306Brickworks hill (east side) Brickworks High Rim Trail883 ft75 ft32210485Toronto
307Sweet Ride Down Strachan Tract Green B-C1,502 ft68 ft32213828Oro-Medonte
308end of steamwistle Strachan Tract Green B-C2,177 ft21 ft32214615Oro-Medonte
309Lead Out To Mohawk The Boundary Trail A947 ft4 ft32215854Milton
310Grunt Strachan Tract Red B-C664 ft47 ft32012663Oro-Medonte
311Start North to Basic-Intermediate Junction Beginner Trail2,108 ft4 ft31913571King City
312Short and Steep Tight and Twisty225 ft23 ft3178314Uxbridge - STEAMWHISTLE Start left (red) Strachan Tract Red B-C2,836 ft87 ft31612468Oro-Medonte
314All fingers on the bars False Flat - Real Hill (up) / All Fingers On The Bars (down)941 ft45 ft31522393Uxbridge
315Rowntree - Westside Gravel Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1 miles47 ft3145344Toronto
316Cliff Rush Bronte Creek South3,055 ft29 ft314254310Burlington
317Rabbit Hole Strachan Tract Red B-C2,250 ft17 ft31312300Oro-Medonte
318Shortcut to Section 2 Section 51,488 ft17 ft3127824Caledon
319Basic-Intermediate Junction North to Start Beginner Trail2,081 ft5 ft31219112King City
3206th Line Spike Hutch-Brown Red634 ft61 ft3129621Oro-Medonte
321Brickworks Switchback Brickworks X-ing565 ft62 ft30910567Toronto
322Currie Access to The Boundary Trail Currie Mahon Access Road348 ft3 ft30810793Milton
323Rock'N'Roll Hutch-Brown Red2 miles155 ft3068112Oro-Medonte
324Fiveplay Fiveplay1,823 ft57 ft3057652Toronto
325Stinky Stinky2,971 ft29 ft30215512East Gwillimbury
326Bronte East Southbound Bronte Creek South2 miles49 ft298253010Burlington
327Iron Cross Etobicoke Creek Main (Mississauga)3,760 ft14 ft2976721Etobicoke
328Escarpment Trail Escarpment Trail1 miles75 ft2966633Milton
329Brap Brap Bronte Creek South2 miles73 ft29622739Burlington
330Pinery Bike Trail long section Savanna Trail2 miles21 ft2946600test
331The Don: Dr. Quad's Dr. Quads2,991 ft101 ft292108821Toronto
332Un-Named Trail 4 RnR1,581 ft22 ft29210195Milton
333South Dundas Rip Bronte Creek South2 miles68 ft289235814Burlington
334Rock Gardens to IMBA Fast and Furious1,918 ft8 ft2888133Milton
335Lions Valley West Southbound Westoak Trail1 miles51 ft28722285Oakville
336Fade2Black Strachan Tract Black A-B2 miles103 ft2826010Oro-Medonte
337Grunt too Strachan Tract Black B-C1,051 ft75 ft2808791Oro-Medonte
338Tight and Twisty Up Tight and Twisty1,056 ft67 ft27613591Uxbridge
339Stinky to the East Stinky2,513 ft24 ft2749331East Gwillimbury
340Intermediate-Advanced Junction North to Basic-Intermediate Junction Intermediate Trail3,622 ft8 ft27216310King City
341Out to Vandorf Noklidaa Trail (Aurora to Newmarket)1,947 ft26 ft2729680Aurora
342Cry Baby post 2 post Cry Baby3,830 ft32 ft2728803East Gwillimbury
343Dog Park to Dundas Bronte Creek South2 miles73 ft27221302Burlington
344A little sightseeing Bruce Trail - Kerns Road to Dundas Street (HIKE ONLY)1,137 ft6 ft27021353Burlington
345warm kitty King Side Trail (HIKE ONLY)1,558 ft30 ft26916186Burlington
346Twist east to west King Side Trail (HIKE ONLY)685 ft7 ft26916981Burlington
347In Too Deep Magic Carpet Ride1,382 ft42 ft26413430Richmond Hill
348Charge the parking lot Strachan Tract Black B-C4,134 ft64 ft2628094Oro-Medonte
349Hiltons Highway West Hiltons Hwy2,016 ft4 ft2605381Milton
350Flat Out Forward Flat Out Forward1,198 ft8 ft25914394Richmond Hill
351Rowntree southbound from Steeles Humber River Trail (Waterfront to Steeles)1 miles66 ft2564631Toronto
352Purple Star Down Purple Star1,570 ft98 ft25611092Oro-Medonte
353Toll Road Northbound Bronte Creek North916 ft21 ft25616134Burlington
354Etobicoke Creek - Alderwood Trail NB Etobicoke Creek (Marie Curtis Park)2 miles59 ft2536012Etobicoke
355Rock Wall The Boundary Trail A635 ft6 ft2538573Milton
356King Advanced Circuit - South Track Advanced Trail4,864 ft45 ft25214410King City
357Niko's Trail Magic Carpet Ride1,234 ft41 ft25113081Richmond Hill
358The Boneyard Bronte Creek North2,945 ft42 ft2518713Burlington
359Tiny Trail Rollercoaster Tiny Rail Trail Wyevale to Perkinsfield4,406 ft43 ft2494881Penetanguishene
360Etobicoke Creek - Alderwood Trail Etobicoke Creek (Marie Curtis Park)2 miles67 ft2476723Etobicoke
361trail from park to fork Etobicoke Creek Main (Mississauga)3,297 ft14 ft2475543Etobicoke
362Toll Road Southbound Bronte Creek North959 ft21 ft24515835Burlington
363Palgrave Section 2 (Reverse) Pally Section 22,829 ft43 ft2445433Caledon
364Bruce link No Dab1,623 ft37 ft2437353Milton
365Boundary Trail A From Rock Wall The Boundary Trail A2,632 ft40 ft2439914Milton
366Rocky west to east Bruce Trail - King Road to Kerns Road (HIKE ONLY)3,019 ft34 ft24215342Burlington
367Motown Phase 3 reverse Motown3,550 ft61 ft2418862Toronto
368Jefferson Climb Jefferson Climb1,458 ft102 ft24013754Richmond Hill
369Lollipop Bronte Creek North2,450 ft27 ft24016408Burlington
370Sweet Ride Up Strachan Tract Green B-C1,508 ft67 ft2407153Oro-Medonte
371The Den - Loop Only Counter-Clockwise The Den1 miles24 ft2406975Milton
372I Will Allow It! Trail - Heading Southwest I Will Allow It1,117 ft2389443Milton
373Crawford West Red - South SCMBC FatBike Loop #24,011 ft74 ft2376592Oro-Medonte
374Side Piece Creek Bed1,849 ft44 ft23214176Richmond Hill
375Whoop de Doop Jefferson Climb2,133 ft60 ft2327153Richmond Hill
376Eastbound ORT Climb from Bond Lake Bond Lake Loop221 ft43 ft2307274Richmond Hill
377Black H-I Crawford Tract Black H-I2,917 ft48 ft2274892Oro-Medonte
378Climb out of Bronte Creek Down to the Creek East506 ft71 ft2268305Burlington
379Rutty Climb Crackhouse1,168 ft64 ft2247870Richmond Hill
380Red I-H Crawford Tract Red H-I1,818 ft49 ft2246942Oro-Medonte
381IMBA to Un-Named Trail 4 IMBA Trail860 ft27 ft2236384Milton
382Basic-Intermediate Junction North to Intermediate-Advanced Junction Intermediate Trail1,936 ft58 ft22110730King City
383Into the woods Logging Trail1,529 ft24 ft2218053Burlington
384The Don: Fruitloop Fruitloop3,359 ft74 ft22084417Toronto
385Fast Red Johnson Tract Red D-E3,319 ft110 ft2168190Oro-Medonte - Red Rock-it up (to Steamwhistle) Creeks Red3,165 ft92 ft2156106Oro-Medonte
387Britton Bruce to bent rim No Dab1,645 ft38 ft2146305Milton
388Drumline - West Hammerhead Trail1,981 ft3 ft2135462Milton
389Brick Works Lookout Brickworks High Rim Trail1,047 ft80 ft2116165Toronto
390Motown Phase 2 reverse Motown1 miles83 ft2107192Toronto
391Strachan Red B-A Strachan Tract Red A-B2,458 ft22 ft2096172Oro-Medonte
392Red H to I Crawford Tract Red H-I2,074 ft47 ft2067072Oro-Medonte
393Hiltons Highway East Hiltons Hwy2,071 ft5 ft2044351Milton
394Toboggan Hill - Over Toboggan Hill Climb599 ft2 ft2049732Mississauga
395Full E Don Trail Hill East Don Trail - Wynford Hill1,070 ft90 ft2004071Toronto
396The Don: Motown (reverse) Motown2 miles91 ft20073911Toronto
397Lost Guy Reverse Robertson Tract Access Road1,009 ft7 ft1993691Milton - Red Quarry run Strachan Tract Red B-C2,844 ft44 ft1984931Oro-Medonte
399Straight Outta Hilton Hilton Flow3,149 ft9 ft1966405Milton
400SCMBC-Red Rock-It Down Creeks Red3,516 ft104 ft1955727Oro-Medonte
401Bring it home Breedon Tract Red2,799 ft14 ft1946502Oro-Medonte
402Tracy's Journey Crackhouse1,056 ft28 ft1936921Richmond Hill
403Creek Uphill Grind Down to the Boardwalk766 ft6 ft19011773Burlington
404Unnamed Trail 1 to Flow Trail Border Run463 ft4 ft1884524Milton
405Rollercoaster! Rubber Ducky722 ft18 ft1858593Richmond Hill
406Monster dirt hill 20% Gravel Cut317 ft47 ft1855632Richmond Hill
407Wifebeater Wifebeater537 ft19 ft1846901Richmond Hill
408David's Trial Jefferson Climb2,765 ft119 ft18310611Richmond Hill
409The Don: Boomerang (West to East) Boomerang4,061 ft56 ft1835496Toronto
410Let's Get it Started Britton Tract Access Trail P1674 ft23 ft1816291Milton
411Super D 2013 #11,850 ft215 ft1809332Barrie
412Trillium trail Trillium Trail3,168 ft84 ft1798704Burlington
413Burnett Park Paved Climb Burnett Park Trail795 ft78 ft17811625Toronto
414Blue trail 1 #82,169 ft176 ft17810402Barrie
415Ridgeline Climb Ridgeliner992 ft88 ft1727981Richmond Hill
416Ridge Runner Bronte Creek North2,218 ft38 ft1729242Burlington
417Rocky east to west Bruce Trail - King Road to Kerns Road (HIKE ONLY)3,271 ft34 ft17111250Burlington
418Rocky east to west Bruce Trail - King Road to Kerns Road (HIKE ONLY)3,271 ft34 ft17111250Burlington
419Creekside ripper (rev) Glendon Campus3,965 ft35 ft1694834Toronto
420Sec Sea Secsea4,232 ft85 ft1687572Richmond Hill
421Hidden Gem Hidden Gem2,942 ft30 ft1655507Milton
422King Advanced Circuit - North Track Advanced Trail5,266 ft46 ft1655710King City
423Crippling Creek Etobicoke Creek (East Side)1 miles35 ft1614151Etobicoke
424Black G-F Arbour Tract Black F-G1 miles77 ft1614783Oro-Medonte
425Lets get technical EB Bruce Trail - Mill Street to King Road (HIKE ONLY)1,676 ft17 ft1607946Burlington
426Magwood Dirt Muncher Magwood - Main Loop939 ft21 ft1563582Etobicoke
427Schloppy Half-Seconds Schloppy Seconds2,841 ft52 ft1566071Richmond Hill
428Crackhouse into TJ Crackhouse3,502 ft98 ft1535831Richmond Hill
429Etobicoke creek Single Track, Queensway to Dundas (Northbound) Etobicoke Creek (East Side)1 miles53 ft1533951Etobicoke
430Parking to Main/Pine Split Main Trail - Section A755 ft8 ft1523221Gravenhurst
431UTM nature trail short UTM Nature Trail3,036 ft49 ft15210274Mississauga
432Spruce Farm Loop CW Trillium Trail3,075 ft83 ft1497171Burlington
433To the Top of the Pines The Pines (HAFTA)677 ft4 ft1493494Milton
434TJ Into Crackhouse Crackhouse3,220 ft70 ft1484071Richmond Hill
435The big sweep Old Farm Road1,743 ft26 ft1486401Richmond Hill
436Mile High Downhill Mile High2,473 ft167 ft1442533Oro-Medonte
437Enduro S2 #21,929 ft277 ft1435750Barrie
438Green E-D Johnson Tract Green D-E2,296 ft74 ft1433485Oro-Medonte
439Bridges BridgeLand2,922 ft17 ft1425451Caledon
440Climb the hill to Eden Highway Crossing / 407 ETR1,112 ft41 ft1425402Markham
441Bloordale Pathracer Neilson to Centennial paved trail1,250 ft11 ft1415642Etobicoke
442Wally - East Wally and the Beav2,507 ft16 ft1403112Milton
443CMBA offroad soccer field climb - small path* Stables Hill356 ft55 ft1382702Toronto
444Horseshoe Open Course #22,020 ft224 ft1375260Barrie
445Twisty Turny like a twisty turny thing Schumacher Red1,110 ft110 ft1373760Oro-Medonte
446Top of the Bluff Seaton Trail923 ft94 ft1356024Pickering
447Double Barrel Flow SCMBC A Line Lower Flow Climb Trail1,484 ft48 ft1354102Oro-Medonte - Short Flow Track A Line Lower Flow Climb Trail1,220 ft43 ft1354311Oro-Medonte
449Climbing for Corn Seaton Trail473 ft7 ft1323770Pickering
450Day Dreamer Old Farm Road1,027 ft20 ft1305620Richmond Hill
451G-Rant Crawford Tract Green H-I3,767 ft64 ft1306337Oro-Medonte
452Car Door Car Door2,647 ft20 ft1296374Ajax
453Red Walsh Westbound Walsh Tract Red4,975 ft42 ft1294204Oro-Medonte
454Savanna - store to road Savanna Trail8 miles16 ft1282182test - Trash Panda Strachan Tract Black A-B2 miles107 ft1282630Oro-Medonte
456Red F-G Arbour Tract Red F-G2,202 ft57 ft1282481Oro-Medonte
457Chain Reaction North Chain Reaction3,311 ft6 ft1273722Milton
458Speeder Run The Pines (HAFTA)725 ft3 ft1272481Milton
459Blame it on the Rain. Northern Run1,547 ft26 ft1264820Richmond Hill
460Green H-I Crawford Tract Green H-I2,639 ft41 ft1264843Oro-Medonte
461The Don: Boomerang Boomerang5,082 ft115 ft12432816Toronto
462Boomerang East to Alder descent Boomerang3,769 ft96 ft12448010Toronto
463North Seaton trail Seaton Trail2 miles75 ft1243371Pickering
464Hey Barry Turn Left before the River Nomad Trail1,397 ft24 ft1223091Milton
465Kerns Rd to King Road Westbound Bruce Trail - King Road to Kerns Road (HIKE ONLY)4,131 ft69 ft1217133Burlington
466Schloppy Seconds Schloppy Seconds1 miles86 ft1194533Richmond Hill
467Bridge2Rock Upper Rouge861 ft0 ft1193502Markham
468Logs & Bogs 01 - Logs & Bogs850 ft12 ft1191871Bracebridge
469Green F-G Arbour Tract Green F-G4,167 ft66 ft1182552Oro-Medonte
470Bottom of the Bluff Seaton Trail793 ft77 ft1175531Pickering
471Black Walsh East Bound Walsh Tract Black1 miles57 ft1173675Oro-Medonte
472mountain climbers Schumacher Red918 ft77 ft1164354Oro-Medonte
473Black D-E Johnson Tract Black D-E2,951 ft51 ft1162344Oro-Medonte
474Runaway Freight Train Schumacher Tract Black5,093 ft153 ft1154235Oro-Medonte
475Clairville Reservoir Northbound Claireville Road1 miles54 ft1111450Brampton
476Rock garden exit Portuguese lunchbox1,627 ft26 ft1117265Toronto
477The Boundary Trail B The Boundary Trail B1,963 ft10 ft1072091Milton
478Green G-F Arbour Tract Green F-G4,255 ft65 ft1062084Oro-Medonte
479Centennial Easy Route Beginner Trail3,711 ft5 ft1053083King City
480Centre hill up Boomerang947 ft181 ft971260Milton
481Rise 'n Shine 03 - Rise 'n Shine1,475 ft87 ft971541Bracebridge
482Out of the enchanted forest Definition of Insanity1,142 ft954564Ajax
483Yard Sale Hill Ardagh Bluffs Loop Trail961 ft79 ft955412Barrie
484King Intermediate Circuit - South Track Intermediate Trail3,870 ft70 ft941941King City
485CW short loop Breedon Tract Black3 miles133 ft942050Oro-Medonte
486Schloppy Blues Reverse Schloppy Blues2,153 ft45 ft931970Richmond Hill
487Savanna Trail from Store CCW Savanna Trail8 miles26 ft931390test
488Long slow and rocky Seaton Trail1,186 ft20 ft924375Pickering
489Fun Fast (New) DH Seaton Trail1,118 ft5 ft913812Pickering
490Jerry's Journey Connector Trail1,298 ft55 ft911561Bracebridge
491Handle With Care Reverse Handle with Care2,580 ft79 ft883530Caledon
492Strada Bianca Claireville Road1 miles49 ft851322Brampton
493Definition of Insanity Definition of Insanity1,456 ft14 ft854706Ajax
494King Intermediate Circuit - North Track Intermediate Trail4,614 ft70 ft853030King City
495Crawford West Black Crawford Tract West Black3,627 ft22 ft842263Oro-Medonte
496Maze * 12 - The Maze2,022 ft11 ft831430Bracebridge
497Doug's Run 07 - Doug's Run2 miles19 ft831431Bracebridge
498Blod Skulder Bronte Creek North813 ft4 ft833951Burlington
499Red G to F Arbour Tract Red F-G2,195 ft58 ft831811Oro-Medonte
500Slessor valleys flow Slesser Loop3,510 ft41 ft793560Oro-Medonte
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