segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1snake skin CCW Buckeye Loop2,015 ft29 ft1646111092
2Buckeye CW Buckeye Loop2 miles72 ft16041098317
3Buckeye CW to Bridge Buckeye Loop1 mile58 ft1553109475
4Buckeye CCW Buckeye Loop2 miles72 ft133583827
5The Finger Conservation Corps2,294 ft42 ft1260905119
6Pumpkin Vine Hill The Vine1,911 ft82 ft69138515
7Uphill Sprint Briar Chapel2,982 ft100 ft65152477
8Banger Briar Chapel1,678 ft77 ft63250587
9Bitchin' mulch climb Bennett Mountain1,443 ft95 ft60635868
10Uphill - First Sector of BC CCW Briar Chapel1 mile125 ft60347457
11Bridge to Great Ridge - CCW Briar Chapel4,174 ft49 ft55041628
12Wormhole, bridge section down Wormhole4,798 ft42 ft52528618
13Track to road on single track Wormhole1,429 ft43 ft50731513
14Outer Airport Loop (Counter) Neverland Outer Loop2 miles90 ft49722014
15Roller Coaster Neverland Inner Loop2,893 ft57 ft47528748
16Tarwheel Neverland Outer Second Half Neverland Outer Loop3,406 ft55 ft46920604
17Spyderhole Proper Wormhole3,945 ft54 ft46630323
18Lakeside Repeats Crow Branch Overlook Loop1,583 ft44 ft46223772
19Pumpkin Loop - Final Climb (CC) Pumpkin Loop1,638 ft22 ft46230084
20FF - The Final Mile Crow Branch Overlook Loop1 mile56 ft45022876
21Tarwheel Crow Branch Second Half Crow Branch Overlook Loop2 miles54 ft43621487
22Tarwheel Neverland Inner First Half Neverland Inner Loop2,936 ft73 ft43522906
23Bridge to Bridge Advanced Rt. Briar Chapel4,788 ft63 ft42927436
24Elohredyps: The Hole of the Arachnid Reverse Wormhole3,545 ft55 ft41919666
25Hump to End Crow Branch Overlook Loop1 mile42 ft41223219
26Occoneechee rocks and roots Occoneechee Loop3,080 ft51 ft40812371
27I can fly! Neverland Inner Loop3,273 ft65 ft39119811
28Inner Airport Loop (Counter) Neverland Inner Loop2 miles76 ft37719214
29CNF Loop Hill Pumpkin Loop2,154 ft82 ft34622234
30Up Chapel School Occoneechee Loop1,682 ft58 ft34512962
31THIS is Spyderhole Wormhole3,612 ft57 ft34323456
32Crow Branch Flow Crow Branch Overlook Loop1 mile38 ft31616142
33Double track - left side Occoneechee Loop1,162 ft58 ft28812983
34Race start Neverland Outer Loop1 mile91 ft28810634
35Spring It! Walnut Grove Loop3,595 ft32 ft2544123
36Baby Spring Walnut Grove Loop3,427 ft28 ft2173593
37Water Tower Water Tower3,792 ft113 ft18914997
38Neverland (Inner/Outer - CCW) Neverland Inner Loop3 miles87 ft1766920
39Energy Corridor climb Duke Energy Corridor2,068 ft97 ft1444821
40Creek loop south SouthSide2,021 ft68 ft1447871
41Pumpkin Loop Pumpkin Loop2 miles98 ft1256605
42Dirty Slirty Lowlands Loop2 miles92 ft1012313
43Up Water Tower Water Tower2,775 ft108 ft994451
44fung wah SouthSide2,789 ft112 ft814296
45Teenage Wasteland climb Maytag1,931 ft81 ft741844
46New Eubanks UB402 miles51 ft701761
47It's still there UB402 miles45 ft571371
48AVID Loop Clockwise AVID Loop4,540 ft50 ft38631
49School Side Mini Loop Lowlands Loop1 mile62 ft25341
50Elohmrow Wormhole1 mile47 ft000
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