Mountain Bike
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"Elephant Rock" White Tank Mountain Regional areaBuckeye
5 miles-106 ft297 ft
100A Lower LoopPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1 mile-44 ft195 ft
1356 to Mine trailGoldfield Mountains
2 miles-249 ft76 ft
16th St to T100Phoenix Mountains Preserve
1 mile-60 ft82 ft
200 TrailPayson
4 miles-773 ft674 ft
200 Trail ExtensionPayson
2 miles-473 ft357 ft
235 Road Trail #502Carr Lake Trails
3,822 ft-9 ft19 ft
304/8 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,412 ft-55 ft24 ft
306 8th AvenuePhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,100 ft-29 ft14 ft
306 ParallelPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,563 ft-33 ft17 ft
306 Parallel ConnectorPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,047 ft-37 ft2 ft
306 TrailheadPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,142 ft49 ft
32Phoenix Mountains Preserve
2,883 ft-78 ft9 ft
32nd StreetSouth Mountain Park
4,234 ft-647 ft9 ft
40th St ExpressPhoenix Mountains Preserve
3,114 ft-5 ft49 ft
8 to T100 ConnectPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,791 ft-28 ft8 ft
A Quiet AlternativeGoldfield Mountains
1 mile-87 ft139 ft
A&W washPhoenix Mountains Preserve
4,546 ft-160 ft12 ft
Access Geronimo, 20th StSouth Mountain Park
957 ft-8 ft8 ft
Access Javelina, 42nd PlSouth Mountain Park
825 ft-71 ft
Access Max Delta, S Mtn Park RdSouth Mountain Park
205 ft
AltaSouth Mountain Park
4 miles-1,388 ft1,165 ft
AlternateLost Creek
351 ft-5 ft32 ft
AlternateLost Creek
209 ft-3 ft12 ft
AmalgamGoldfield Mountains
1,010 ft-21 ft19 ft
Americana TrailGreater North Valley
1 mile-55 ft77 ft
Angel's LandingGoldfield Mountains
951 ft-28 ft21 ft
Anniversary Arch LoopGoldfield Mountains
4,547 ft-55 ft212 ft
Apache Junction Equestrian connectorApache Junction
656 ft-10 ft
Apache VistaPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,620 ft-36 ft137 ft
Apache Wash LoopPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
6 miles-161 ft182 ft
AppaloosaApache Junction
2,208 ft-28 ft6 ft
ApparitionGoldfield Mountains
2,185 ft-46 ft5 ft
Aquatic TrailGreater North Valley
1,326 ft-11 ft12 ft
Arizona Trail: 21 Pine MountainSunflower
8 miles-2,507 ft737 ft
Arizona Trail: Picketpost to KelvinSuperior
36 miles-6,668 ft6,072 ft
Arnett Canyon Alt. AccessSuperior
3,350 ft-111 ft99 ft
Arnett Canyon SpurSuperior
1 mile-182 ft272 ft
Around the MineGoldfield Mountains
3,353 ft-21 ft9 ft
Around the mountainPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
2,774 ft-94 ft94 ft
Aspen Trail #411 NorthCarr Lake Trails
4 miles-221 ft278 ft
Aspen Trail #411 SouthCarr Lake Trails
2 miles-171 ft110 ft
AZ DangleLost Dutchman Area
4,253 ft-109 ft121 ft
AZT (Reavis Canyon)Superior
6 miles-2,549 ft87 ft
AZT (Ricewater Ridge)Superior
5 miles-644 ft834 ft
AZT (Whitford Canyon)Superior
5 miles-587 ft924 ft
AZT Access: Cross FSunflower
3,655 ft-273 ft6 ft
AZT: Four PeaksRoosevelt
6 miles-2,187 ft689 ft
AZT: Highline (Washington Park to Pine) #31Pine
18 miles-2,961 ft2,244 ft
AZT: Oak Spring Alt. AccPine
2 miles-137 ft676 ft
AZT: Rogers Trough to Montana Mtn.Superior
2 miles-178 ft729 ft
AZT: Saddle MountainRoosevelt
5 miles-380 ft873 ft
AZT: Superstition WildernessRoosevelt
9 miles-372 ft1,918 ft
AZT: Whiterock MesaPine
12 miles-1,574 ft2,051 ft
Babe Haught #143Payson
2 miles-58 ft1,491 ft
Badger BrawlPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
3 miles-63 ft184 ft
BajadaSouth Mountain Park
4 miles-274 ft578 ft
4 miles-40 ft1,434 ft
Basalt (West)Deem Hills
2,397 ft-6 ft159 ft
BatmanDog Bone
842 ft-12 ft11 ft
BCT (Antelope Creek)Black Canyon
4 miles-1,005 ft219 ft
BCT (Arrastri Creek)Black Canyon
3 miles-499 ft330 ft
BCT (Big Bug)Black Canyon
3 miles-198 ft252 ft
BCT (Biscuit Flat)Black Canyon
3 miles-263 ft159 ft
BCT (Biscuit Flat)Black Canyon
6 miles-289 ft5 ft
BCT (Boy Scout East)Black Canyon
2 miles-323 ft64 ft
BCT (Bumble Bee)Black Canyon
3 miles-387 ft325 ft
BCT (Cheapshot)Black Canyon
3 miles-372 ft564 ft
BCT (Doe Valley)Black Canyon
2 miles-325 ft353 ft
BCT (Drinking Snake)Black Canyon
5 miles-567 ft435 ft
BCT (Hidden Treasure)Black Canyon
6 miles-1,024 ft487 ft
BCT (Kay Mine North)Black Canyon
2 miles-308 ft292 ft
BCT (Kay Mine South)Black Canyon
3 miles-663 ft626 ft
BCT (Little Pan)Black Canyon
3 miles-397 ft550 ft
BCT (Russian Well)Black Canyon
15 miles-1,650 ft1,281 ft
BCT (Skyline)Black Canyon
5 miles-1,235 ft1,385 ft
BCT (Soap Creek)Black Canyon
4 miles-780 ft366 ft
BCT (Table Mesa)Black Canyon
2 miles-88 ft198 ft
BCT (Tech Loop)Black Canyon
3 miles-394 ft422 ft
BCT (Williams Mesa)Black Canyon
3 miles-460 ft292 ft
BCT (Windmill Valley North)Black Canyon
1 mile-68 ft205 ft
BCT (Windmill Valley)Black Canyon
2 miles-204 ft414 ft
BCT Access (Antelope Creek)Black Canyon
4,161 ft-150 ft31 ft
Beacon HillSouth Mountain Park
1 mile-177 ft52 ft
Bearfoot TrailPine
6 miles-1,252 ft1,031 ft
Bell Pass DHMcDowell Mountain
2 miles-1,177 ft
Between the GatesGoldfield Mountains
2,280 ft-8 ft82 ft
Beve-Ridge ConnectorSouth Mountain Park
823 ft57 ft
Beverly-Pima ConnectorSouth Mountain Park
466 ft-4 ft4 ft
Beverly-Pima ConnectorSouth Mountain Park
2,772 ft-193 ft49 ft
Beverly-Pima ConnectorSouth Mountain Park
827 ft-4 ft27 ft
Beverly-Pima ConnectorSouth Mountain Park
1,608 ft-58 ft
Big BirdDog Bone
3,463 ft-32 ft185 ft
BirdDog Bone
2 miles-163 ft189 ft
Birthday HillPhoenix Mountains Preserve
2,904 ft-175 ft66 ft
Bisector of Snake HillPhoenix Mountains Preserve
1,367 ft-80 ft60 ft
Black QueenGoldfield Mountains
1,217 ft2 ft
BobcatPhoenix Sonoran Preserve
1 mile-100 ft21 ft
Bobtail Ridge #194Pinal Mountain
3 miles-409 ft2,463 ft
BonanzaGoldfield Mountains
2,152 ft-27 ft
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