Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
101Rowallan Park
3,858 ft-92 ft90 ft
102Rowallan Park
3,677 ft-101 ft96 ft
1995First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2,638 ft-290 ft21 ft
2EZGladstone Mountain Bike Park
895 ft71 ft
Anderson LoopAgnes Water
5 miles-337 ft329 ft
Ant HillAgnes Water
1,188 ft-2 ft30 ft
Archie'sGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-89 ft84 ft
Beach Comber CoveCape Hillsborough
5,013 ft-224 ft193 ft
Bee LineRowallan Park
1,218 ft-38 ft16 ft
Bees KneesGladstone Mountain Bike Park
2,172 ft-87 ft5 ft
Blackboy Ridge and TaipanAgnes Water
1 mile-237 ft194 ft
Boundary 1Gladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,202 ft-85 ft9 ft
Bridge To BridgeRowallan Park
1,564 ft-57 ft62 ft
BungoonaMount Morgan Trails
1 mile-156 ft173 ft
Bunny HopAgnes Water
807 ft18 ft
Bush Chook DonutFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
3,934 ft-123 ft129 ft
CactusFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2,703 ft-179 ft16 ft
Carthubie CrawlGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,143 ft-37 ft31 ft
CentrelinkGladstone Mountain Bike Park
855 ft-1 ft68 ft
Charters Towers Airport TrackCharters Towers
4 miles-87 ft67 ft
Conner BluffSouthend Conservation Park
3 miles-250 ft359 ft
Connor Bluff ExtensionSouthend Conservation Park
1,768 ft-21 ft
Connor Bluff northSouthend Conservation Park
1,913 ft
Creek 1Gladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,190 ft-3 ft5 ft
Creek 2Gladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,110 ft29 ft
Creek 3Gladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,542 ft-38 ft23 ft
Creek LinkFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
705 ft-15 ft9 ft
Cutters RunMount Morgan Trails
2 miles-308 ft322 ft
Dam Wall to KryptoniteRowallan Park
1,620 ft-19 ft42 ft
Dawg TrackFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
5,082 ft-1,126 ft
Dire StraitsRowallan Park
1,042 ft-34 ft47 ft
Dire Straits to Pips Playground LinkRowallan Park
154 ft-28 ft
DirtclownsFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1,175 ft-84 ft
Diversity BoardwalkCape Hillsborough
3,369 ft-22 ft38 ft
Dragons Back A LineRowallan Park
655 ft-102 ft
Dragons Back B LineRowallan Park
931 ft-112 ft7 ft
Drop BearGladstone Mountain Bike Park
2,492 ft-256 ft88 ft
Endeavour pAgnes Water
1 mile-5 ft275 ft
Enzo's LinkFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
655 ft-24 ft21 ft
EurimbulaAgnes Water
6 miles-87 ft20 ft
EZ LowerGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,225 ft-63 ft7 ft
EZ UpperGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,913 ft-105 ft
Fine ChinaGladstone Mountain Bike Park
3,514 ft-159 ft38 ft
Finley'sFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1 mile-137 ft404 ft
Flat BikkieRowallan Park
607 ft-16 ft52 ft
GanguluMount Morgan Trails
6 miles-598 ft604 ft
Ganoonga Noonga LookoutAgnes Water
1,211 ft120 ft
Golf Course TrailSouthend Conservation Park
4,357 ft-16 ft20 ft
Grassy Noel to SuperBowl LinkRowallan Park
206 ft-5 ft3 ft
GrillerGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,273 ft-34 ft67 ft
Gully RunGladstone Mountain Bike Park
2,864 ft-27 ft49 ft
Guthrie LinkFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1,040 ft-4 ft60 ft
HaddocksGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,397 ft-56 ft15 ft
Hammer HeadRowallan Park
179 ft-24 ft
Hanging RockFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
3,228 ft-128 ft109 ft
High VoltageGladstone Mountain Bike Park
2,559 ft-206 ft18 ft
HorseFlyRowallan Park
1,410 ft-59 ft38 ft
HorseshoeFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
4,180 ft-48 ft104 ft
HyfloGladstone Mountain Bike Park
3,063 ft-192 ft50 ft
JackhammerFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2 miles-400 ft796 ft
Jackhammer links pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2,119 ft230 ft
K-9First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1 mile-594 ft137 ft
Kalpowar To Builyan Rail TrailGladstone
18 miles-1,782 ft938 ft
Kanaka TrackRowallan Park
1,784 ft-74 ft58 ft
KryptoniteRowallan Park
974 ft-29 ft64 ft
Leper's LeapFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2,667 ft-270 ft11 ft
LinkGreat Keppel Island
640 ft77 ft
LoFloGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,650 ft-35 ft30 ft
Long Beach-Resort-West TrackGreat Keppel Island
1 mile-171 ft149 ft
Loop LinkAgnes Water
768 ft16 ft
Low RoadFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1,952 ft-24 ft9 ft
Lower Pig/Lighthouse linkFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1,057 ft-14 ft60 ft
Lower WhiteyFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
458 ft-63 ft
Lower Wild PigFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
3,487 ft-164 ft24 ft
Mango AlleyRowallan Park
1,690 ft-25 ft106 ft
Max GradientGreat Keppel Island
3,061 ft419 ft
MazeGladstone Mountain Bike Park
1,597 ft-49 ft16 ft
MegatronFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1 mile-622 ft164 ft
Middle CreekAgnes Water
11 miles-431 ft392 ft
Miners MercyMount Morgan Trails
2 miles-258 ft229 ft
Mt WyndhamGreat Keppel Island
1 mile-88 ft436 ft
Mt Wyndham WestGreat Keppel Island
2,336 ft-302 ft
MundagarraMount Morgan Trails
2 miles-226 ft224 ft
Oceanview Loop - Trail 1Curtis Island
5 miles-277 ft371 ft
Oceanview Loop - Trail 2Southend Conservation Park
3 miles-130 ft25 ft
Oceanview Loop - Trail 3Curtis Island
5 miles-251 ft298 ft
Oceanview Loop - Trail 4Curtis Island
3 miles-107 ft160 ft
Organic FertilizerAgnes Water
2 miles-41 ft68 ft
Organic LagoonsAgnes Water
12 miles-312 ft330 ft
Pilbeam Link pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2,559 ft-35 ft23 ft
Pine PlotRowallan Park
579 ft-27 ft4 ft
Pips Play GroundRowallan Park
2,908 ft-149 ft142 ft
Pork BellyFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
Precinct to Long Beach East TrailGreat Keppel Island
1 mile-148 ft148 ft
Proposed Brumby track pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
3 miles-210 ft244 ft
Proposed Trail 1 pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2 miles-234 ft52 ft
Proposed Trail 2 pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
1 mile-447 ft
Proposed Trail 3 pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
5 miles-481 ft586 ft
Proposed trail 4 pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
4,915 ft-30 ft156 ft
Proposed trail 5 pFirst Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve
2 miles-271 ft242 ft
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