Mountain Bike
Claireville Ridge
4,134 ft-22 ft41 ft
Claireville Ridge
1,339 ft-31 ft12 ft
Claireville Underpass
1 mile-25 ft20 ft
Claireville Woods
4,156 ft-41 ft36 ft
Clairville Creek Track
5,069 ft-64 ft63 ft
617 ft3 ft
174 ft
344 ft
879 ft-7 ft12 ft
174 ft-3 ft
Coyote Trail
2,320 ft-5 ft21 ft
1,339 ft-16 ft
East Meadow Loop
3,776 ft-10 ft19 ft
Ebenezer Trail
1 mile-40 ft29 ft
Ebenezer Trail
4,147 ft-61 ft37 ft
Ed Centre
886 ft-6 ft7 ft
Ed Centre to Humber
1,191 ft-33 ft
Field & Pond
1,722 ft13 ft
Humber Loop
4,982 ft-72 ft72 ft
Humber Ridge
1,827 ft-24 ft3 ft
Humber West
1 mile-22 ft30 ft
Humber-Thackeray Doubletrack
1,549 ft63 ft
Kipling Ridge
902 ft-7 ft13 ft
Kipling Ridge Alt
551 ft-10 ft
Lower Woods
1,453 ft-28 ft8 ft
Pond Connector
472 ft21 ft
Powerline Connector
925 ft-8 ft9 ft
Powerline Trail
1,348 ft-3 ft19 ft
Ranch Road Connector
2,047 ft-37 ft31 ft
Reservoir Access
1,165 ft18 ft
Thackeray Doubletrack
2 miles-108 ft112 ft
Thackery Doubletrack (East)
1,594 ft-6 ft3 ft
The Hedge
1,368 ft-14 ft
The Short Cut
505 ft-32 ft
Vaughan Grove Doubletrack
3,967 ft-120 ft127 ft
Vaughan Grove Doubletrack
1,115 ft38 ft
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