Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
68 ConnectorToro Regional Park
760 ft-13 ft25 ft
8th Ave CrossingHappy Trails
2,592 ft-80 ft
AcornGarland Ranch Regional Park
2,871 ft-150 ft135 ft
Acorn ConnectorGarland Ranch Regional Park
1,407 ft-27 ft119 ft
Adeline TrailMonterey
887 ft-44 ft57 ft
Advocate TreeNisene Marks State Park
351 ft-10 ft
AirplaneToro Regional Park
2 miles-1,159 ft152 ft
Alta-Mesa TrailHappy Trails
1 mile-146 ft54 ft
Aptos Rancho TrailNisene Marks State Park
2 miles-152 ft205 ft
Arroyo SecoSanta Cruz
1 mile185 ft
Arroyo Seco - Indians RoadBig Sur
16 miles-1,034 ft2,018 ft
Artillery CrosscutHappy Trails
1,312 ft89 ft
Baldwin LoopWilder Ranch
2 miles-558 ft175 ft
Barloy OffshootHappy Trails
820 ft-5 ft20 ft
Beach Connector TrailWilder Ranch
1,083 ft-5 ft22 ft
BessieToro Regional Park
1 mile-718 ft32 ft
Bivouac TrailHappy Trails
852 ft-23 ft6 ft
Black Oak Spring TrailSan Benito County
1 mile-284 ft729 ft
Bluff BonusHappy Trails
1,859 ft-31 ft25 ft
Bluff ConnectorWilder Ranch
161 ft
BobcatWilder Ranch
1,148 ft-13 ft5 ft
Braille DHSanta Cruz
1 mile-991 ft3 ft
Branciforte Creek TrailDeLaveaga Park
4,406 ft-239 ft125 ft
Bushy CrossingHappy Trails
1,703 ft37 ft
Bushy PassHappy Trails
1 mile-74 ft41 ft
Buzzard RdMonterey
1,937 ft-33 ft89 ft
Cadet AlleyHappy Trails
4,707 ft-31 ft90 ft
Canyon RunMonterey County
1,932 ft-190 ft10 ft
Capture TrailHappy Trails
915 ft-8 ft16 ft
Carmichael County TrailNisene Marks State Park
3,573 ft-6 ft143 ft
Christmas Tree TrailHappy Trails
4,151 ft-79 ft86 ft
Climb TrailLaguna Seca
1,040 ft-12 ft54 ft
Connector 1DeLaveaga Park
751 ft-106 ft3 ft
Cooper TrailGarland Ranch Regional Park
3,957 ft-276 ft21 ft
Cooper TrailGarland Ranch Regional Park
1,957 ft33 ft
Corral TrailSoquel Demonstration State Forest
2,969 ft334 ft
Costella Loop AccessScotts Valley
585 ft97 ft
Cowboy Gate SpurWilder Ranch
Cowboy Loop TrailWilder Ranch
1 mile-236 ft240 ft
Coyote Sh*tHappy Trails
2,976 ft-89 ft6 ft
Creamery Meadows TrailAndrew Molera State Park
1 mile-24 ft50 ft
De Laveaga Loop TrailDeLaveaga Park
2 miles-214 ft146 ft
Dora's DescentMarina
1,053 ft-37 ft7 ft
Drop AnchorHappy Trails
791 ft-26 ft
Eagle CutoffWilder Ranch
1,549 ft-82 ft59 ft
El Condor PasaMonterey
2,336 ft-60 ft28 ft
Emma McCrary TrailPogonip Open Space
2 miles-112 ft443 ft
Enchanted LoopWilder Ranch
2 miles-248 ft220 ft
Engelsman RerouteWilder Ranch
4,388 ft-189 ft25 ft
Englisman CircleWilder Ranch
604 ft-6 ft
Eucalyptus CrosscutHappy Trails
1,506 ft-22 ft
Eucalyptus PondHappy Trails
4,003 ft-17 ft126 ft
Eucalyptus Road TrailHappy Trails
4,291 ft-55 ft33 ft
Field PerimeterPinto Lake Park
2,855 ft-29 ft28 ft
Flow Trail 1Soquel Demonstration State Forest
4,806 ft-353 ft
Flow Trail 2Soquel Demonstration State Forest
1,867 ft-156 ft
Flow Trail 3Soquel Demonstration State Forest
2,533 ft-171 ft
Flow Trail 4Soquel Demonstration State Forest
1,496 ft-112 ft
Flow Trail 5Soquel Demonstration State Forest
2,057 ft-157 ft7 ft
Flow Trail 6Soquel Demonstration State Forest
4,134 ft-282 ft
FUBAR TrailHappy Trails
2,995 ft-6 ft163 ft
Gate Go AroundSoquel Demonstration State Forest
755 ft23 ft
George's TrailFort Ord National Monument
728 ft-17 ft
Glenwood Preserve Access TrailGlenwood Open Space Preserve
1,086 ft67 ft
Glenwood Preserve LoopGlenwood Open Space Preserve
2 miles-315 ft346 ft
Great Meadow Bike Path (Downhill)UCSC
2,994 ft-196 ft11 ft
Great Meadow Bike Path (Uphill)UCSC
4,948 ft246 ft
Grizzly Flat SouthCastle Rock State Park
1 mile-607 ft27 ft
Grunt HillHappy Trails
525 ft-25 ft3 ft
Hawk Shadow TrailMonterey
1,706 ft-25 ft67 ft
Hayrake TrailMonterey
530 ft-2 ft9 ft
Head KnockerMonterey
4,472 ft-74 ft35 ft
High LineToro Regional Park
755 ft39 ft
Hitchcock Loop EastGarland Ranch Regional Park
1 mile-104 ft1,086 ft
Hitchcock Loop WestGarland Ranch Regional Park
2 miles-1,376 ft373 ft
Horseman's TrailWilder Ranch
4,173 ft-27 ft57 ft
Jawa TrailHappy Trails
816 ft-46 ft1 ft
Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (Sacramento)Sacramento
8 miles-88 ft95 ft
KP LoopHappy Trails
2,403 ft-112 ft75 ft
La Corona TrailDeLaveaga Park
1 mile-320 ft43 ft
Lake FingersPinto Lake Park
3,624 ft-71 ft105 ft
Live OakGarland Ranch Regional Park
2,083 ft-111 ft118 ft
Low LineToro Regional Park
1,600 ft-140 ft2 ft
Lower Cemetery FlatsHappy Trails
1,152 ft-8 ft6 ft
Lower LowerToro Regional Park
3,141 ft-213 ft62 ft
Lower Redwood TrailDeLaveaga Park
3,301 ft-116 ft81 ft
Lower, Lower Loop TrailDeLaveaga Park
2,782 ft-81 ft40 ft
Manzanita TrailGarland Ranch Regional Park
1 mile-21 ft727 ft
Meyers LoopToro Regional Park
2 miles-436 ft213 ft
Monterey County LineBig Sur
5 miles-1,951 ft1,894 ft
Moxie TrailMonterey
886 ft52 ft
Ohlone Bluff TrailWilder Ranch
5 miles-132 ft113 ft
Old CabinWilder Ranch
5,052 ft-245 ft176 ft
Old Coast RoadVentura Wilderness
10 miles-2,587 ft2,773 ft
Old Cove Landing TrailWilder Ranch
2 miles-50 ft51 ft
Osborn Ridge TrailGarland Ranch Regional Park
4,321 ft-397 ft37 ft
Our LadyPinto Lake Park
1,870 ft-78 ft74 ft
Over the RainbowFort Ord National Monument
1,794 ft-21 ft58 ft
Parachute TrailHappy Trails
1,440 ft-31 ft35 ft
Parker Tanks TrailHappy Trails
1,739 ft193 ft
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