segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Shindagin Hollow Rd Decend B13,626 ft208 ft559193410Ithaca
2SH Welcome Mat Climb B11,057 ft35 ft52426303Ithaca
3SH B1 Bite Me DH B11,871 ft90 ft43515063Ithaca
4Let her flow Long Trail2,520 ft22 ft38934057Fulton
5SH B3 Climb B32,214 ft42 ft38714232Ithaca
6shrunken skull Skullwinder3,092 ft82 ft36818681Ithaca
7Alec's jumps Alec's Trail1,219 ft46 ft36429201Fulton
8Alecs Hump Alec's Trail813 ft39 ft35720737Fulton
9Chair Trail Chair3,146 ft43 ft33315548Ithaca
10Stone Bridge Down Stone Bridge880 ft18 ft32619577Fulton
11Distal Fibula Compounder Power Line1,060 ft114 ft31825746Syracuse
12Diner Entrance Rams Gulch699 ft10 ft31029807Syracuse
13Green Lakes Office Hill Rolling HIlls Trail To Camp Grounds2,256 ft174 ft30418859Syracuse
14PaperBoy Descent Paperboy1,698 ft197 ft301158514Ithaca
15Scatman Crothers R54,560 ft62 ft29611741Ithaca
16Rooty Climb Y4 Y41,031 ft53 ft2939165Ithaca
17SH B6 Creek Trail (Northbound) B6 Creek Trail1 mile254 ft28813314Ithaca
18South Quarry Entrance Climb South Quarry Climb517 ft76 ft28826925Syracuse
19SH Lower Y1 Craters of the Moon DH Y11,283 ft86 ft28712153Ithaca
20Homestead Nipple Homestead477 ft49 ft28720315Fulton
21The Bird Sanctuary Climb Power Line1,062 ft124 ft28616035Syracuse
22R2 the climb out R22,265 ft97 ft28310860Ithaca
23Tick alley north Moose Trail1,614 ft51 ft28115903Syracuse
24j-climb "J" Trail1,850 ft118 ft27112503Ithaca
25PumpHouse Pin It Mishemokwa Springs364 ft30 ft27117717Fulton
26Gorge trail down Rim4,484 ft91 ft2639566Ithaca
27Rolling Hills Rolling HIlls Trail To Camp Grounds3,246 ft177 ft25711044Syracuse
28Root Hill Root Hill673 ft58 ft25413924Fulton
29Moose Trail Extension (Southbound) Moose Trail4,349 ft72 ft25427058Syracuse
30Turtle Trail Lower Turtle Trail3,285 ft20 ft24812023Fulton
31Chair (North) Chair3,025 ft37 ft2479323Ithaca
32R2 into the gully (Southbound) R21 mile150 ft2458483Ithaca
33Whoops a daisy High Line393 ft18 ft23519894Fulton
34Skytop woods pine grove flow Twisted Penguin1,387 ft35 ft23416378Syracuse
35Fluffy Pillows Reroute Descent B2 Dizzy D3,436 ft308 ft2299413Ithaca
36SH B7 The Abyss DH Bitch Ditch1,991 ft131 ft22511751Ithaca
375-Stepper South Quarry Climb1,800 ft134 ft22520576Syracuse
38Skull Trail Skullwinder3,334 ft103 ft2138434Ithaca
39The North Rim Challenge Skytop Main Loop1,591 ft33 ft21318276Syracuse
40Downhill run off road Bitch Ditch2,132 ft142 ft209101410Ithaca
41Glove Trail (South) Glove2,412 ft57 ft2076411Ithaca
42The short steep way to the bottom, Skytop Ropes Course Downhill1,210 ft153 ft20212458Syracuse
43THE Gauntlet Skytop Main Loop230 ft2 ft19613862Syracuse
44shortbus reroute down Short Bus4,071 ft263 ft1918525Ithaca
45Whisky Island Hotlap Whiskey Island2,598 ft23 ft1909086Fulton
46Orange gravel climb Power Line1,460 ft156 ft1907883Syracuse
47Dizzy D to Fluffy Pillows reroute. B2 Dizzy D3,219 ft301 ft1896696Ithaca
48Start Loop Downhill Segment Sidelines2,695 ft99 ft18611064Syracuse
49Ground Pipes Pipes Trail3,320 ft30 ft18515098Syracuse
50Creek Trail B6 Creek Trail1 mile195 ft1835363Ithaca
51Shortcut B81,405 ft95 ft1795263Ithaca
52Firestarter Climb! Mishemokwa Springs619 ft35 ft1786492Fulton
53Moose Trail Extension (Northbound) Moose Trail4,432 ft64 ft17512846Syracuse
54Red Legs! Cliffside Climb578 ft63 ft17112706Syracuse
55Green Berms Out G11,885 ft69 ft1716922Syracuse
56SH Fault Line DH B81,379 ft96 ft1693570Ithaca
57All of Joy to Area 51 Hayfield Climb1,139 ft85 ft16811910Hamilton
58Schism Skytop Main Loop1,242 ft24 ft16512794Syracuse
59R3 Section 2 R31,955 ft49 ft1635301Ithaca
60SH B7 The Abyss Climb Bitch Ditch1,908 ft126 ft1593241Ithaca
61Golden Heights hightail Power Line1,347 ft31 ft1567330Syracuse
62Skytop Field Southside Lower Sidelines2,014 ft41 ft15611025Syracuse
63Alverna Heights Folly Vista1 mile112 ft1526852Syracuse
64SH R5 Bad Motivator (Southbound) R54,523 ft54 ft1504912Ithaca
65Fall Line Flat Out Pumphouse Trail1,797 ft80 ft1484631Fulton
66Innsbruck Jeep road climb Wein3,127 ft428 ft14615183Binghamton
67Tick alley south Moose Trail1,630 ft52 ft1469404Syracuse
68Oakley 1 Blue 14,032 ft102 ft14066311Owego
69SH Paperboy Climb Paperboy1,497 ft148 ft1392000Ithaca
70Bomb it Y12,463 ft165 ft1396651Ithaca
71Get On Up old farm trail connector435 ft83 ft1307942Syracuse
72Brookside Sprint Out BR Trail2,713 ft7 ft13012114Syracuse
73bumpy trail air time Y11,378 ft107 ft1294862Ithaca
74The Short, Steep Way to the Top Ropes Course Downhill1,114 ft142 ft1294482Syracuse
75Lower Creek Up Creek Trail2,644 ft100 ft1278301Binghamton
76Duguid Loop #2 Duguid Loop 22,171 ft78 ft1275825Syracuse
77Shindagin Hollow Rd Climb B14,650 ft306 ft1212282Ithaca
78Park Dr power up Power Line1,331 ft28 ft1204050Syracuse
79HH Anticipation (Southbound) Y12,047 ft40 ft1185061Ithaca
80Brookside sprint in BR Trail2,617 ft9 ft11412150Syracuse
81Torquemada Wein1,156 ft198 ft1133652Binghamton
82Nurse Ratched Nurse Ratched2,024 ft448 ft1123994Binghamton
83Torquemada 71 Torquemada 713,480 ft462 ft1123186Binghamton
84Crazy Eights XC Loop Crazy Eights3,650 ft43 ft1125073Syracuse
85SH Y8 Mega Mud Run Climb B81,617 ft98 ft1072863Ithaca
86Indian Ovens down Indian Ovens2,341 ft107 ft1075482Syracuse
87Juicy Fruit Juicy Fruit2,475 ft394 ft1063656Binghamton
88Teeter Totter Trail Teeter Totter Trail3,727 ft153 ft1066956Binghamton
89Hammond Switchback R21,305 ft136 ft1064424Dryden
90Up the Lower Ridge Trail Round Lake Ridge Trail1,821 ft93 ft1055553Syracuse
91Phone Booth Trail Phone Booth Trail3,746 ft84 ft10246913Binghamton
92HH Y4 Climb Y45,246 ft66 ft1022741Dryden
93Mud Flats - climb Mud Flats2,150 ft125 ft994344Binghamton
94The Gauntlet Skydiver752 ft31 ft982350Syracuse
95Hold your breath Y61,135 ft91 ft974282Ithaca
96blue trail climb Bear Swamp State Forest Short Loop2,127 ft176 ft976524Moravia
97High Road Highroad1,769 ft93 ft943952Binghamton
98DOGDIGGTY Y45,036 ft65 ft933500Dryden
99Oakley 2 down Blue 23,224 ft241 ft903215Owego
100Fast downhill Bear Swamp State Forest Short Loop3,356 ft167 ft905824Moravia
101Down to lower lot Bear Swamp State Forest Short Loop1 mile223 ft895253Moravia
102Yellow 6 descent Yellow 62,967 ft173 ft882101Owego
103Whiskey Island Hot Lap Whiskey Island2,178 ft21 ft862221Fulton
104Yellow Jacket Spur Loop Yellow Jacket Spur3,837 ft79 ft863971Syracuse
105exit down to towpath Riverside Mountain Trail1,274 ft111 ft852660Binghamton
106The Pines Loop Seven1,419 ft13 ft851911Syracuse
107SH R2 Not the Droid You're Looking For (Northbound) R21 mile147 ft841220Ithaca
108Down & Out Outer Limits Descent1,813 ft247 ft834680Binghamton
109BLUE 2 up and out Blue 21,319 ft161 ft822882Owego
110Orange Trail descent Drop Zone1,192 ft125 ft823852Binghamton
111Downhill to bear swamp Bear Swamp State Forest Short Loop2 miles317 ft825453Moravia
112SH Could Have Been Good DH "J" Trail2,821 ft152 ft801302Ithaca
113Duguid Loop #1 Duguid Loop 12,599 ft54 ft792994Syracuse
114Red Man Gonowtachgerage Road (prev. Red Man Run)4,232 ft277 ft773085Dryden
115Aurora Borealis? Duguid Loop 13,095 ft34 ft762773Syracuse
116Oakley north climb 2 Blue 63,592 ft304 ft753064Owego
117FORE!!!!!! Pipes Trail3,584 ft53 ft734362Syracuse
118Donkey Kong Mud Flats769 ft40 ft733271Binghamton
119D.I.R.T's berm loop (under construction) Golden Loop 15,016 ft91 ft712333Syracuse
120Dizzy D to Fluffy Pillows Descent B2 Dizzy D2,615 ft309 ft691731Ithaca
121Car Wash Car Wash2,240 ft180 ft653791Hamilton
122Oakley Mini Euduro Stage 3 Blue 63,348 ft259 ft641371Owego
123shortbus reroute up Short Bus3,973 ft260 ft632031Ithaca
124Chimney Trail Creek Trail1,542 ft68 ft624482Binghamton
125velocity flow Old Growth1,725 ft164 ft621680Syracuse
126Indian Ovens up Indian Ovens2,585 ft121 ft622671Syracuse
127Old Stonehouse Rd to the jump line Skytop Main Loop1,354 ft68 ft623441Syracuse
128Fluffy Pillows Climb B2 Dizzy D3,618 ft272 ft61910Ithaca
129HH Y5 DH Y51,203 ft93 ft591010Ithaca
130Trail 6 Climb 1 Yellow 6709 ft85 ft581921Owego
131OG power climbs Old Growth1,351 ft82 ft571410Syracuse
132Red Eye descent Red Eye3,362 ft327 ft571714Binghamton
133Snowmobile Trail Descent Snowmobile Trail4,979 ft292 ft561783Ithaca
134Double D Climb Double D2,991 ft335 ft543012Binghamton
135R-t-P R-t-P1,823 ft246 ft532345Binghamton
136Red Eft Red Eft2,494 ft230 ft532013Binghamton
137Jump line to Old Stonehouse Rd Skytop Main Loop1,332 ft69 ft522512Syracuse
138Steamed Hams Duguid Loop 13,291 ft45 ft491514Syracuse
139ridge to cemetery S573,122 ft140 ft491702Moravia
140Oakley north creek climb Blue 22,182 ft225 ft471001Owego
141DH Off Trail 1 (Maybe) G14,120 ft253 ft42841Ithaca
142East side loop - N East Side loop2,543 ft152 ft421362Binghamton
143Diesel Dawgs Loop Yellow 44,899 ft100 ft37931Berkshire
144Loop 1 Fire Road to Fire Road Duguid Loop 13,038 ft38 ft351080Syracuse
145Hammond Hill Rd Climb Snowmobile Trail1 mile316 ft34831Ithaca
146The Ridge climb Bear Swamp State Forest Short Loop2 miles300 ft342312Moravia
147Fair Dinkum Fair Dinkum2,576 ft316 ft311121Binghamton
148Going up Blue 71,898 ft140 ft29470Berkshire
149Glen Climb Main Street1,474 ft126 ft291780Waverly
150Ridge Trail Ravine Trail2,108 ft87 ft262610Waverly
151Beer trail Beer Trail1,762 ft58 ft262920Waverly
152Mustard Dookie763 ft101 ft26810Syracuse
153Switchback Climb Switchback Climb859 ft97 ft25801Binghamton
154Grass climb to the start Access Trail1,393 ft114 ft253760Waverly
155Steve's Trail Steve's Trail1,314 ft106 ft253370Waverly
156Katchup Dookie846 ft93 ft24740Syracuse
157Fishin' Twisty Trail3,642 ft239 ft21761Sangerfeild
158Trail 5 Loop Yellow 54,476 ft54 ft20351Owego
159From top - out Golden Loop 12,577 ft87 ft19221Syracuse
160Boundary Trail Rollers Boundary Trail Rollers1,892 ft142 ft17631Binghamton
161Power Lines UP Powerline1,461 ft106 ft14261Binghamton
162Top Loop Stupid Loop3,749 ft82 ft141001Waverly
163Fair Dinkum Climb Fair Dinkum2,334 ft286 ft14321Binghamton
164Great Bear - Mishemokwa Springs Loop Mishemokwa Springs2,744 ft64 ft13220Fulton
165Double D Double D2,997 ft345 ft01690Binghamton
166Red Eye descent Red Eye3,295 ft314 ft01510Binghamton
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