segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Firball Climbing Track (above road) Firball Climb2,621 ft114 ft15121048811
2Turners Turners2,308 ft316 ft1248878043
3TM2YL Climbing Track Take Me To Your Leader3,787 ft267 ft1072787913
4IV line IV Line2,663 ft417 ft815238311
5Firball Climb updated(down) Hulk'n Hogan5,220 ft539 ft72530261
6Firball firebreak Firball Climb1,316 ft155 ft66825641
7Top Dog Top Dog2,200 ft292 ft627315515
8top box HotBox812 ft150 ft41219406
9Hotbox (no jumpity jump jumps) HotBox2,688 ft747 ft382178611
10Smasher top bit Smasher657 ft151 ft36817054
11Smasher (lower) Smasher3,289 ft612 ft33813474
12Sea Smasher Smasher3,685 ft686 ft33612788
13Justin's to the fence Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DiVAS)1,785 ft472 ft2085962
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