segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bridge 2 Bridge (inc. Jellyfish) Bridge To Bridge1,403 ft43 ft38085649
2How fast can you go! Bridge To Bridge1,148 ft48 ft36384752
3Turkey Nest to Pig Turnoff Upper Wild Pig840 ft25 ft35956905
4pips playground to daves bridge Wild Turkey2,327 ft56 ft35065743
5Dragons Back Switch Backs465 ft74 ft34357953
6Bacon Grind Upper Wild Pig1,069 ft116 ft33964042
7MTB 101 1013,943 ft22 ft33688169
8Whitey Lower Section Cactus1,433 ft128 ft328661513
9101 XCE Dash 1013,861 ft24 ft32167252
10Hill Climb past the water tank Mango Alley344 ft70 ft31668874
11Pig to spit Upper Wild Pig1,883 ft122 ft29029990
12Finlays Climb (Alternate) Finley's2 miles305 ft286332815
13Whip Snake Whip Snake4,554 ft170 ft261233813
14LoFlo Valley Run1,616 ft22 ft25546117
15Whitey Upper Whitey1,472 ft172 ft252300014
16Creek1 Creek 11,183 ft12 ft23445217
17Horse Shoe out Horseshoe2,521 ft47 ft22520780
18Rainbow Road! Cactus2,660 ft151 ft221410319
19Cactus Cactus2,618 ft154 ft22141077
20Griller Griller1,247 ft40 ft22120796
21Horse Shoe In Horseshoe2,404 ft83 ft21518821
22Creek 2 Creek 21,162 ft17 ft19229157
23The Joker The Joker2,599 ft127 ft18723927
24New 1995 19951,864 ft256 ft187200913
25Twinn Down TWiNN2,078 ft74 ft18418093
26The Gambler - Low Roller Up The Gambler1,183 ft44 ft18421786
27The Gambler - Low Roller Down The Gambler1,149 ft56 ft18016065
28TWiNN Track TWiNN4,947 ft104 ft16716158
29New Section 1022,415 ft16 ft16212452
30Creek III Creek 31,255 ft26 ft14514624
31Wing Wong Up Wild West871 ft110 ft1137275
32Guthrie Run In Horseshoe2,948 ft75 ft1016393
33Archie's Archie's4,181 ft91 ft02060
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