Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"Old Road" (Red) TrailSeth Low Pierrepont State Park and Lebowitz-Knapp Open Space
2 miles-149 ft204 ft
"Up and Over N&S"Collis P Huntington State Park
568 ft-16 ft6 ft
(green blazes)Peter's Rock
1,194 ft-51 ft
(green blazes)Peter's Rock
1,027 ft27 ft
(pink blazes)Peter's Rock
574 ft44 ft
1.5 Down and UpRacebrook Tract
407 ft-17 ft
1000 WhitetailsThe Preserve
3,028 ft-73 ft68 ft
11 SectionGoodwin State Forest
3,409 ft-43 ft36 ft
11 Section ExtentionGoodwin State Forest
2,185 ft-30 ft13 ft
12 TurnsShenipsit State Forest
1,972 ft233 ft
2 Kool 4 SkoolPlayground Trails at Nathan-Hale-Ray Middle School
646 ft-41 ft
21 - 23 ConnectorRacebrook Tract
430 ft6 ft
23 ExtensionRacebrook Tract
610 ft-6 ft
24 MidpointRacebrook Tract
236 ft3 ft
24-Pine CutoffRacebrook Tract
207 ft
3 BridgeBear Den
3,553 ft-61 ft135 ft
395 TrailOld Furnace State Park
1 mile-179 ft94 ft
7 up - BlueBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
3,801 ft-40 ft177 ft
7 up - RedBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1,302 ft-47 ft31 ft
7 up ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
757 ft-4 ft70 ft
90's TechCase Mountain
3,046 ft-83 ft82 ft
A little Roubaix in RorabackHarwinton Recreation and Conservation Area
3,279 ft-27 ft32 ft
A.T. paradise Lane Vista Trail BlueBlazesSalisbury
269 ft-7 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Stewart Hollow Shelter Side TrailKent
453 ft16 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Stony Brook Group Campsite 2 Side TrailCornwall
830 ft75 ft
Above the PondRockwell Park
1,326 ft-72 ft116 ft
Access ConnectorTarrywile Park
374 ft-40 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
2,582 ft-38 ft3 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
223 ft
Access RoadSand Hill / Nevers Park
348 ft2 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
2,418 ft-8 ft9 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,998 ft8 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,342 ft-33 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
3,146 ft-42 ft17 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,972 ft37 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
522 ft8 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,637 ft-26 ft9 ft
Access TrailHuckleberry Hill Recreation Area (Avon Town Forest)
496 ft-35 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
722 ft11 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
167 ft
Access TrailTarrywile Park
3,763 ft-41 ft235 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
617 ft3 ft
Access trail from RT6 to parking lotOld Furnace State Park
971 ft-27 ft2 ft
Acess to TurtleheadCrescent Lake
835 ft-54 ft34 ft
Action Bronson YellowDiamondsPachaug State Forest
1,644 ft96 ft
Adeline GreyRockhouse
797 ft-55 ft
Airline Distillery TrailPomfret Forest
1,437 ft-50 ft8 ft
Airline ExpressPomfret Forest
879 ft-62 ft
Alf's Loop RedBlazesAlf & Sylvia Bingham Preserve
1,280 ft-24 ft19 ft
AliveCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
1 mile-270 ft265 ft
Alley WayRockhouse
1,621 ft-7 ft17 ft
Alternate Climb (Green White)Rockhouse
472 ft28 ft
Alternate down to River TrailHurd State Park
1,119 ft-210 ft
Alternate GravyGreen Falls (Pachaug State Forest)
1,972 ft-45 ft
Alternate Up to Split RockHurd State Park
1,020 ft-17 ft79 ft
AnaheimShenipsit State Forest
1,440 ft-27 ft20 ft
Angelo's AshesCrescent Lake
5,213 ft-98 ft89 ft
AngryCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
1 mile-173 ft241 ft
Another no-nameBluff Point State Park
849 ft-13 ft37 ft
Ants (orange blaze)Northfield Brook Lake (NBL)
3,530 ft-102 ft123 ft
AP ConnectorEcology Park
75 ft
Apollo 13Dividend Pond Trails and Archaeological District
151 ft
Apollo 18Wadsworth Falls State Park
1,824 ft-127 ft6 ft
Arelson HornHurd State Park
3,639 ft-177 ft231 ft
Around the HornGrayville Falls
1 mile-301 ft365 ft
Ash Swamp Trail WhiteBlazesAsh Swamp Road Open Space
1,726 ft-41 ft69 ft
AT Parking AccessSherman
174 ft18 ft
Attaboy (orange blaze)Northfield Brook Lake (NBL)
2,451 ft-50 ft168 ft
AtticGoodwin State Forest
2 miles-63 ft167 ft
ATV wide swathFarrington Woods
135 ft3 ft
Aunty NassyBurr Pond State Park
1 mile-136 ft123 ft
Ayers Access BlueBlazesAyers Preserve
430 ft-10 ft
Ayers Loop BlueBlazesAyers Preserve
1,161 ft-6 ft5 ft
B Street (White)Burlington - Nassahegon Trail Network
4,747 ft-69 ft65 ft
Babcock Trail YellowBlazesHarriet E. Babcock Preserve
1,283 ft-17 ft72 ft
Baby JesusPachaug State Forest
1 mile-91 ft154 ft
Back BehindBurr Pond State Park
4,731 ft-205 ft31 ft
Back DownOld Mine
1,306 ft-94 ft
Back from the FutureCrescent Lake
1,699 ft-26 ft119 ft
Back InBluff Point State Park
577 ft-2 ft2 ft
Back to Main TrailWadsworth Falls State Park
597 ft64 ft
BackdoorOld Furnace State Park
1,033 ft-22 ft21 ft
BacksideGrayville Falls
2,176 ft-18 ft194 ft
BacksideWest Hartford Reservoirs
1,674 ft-10 ft88 ft
Backside burnCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
3,558 ft-153 ft40 ft
Backside StraightWinding Trails Network
919 ft-17 ft16 ft
Bald ConnectorShenipsit State Forest
2,621 ft-76 ft82 ft
Ball Field ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
889 ft-12 ft44 ft
Ballahack Trail RedBlazesBallahack Preserve
2,119 ft-89 ft13 ft
BambiCase Mountain
3,885 ft-144 ft37 ft
BambiRockland Preserve
3,474 ft-85 ft69 ft
Bambi ShnipperCase Mountain
1,243 ft-16 ft72 ft
Bambi's ReacharoundCase Mountain
492 ft-3 ft15 ft
BamboozledCase Mountain
1,517 ft-47 ft46 ft
BanditRacker Road Singletrack
2,989 ft-168 ft25 ft
Bandit ExtensionRacker Road Singletrack
3,990 ft-127 ft87 ft
Bandit Log RideRacker Road Singletrack
117 ft-5 ft2 ft
Barbed WireQuinebaug River Trail
2,871 ft
Barney RubbleCase Mountain
1,276 ft-31 ft26 ft
Barrows TrailSchoolhouse Brook Park
938 ft-61 ft
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