Alluvial Fence Line
1.0 miles-139 ft
Bane Ridge
2.3 miles-603 ft
Bovinian Delight
1.0 miles-52 ft
Deimer Trail
1,967 ft-219 ft
Faultline Trail
4,801 ft-498 ft
Lower Aliso Canyon
3.6 miles-94 ft
Lower South Ridge
1.4 miles-38 ft
McDermot Trail
2,966 ft-356 ft
North Ridge Trail
5.8 miles-591 ft
Raptor Ridge (Four Corners to Faultline)
4,653 ft-124 ft
Skully Ridge
4.6 miles-1,028 ft
South Ridge Trail
5.4 miles-1,297 ft
1.1 miles-519 ft
Telegraph Canyon
5.8 miles-986 ft
Telegraph Canyon (Four Corners to S. Ridge)
4,594 ft-100 ft
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