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Alpine #7Columbia Falls
3.2 miles-892 ft
Alpine #7Columbia Falls
2.1 miles-1,211 ft
Alpine #7Columbia Falls
1.9 miles-548 ft
Alternate Figure 8Green Gates
2,597 ft-7 ft
Alternate from fire roadGreen Gates
1,498 ft-58 ft
Alternate Steep RouteGreen Gates
1,559 ft-37 ft
Climb to Fire Road 1Green Gates
2,532 ft-28 ft
Climb to Fire Road 2Green Gates
1,366 ft-21 ft
Columbia MountainColumbia Falls
6.4 miles-1,877 ft
Columbia Mountain back-side #51Columbia Falls
6.1 miles-4,676 ft
ConnectorGreen Gates
3,952 ft-46 ft
Connector 2Green Gates
2,610 ft-46 ft
Demers Ridge TrailColumbia Falls
2.3 miles-62 ft
Desert Mountain DownhillColumbia Falls
7.9 miles-3,985 ft
Doris Creek 295Columbia Falls
3.1 miles-178 ft
Doris LakesColumbia Falls
2.7 miles-519 ft
Doris MountainColumbia Falls
1,798 ft-15 ft
EdnaGreen Gates
469 ft-90 ft
Figure 8Green Gates
1.0 miles-93 ft
Figure 8 SpurGreen Gates
542 ft
Fire road to Fire Road ReturnGreen Gates
5,011 ft-259 ft
Half moon spurGreen Gates
3,803 ft-69 ft
Koa ConnectorGreen Gates
1,323 ft-11 ft
Koa Connector 2Green Gates
1,378 ft
Lion LakeGreen Gates
1.7 miles-1,403 ft
Lion Lake LoopColumbia Falls
3,813 ft-117 ft
Look out trailGreen Gates
623 ft-1 ft
Main RoadGreen Gates
2,358 ft-27 ft
Middle Doris LakeColumbia Falls
651 ft-4 ft
Outer LoopGreen Gates
9.1 miles-1,125 ft
Outer SpurGreen Gates
3,887 ft-49 ft
Ridenour 10Green Gates
879 ft-24 ft
Ridenour 11Green Gates
401 ft-63 ft
Ridenour 12Green Gates
1,596 ft-13 ft
Ridenour 5Green Gates
217 ft-35 ft
Ridenour 7Green Gates
4,585 ft-191 ft
Ridenour 8Green Gates
382 ft
Ridenour 9Green Gates
455 ft-2 ft
Ridenour DownhillGreen Gates
3,342 ft-167 ft
Ridenour RambleGreen Gates
2,742 ft-46 ft
Ridenour trailGreen Gates
3,965 ft-156 ft
Shelli TrailGreen Gates
1,296 ft-12 ft
Side OptionGreen Gates
270 ft-3 ft
Side spurGreen Gates
1,060 ft-20 ft
SpurGreen Gates
1,037 ft-51 ft
Swan Mountain camp trailGreen Gates
3,826 ft-53 ft
Treat LoopGreen Gates
2,487 ft-52 ft
Treat TrailGreen Gates
4,342 ft-71 ft
Troad 1155Columbia Falls
2.7 miles-510 ft
Wounded BuckGreen Gates
4.6 miles-496 ft
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