segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Who wants to golf anyway? (climb) Charles1,215 ft32 ft592822
2Gully (Climb) Gully941 ft35 ft541873
3Chunky Mid-Entrance Charles1,642 ft40 ft532752
4Gully (Descent) Gully865 ft32 ft492222
5Scissors Scissors2,033 ft54 ft441313
6Connector (Subdivision to Scissors) Connector - Subdivision756 ft26 ft431411
7Charles (up) Charles1,694 ft78 ft401772
8Charles (Climb) Charles1,586 ft38 ft401770
9Scissors clockwise (partial) Scissors2,057 ft34 ft33670
10Charles Charles1,708 ft77 ft331512
11Charles (Descent) Charles1,574 ft30 ft331512
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