segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1When was the last time you worked on YOUR trails? Baby Bear1,736 ft20 ft24171475713
2Oak Ln Climb Cassidy4,254 ft322 ft238795236
3oak lane segment Cassidy3,818 ft253 ft237694800
43 Mile Climb Poppa ends to Talladega Start Cassidy1 mile376 ft2361931312
5Fast Downhill Flow #2 (Past Rocky Switch - Creek Bottom) Bomb Dog4,384 ft256 ft2214670110
6Bombdog Sprint Climb Bomb Dog2,031 ft114 ft221166939
7Cecile Dr Climb Bomb Dog4,285 ft279 ft2203670611
81st Half of Bombdog (Downhill Only) Bomb Dog1 mile425 ft217560130
9Bomb Dog DH Only, No Uphill Bomb Dog3 miles739 ft2061547920
10DH on New Loop Mama Bear4,446 ft232 ft206086278
11Coldwater Mountain: Momma Bear Mama Bear1 mile211 ft2046852017
12Momma Bear Downhill Only Mama Bear2,996 ft152 ft2014823610
13Trillium DH only Trillium2,416 ft122 ft1872749810
14Chilowhee Down Chilowhee403 ft25 ft186867932
15Poppa Bear Papa Bear2 miles173 ft184365428
16Chilhowee Intersection S to Goldilocks Chilowhee3,800 ft94 ft184065900
17Coldwater Mountain: Blue Flow #37 Trillium3,788 ft99 ft184073223
18Trillium Trillium3,803 ft95 ft182872678
19Talladega Talladega4,643 ft235 ft168856693
20SRAM Hub to LTH Hare5,065 ft248 ft163964645
212015 Coldwater Enduro, Stage 2 Bomb Dog2 miles604 ft159037488
22Have you attended a work day recently? Hare1,378 ft91 ft154662073
23Shimano Hub to LTH Hare2 miles487 ft148353514
24Hare Hare2 miles507 ft1474530911
25Tortoise Tortoise3 miles507 ft1394516710
26BDP'S FLOW Oval Office1,562 ft111 ft135234317
27Talladega Downhill Talladega3,179 ft91 ft104528844
28backside baby bear Baby Bear3,614 ft44 ft103383734
29Backwards Downhill, Big loop Upper Papa Bear3,252 ft124 ft82141463
30GoldieLocks? Goldilocks3,895 ft326 ft64320687
31Wheeee! Jumps Trail Oval Office2 miles171 ft62415894
32End Gravity to Parking climb Entrance Road2,070 ft238 ft4739353
33Baby Bear Baby Bear5,252 ft60 ft47127763
34Chilhowee -L-to -P- Chilowhee2 miles402 ft4447381
35MotoMike Slope Style Chilowhee2,146 ft141 ft41010923
36Chilowhee to Jumps Chilowhee1 mile219 ft40210782
37Butt Hurt Down Chilowhee2 miles371 ft3649802
38Coldwater: Green Gravity Run (Twister) Green Gravity3,187 ft279 ft3635403
39Talladega DH Talladega4,676 ft238 ft2837490
40Radio GaGa Radio Gaga1,842 ft30 ft2705822
41Bullwinkle Rocky2,636 ft48 ft2426153
42Gazza Downhill Only Gazza3,417 ft379 ft2393812
43Gazza Gazza2 miles437 ft2153170
44PB CCW Papa Bear2 miles184 ft1134420
45PB CCW Papa Bear2 miles189 ft41842
46PB CCW Decent Papa Bear1 mile201 ft31610
47Oak Ln Climb Bomb Dog2 miles457 ft12140
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