segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1HAPPY HOUR (2nd half) -- Highland Mountain Happy Hour1,567 ft219 ft100244209
2HM Lower Hellion DH Hellion1,995 ft205 ft86448006
3Hellion DH Hellion1 mile583 ft821429815
4Mighty Chicken Mighty Chicken748 ft104 ft798396817
5Whaleback Northbound Whaleback2,679 ft34 ft742348911
6Fireroad Climb To Rusty Bucket Heritage Trail518 ft67 ft68530759
7Old Bench Old Bench2,052 ft56 ft657281010
8Rogue minus sand Rogue2,983 ft40 ft63829272
9Rusty Bucket Rusty Bucket1,891 ft68 ft636280810
10Rogue Rogue3,854 ft50 ft597273210
11Climb up Bee Trail Bee2,354 ft63 ft58023939
12Sniper Southbound Sniper4,803 ft42 ft552250114
13Moose Gulley Southbound Moose Gully2,711 ft39 ft54419778
14Stump Trail Northbound Stump2,723 ft51 ft52123419
15Caddywhompus Southbound Caddywhompus2,146 ft34 ft516187710
16Pass The Buck to the West Pass The Buck3,886 ft89 ft49310891
17Lost Wall Southbound Lost Wall2,460 ft26 ft48921229
18Moose Tracks Moose Tracks1,480 ft68 ft46114892
19New Digs Ye North1 mile261 ft44310192
20Sniper North Sniper4,888 ft41 ft43916278
21Rogue heading back. Rogue2,478 ft45 ft43813771
22Salmon Brook Descent Salmon Brook1,595 ft53 ft43814761
23Moose Tracks Backwards Moose Tracks1,290 ft69 ft4198750
24Moose Gulley Northbound Moose Gully2,554 ft29 ft40813544
25Cat Scratch Fever Cat Scratch Fever1,236 ft163 ft4057900
26Whaleback Southbound Whaleback2,404 ft44 ft40314964
27Sniper Northbound Sniper1 mile39 ft36011233
28Stage 2 2015 Hey Joe3,262 ft199 ft3366393
29Salmon Brook Salmon Brook2,066 ft69 ft3119124
30NEHSCA highland climb without the flat Snowmobile Trail2,672 ft202 ft2917040
31Lower Bear Claw DH Bear Claw1,413 ft45 ft2566965
32Spy cam Bear Claw413 ft16 ft2546892
33Shock Therapy Descent Shock Therapy3,221 ft345 ft23588616
34Hard Hat - Out Hard Hat2,225 ft42 ft2054883
35Bear Claw - The Intro Bear Claw1,946 ft35 ft2024932
36Ye North - Up Ye North1 mile242 ft1883280
37Hydra - northbound Hydra4,710 ft124 ft1813532
38Bear Claw Climb Bear Claw3,193 ft144 ft1804272
39Bypass Boyd Bypass1,032 ft64 ft17810404
40Moose Loops? Buckshot2,515 ft61 ft1603011
41Dude Abides Southbound The Dude Abides1 mile273 ft1532505
42Untimed transfer Enduro 2013 Easy Rider1 mile563 ft1535470
43Sheepish Sheepish5,087 ft60 ft1497683
44Moose Quarry Moose Quarry4,354 ft87 ft1466866
45Salmon Brook Climb Rusty Bucket1,587 ft64 ft1462132
46Smallish Varmit Down Haul Road660 ft35 ft1264152
47rusty bed spring Rusty Bedspring2,318 ft46 ft1266280
48rusty bed spring Rusty Bedspring2,318 ft46 ft1266281
49Up Long Bow Trail #62,361 ft37 ft1215981
50EZ way down Bear Claw2,005 ft115 ft1182601
51Bear Claw Descent Bear Claw3,399 ft145 ft1172565
52Hard Hat - Northbound Hard Hat2,500 ft36 ft1152432
53Floodplain Rd. to Beltline Rd. Floodplain Road1,174 ft91 ft1041360
54Hydra Southbound Hydra1 mile118 ft1011693
55Down Long Bow Trail #62,329 ft33 ft993162
56Cobble Mtn. Stage 1 Climb from Area Rd. Cobble Mountain Loop2,171 ft100 ft973191
57Quiver Towards GNA Trail #62,010 ft47 ft962891
58Swamp Donkey Disco Down Swamp Donkey Disco2,158 ft128 ft952232
59sunset Unknown Section756 ft49 ft913563
60Sharknado SharkNado2,677 ft31 ft901982
61Dude Abides - Northbound The Dude Abides1 mile251 ft851914
62Joe's Cutoff Joe's Cut Off989 ft61 ft811670
63rattlesnake Rattlesnake990 ft21 ft812230
64rattlesnake Rattlesnake990 ft21 ft802170
65Squirrelagator Down Squirrelagator Down1,774 ft139 ft781322
66Cobble Mtn. From Lodge to Maple Cobble Mountain Loop1,749 ft52 ft772542
67Cobble Mtn. Drop Cobble Mountain Loop2,176 ft97 ft771972
68Haul Rd. Climb Haul Road1,395 ft115 ft731731
69Wheels on the Bus Haul Road648 ft59 ft651041
70Model-T Weeks Road497 ft19 ft63881
71Cobble Mtn. Area Rd. Up to Lodge Cobble Mountain Loop1,215 ft62 ft532360
72EWE 14W?? EWE 23,784 ft90 ft501751
73Ski Hill Dr Climb Access Road3,630 ft280 ft46530
74Sharknado North to South SharkNado2,205 ft18 ft40581
75Can You Say UP Untitled Path1,290 ft143 ft32400
76Squirrelagator Up Squirrelagator Down1,724 ft125 ft25280
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