segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bring it on home Gooseberry MTB Trail2,532 ft18 ft17241003
2Barge trail Gooseberry MTB Trail1,013 ft7 ft16345664
3Hill to Hill MB Johnson MTB Trail3 miles21 ft153225411
4Goose South Loop Gooseberry MTB Trail2 miles27 ft14230304
5West Loop 2016 Gooseberry MTB Trail4,779 ft14 ft14230250
6Horn Park Loopoid 2016 Horn5,231 ft17 ft13614692
7Goose North Segment Gooseberry MTB Trail2 miles21 ft11726144
8More Open Field MB Johnson MTB Trail1,916 ft7 ft11712321
9Goose 2015 Bridge Start Gooseberry MTB Trail3 miles25 ft11422649
10Open Field MB Johnson MTB Trail2,331 ft17 ft11412203
112015 June - Official Gooseberry Loop - Parking Lot Start Gooseberry MTB Trail3 miles28 ft105191214
122014 Flugly Lap MB Johnson MTB Trail4 miles27 ft10415022
13MB Johnson Park Lap MB Johnson MTB Trail4 miles28 ft10214387
14MB Johnson 2 Laps MB Johnson MTB Trail7 miles29 ft784794
15MB Johnson 3 Laps MB Johnson MTB Trail11 miles30 ft511850
16MB Johnson Park 4 Laps MB Johnson MTB Trail14 miles29 ft381181
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