segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sprocket to Sprocket Sprocket Bike Path4,518 ft25 ft39232636127
2Hurry up, hurry up! North Park Dr2,093 ft7 ft1781197914
3Skyway Bike Path to 20th Street Sprocket Bike Path4,642 ft22 ft1531153939
4QUICK AND DIRTY North Park Dr739 ft7 ft13621403810
5South Park Drive South Park Dr4,674 ft12 ft1343138054
6Roundabout to 1 mile Bathroom North Park Dr3 miles59 ft121590392
7Bloody knuckle trail Little Chico Creek Bike Path2,121 ft17 ft1196146616
8Picholine Bump Little Chico Creek Bike Path2,950 ft25 ft1185145232
9Upper Park Sprint Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd1,399 ft32 ft109252045
102nd North Rim Climb North Rim Trail1,677 ft145 ft88071006
11Upper B Trail----Traverse B Trail3,380 ft78 ft85769165
12North Rim to Blue Oak North Rim Trail2,601 ft131 ft85674281
13Bidwell Park - B Trail B Trail2 miles388 ft851690027
14Lower B Traverse B Trail1,536 ft31 ft85069526
15Legit B Trail B Trail2 miles393 ft84668400
16Pick a Line North Rim Trail1,869 ft140 ft83361123
17Popcorn Chicken Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd1,271 ft36 ft78536403
18North Rim to Maidu Trail North Rim Trail5,110 ft281 ft78166087
19South Park Road Sprint Lower Park Creek Trail927 ft6 ft77856310
20slickrock Lower Annie Bidwell Trail257 ft41 ft75283553
21last Annie B enduro Lower Annie Bidwell Trail1,410 ft83 ft74479862
22Lower trail enduro segment Lower Trail2,206 ft16 ft73689792
23top maidu to monkey face climb North Rim Trail1,112 ft35 ft71945491
24Gravelvals Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd593 ft28 ft69547990
25The Bitch Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd1,101 ft72 ft68650722
261st Road Climb Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd2,589 ft75 ft66443930
27Middle Trail minefield Middle Trail934 ft14 ft65162261
28Middle Trail - DH section between Salmon and Bear Middle Trail1,583 ft110 ft646658111
29Live oak to rock creek Middle Trail DH Middle Trail839 ft59 ft62461050
30Lower Trail Fun Part Lower Trail1 miles82 ft61270264
31Guardians DH exposed section Guardians Trail398 ft74 ft58852662
32Lower Yahi shortcut Lower Yahi Shortcut1,600 ft38 ft58799124
33L.O.V.E. Guardians Trail1,886 ft102 ft57651599
34Bidwell Park - North Rim Climb North Rim Trail4 miles886 ft572399325
35Guardians down green gate to pine Guardians Trail1,422 ft70 ft57243841
36Last Climbs to Finish Lower Annie Bidwell Trail2,742 ft115 ft56269145
37Rollercoaster Guardians Trail3,631 ft196 ft56047695
38Browns to B Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd1,341 ft44 ft54636551
39Toilet Bowl Guardians Trail271 ft23 ft54444025
40Wildwood Ave Singletrack Sprint Wildwood Ave singletrack3,082 ft24 ft53522402
41Middle out to lower intersection Middle Trail1 miles111 ft49040471
42Climb Out Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd4,552 ft125 ft48933633
43Cracked Radius Upper Trail428 ft31 ft43231983
44middle trail second big climb after salmon y Middle Trail241 ft32 ft42520010
45Upper Old Humbolt Climb Hwy 32 frontage trail connector3,391 ft148 ft41231261
46the REAL 10mi-to-Guardian climb Ten Mile House Road4,749 ft527 ft41230758
47Lower Park Trail, East to West Lower Park Creek Trail1 miles28 ft39923444
48Lower park trail east to west extra credit Lower Park Creek Trail2,002 ft6 ft38920782
49Green Gate To Guardian Ten Mile House Road1,168 ft141 ft38920422
50Maidu Trail Descent Maidu Trail1,604 ft177 ft38829829
51Wildwood to Parking Lot Wildwood park singletrack2,962 ft20 ft38636172
52Upper Trail: Taint to 420 Upper Upper Trail1,159 ft49 ft36229580
53Upper Trail Climb Upper Trail1 miles240 ft34625163
54Blue Oak Blue Oak1,288 ft115 ft31917101
55Oak Tree Connector Middle Lower Connector676 ft79 ft29813612
56S turn rocks climb Guardians Trail557 ft68 ft29230160
57RAD Loop Upper Park Rd/Fenced Rd8 miles503 ft29014380
58420 DH 420987 ft163 ft277237910
59Canyon Oaks to Guardians climb South Rim2,825 ft130 ft27632160
60"Short DH end of Southrim" - UP Annie Bidwell Trail491 ft86 ft2707600
61Whispering Winds to Annie B connector DH Lower Secret Connector335 ft66 ft26718081
62Live Oak bottom segment Live Oak518 ft118 ft26610542
63Anaerobic Fun Lower Secret Connector522 ft51 ft26523272
64Trail - Cedar Grove Bridge to Jump Lower Park Creek Trail5,114 ft25 ft25620430
65dh drop into south rim Annie Bidwell Trail1,194 ft207 ft25517233
66Parking lot to parking lot Wildwood park singletrack2,138 ft15 ft24112931
67The complete lower park trail east to west Lower Park Creek Trail2 miles49 ft2347481
68Blue Oak Down Blue Oak920 ft107 ft22611935
69The Secret Forest Climb Secret/Disk Golf1,041 ft177 ft22020614
70S Rim Trail Climb Secret/Disk Golf3,413 ft285 ft21114964
71Humboldt Trail DH Trashline1,198 ft170 ft20513991
72middle trail first big climb after y Middle Trail341 ft42 ft1988150
73Trashline DH Trashline1,547 ft216 ft18913107
74Deer Creek Hwy Climb Guardians Trail3,361 ft264 ft1787642
75Humboldt Trail to Bench View Climb Humboldt Trail2,831 ft131 ft16610942
76South paw Disk Golf DH946 ft89 ft1526981
771/2 Live Oak Decent Live Oak1,437 ft262 ft1524982
78Disc/Secret with Switchbacks Secret/Disk Golf3,614 ft287 ft15012012
79Top Red Bud squeeze Red Bud310 ft68 ft1484091
80Guardian to Greengate Ten Mile House Road1,094 ft143 ft1489782
81DiskGolf to Secret Trial Secret/Disk Golf2,350 ft145 ft14411141
82disk golf fence line short climb Secret/Disk Golf277 ft44 ft1447380
83Secret to disk golf trailhead Secret/Disk Golf849 ft82 ft1265220
84Red Bud to Upper Red Bud558 ft163 ft1263391
85New Monkey Face DH Monkey Face1,413 ft189 ft1253570
8610 Mile House Trail climb Ten Mile House Road1 miles810 ft1054162
87Top Live Oak Descent Live Oak1,215 ft317 ft1023764
88Bloody Pin (up) Bloody Pin Trail3,739 ft402 ft982992
89Oak Tree Connector/UP Middle Lower Connector669 ft75 ft984671
90Live Oak Descent Live Oak2,707 ft529 ft963383
91hiking trail Winston696 ft242 ft934215
92humboldt trail climb Trashline1,228 ft175 ft892721
93Diversion Channel levee Skyway to 20th St Skyway Levee5,142 ft43 ft894442
94Lower Red Bud DH Red Bud886 ft152 ft882021
95Peregrine Point/Disk Golf hike-a-bike up Disk Golf DH801 ft181 ft621180
96Monkey Face Monkey Face1,026 ft188 ft591412
97B Trail Hill Climb B Trail2 miles393 ft582291
98Peregrine Point DH Disk Golf DH1,166 ft181 ft571033
99climb along the cliffs Disk Golf Course1,851 ft159 ft47790
100Red Bud DH Red Bud2,259 ft438 ft32791
101And I ride down this? Live Oak1,766 ft301 ft24321
102b trail dh portion B Trail3,840 ft350 ft000
103N Rim Trail Climb North Rim Trail4,229 ft272 ft000
104Pine Trail Pine Trail1,507 ft170 ft000
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