Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"Old Road" (Red) TrailSeth Low Pierrepont State Park and Lebowitz-Knapp Open Space
2 miles-149 ft204 ft
"Up and Over N&S"Collis P Huntington State Park
568 ft-16 ft6 ft
1000 WhitetailsThe Preserve
3,028 ft-73 ft68 ft
11 SectionGoodwin State Forest
3,409 ft-43 ft36 ft
11 Section ExtentionGoodwin State Forest
2,185 ft-30 ft13 ft
12 1/2 Walls (Green Blaze)Tyler Mill Preserve
2,005 ft-15 ft36 ft
12 TurnsShenipsit State Forest
1,972 ft233 ft
1904 Trail GreenBlazesRWA - Maltby Lakes
942 ft-12 ft15 ft
2 Kool 4 SkoolPlayground Trails at Nathan-Hale-Ray Middle School
646 ft-41 ft
3 BridgeBear Den
3,553 ft-61 ft135 ft
395 TrailOld Furnace State Park
1 mile-179 ft94 ft
7 up - BlueBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
3,801 ft-40 ft177 ft
7 up - RedBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1,302 ft-47 ft31 ft
7 up ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
757 ft-4 ft70 ft
90's TechCase Mountain
3,046 ft-83 ft82 ft
A little Roubaix in RorabackHarwinton Recreation and Conservation Area
3,279 ft-27 ft32 ft
A.T. paradise Lane Vista Trail BlueBlazesSalisbury
269 ft-7 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Stewart Hollow Shelter Side TrailKent
453 ft16 ft
A.T. Side Trails: Stony Brook Group Campsite 2 Side TrailCornwall
830 ft75 ft
Above the PondRockwell Park
1,326 ft-72 ft116 ft
Access ConnectorTarrywile Park
374 ft-40 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
522 ft8 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
2,418 ft-8 ft9 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
223 ft
Access RoadSand Hill / Nevers Park
348 ft2 ft
Access RoadGlastonbury
994 ft-11 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
3,146 ft-42 ft17 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,342 ft-33 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
2,582 ft-38 ft3 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,637 ft-26 ft9 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,998 ft8 ft
Access RoadWindsor Locks
1,972 ft37 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
722 ft11 ft
Access TrailHuckleberry Hill Recreation Area (Avon Town Forest)
496 ft-35 ft
Access TrailTarrywile Park
3,763 ft-41 ft235 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
617 ft3 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
167 ft
Access trail from RT6 to parking lotOld Furnace State Park
971 ft-27 ft2 ft
Acess to TurtleheadCrescent Lake
820 ft-6 ft13 ft
Action Bronson YellowDiamondsPachaug State Forest
1,644 ft96 ft
Adeline GreyRockhouse Hill Sanctuary
797 ft-55 ft
Air Line Trail AccessGoodwin State Forest
Airline Distillery TrailPomfret Forest
1,437 ft-50 ft8 ft
Airline ExpressPomfret Forest
863 ft-59 ft
Alf's Loop RedBlazesAlf & Sylvia Bingham Preserve
1,280 ft-24 ft19 ft
AliveCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
1 mile-270 ft265 ft
Alley WayRockhouse Hill Sanctuary
1,621 ft-7 ft17 ft
Along The Tracks NorthBluff Point State Park
1,362 ft2 ft
Alternate Climb (Green White)Rockhouse Hill Sanctuary
472 ft28 ft
Alternate down to River TrailHurd State Park
1,119 ft-210 ft
Alternate GravyGreen Falls (Pachaug State Forest)
1,972 ft-45 ft
Alternate Up to Split RockHurd State Park
1,020 ft-17 ft79 ft
AnaheimShenipsit State Forest
1,440 ft-27 ft20 ft
Angelo's AshesCrescent Lake
1 mile-124 ft123 ft
AngryCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
1 mile-173 ft241 ft
Another no-nameBluff Point State Park
849 ft-13 ft37 ft
Ants (orange blaze)Northfield Brook Lake (NBL)
4,711 ft-110 ft126 ft
AP ConnectorEcology Park
75 ft
Apollo 13Dividend Pond Trails and Archaeological District
144 ft
Apollo 18Wadsworth Falls State Park
1,824 ft-127 ft6 ft
Arelson HornHurd State Park
3,639 ft-177 ft231 ft
Around the HornGrayville Falls
1 mile-301 ft365 ft
Ash Swamp Trail WhiteBlazesAsh Swamp Road Open Space
1,726 ft-41 ft69 ft
AT Parking AccessSherman
174 ft18 ft
Attaboy (orange blaze)Northfield Brook Lake (NBL)
2,451 ft-50 ft168 ft
AtticGoodwin State Forest
2 miles-63 ft167 ft
ATV wide swathFarrington Woods
135 ft3 ft
Aunty NassyPaugnut State Forest
1 mile-159 ft138 ft
Ayers Access BlueBlazesAyers Preserve
430 ft-10 ft
Ayers Loop BlueBlazesAyers Preserve
1,161 ft-6 ft5 ft
B Street (White)Nassahegon Trail Network
4,741 ft-93 ft88 ft
B.S.A. - Handcuffs ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
374 ft-31 ft
B.S.A. - Ives ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
2,139 ft-44 ft72 ft
B.S.A. ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
984 ft-54 ft13 ft
B.S.A. LoopBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1 mile-164 ft162 ft
Babcock Trail YellowBlazesHarriet E. Babcock Preserve
1,283 ft-17 ft72 ft
Baby JesusPachaug State Forest
1 mile-91 ft154 ft
Back BehindPaugnut State Forest
4,724 ft-210 ft51 ft
Back DownOld Mine
1,306 ft-94 ft
Back from the FutureCrescent Lake
1,699 ft-26 ft119 ft
Back InBluff Point State Park
577 ft-2 ft2 ft
Back to Main TrailWadsworth Falls State Park
463 ft18 ft
BackdoorOld Furnace State Park
1,033 ft-22 ft21 ft
BacksideGrayville Falls
2,176 ft-18 ft194 ft
BacksideWest Hartford Reservoirs
1,674 ft-10 ft88 ft
Backside burnCandlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area
3,558 ft-153 ft40 ft
Backside StraightWinding Trails Network
919 ft-17 ft16 ft
Bald ConnectorShenipsit State Forest
2,621 ft-76 ft82 ft
Ball Field ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
889 ft-12 ft44 ft
Ballahack Trail RedBlazesBallahack Preserve
2,119 ft-89 ft13 ft
BambiRockland Preserve
3,474 ft-85 ft69 ft
BambiCase Mountain
3,885 ft-144 ft37 ft
Bambi ShnipperCase Mountain
1,243 ft-16 ft72 ft
Bambi's ReacharoundCase Mountain
492 ft-3 ft15 ft
BamboozledCase Mountain
1,517 ft-47 ft46 ft
BanditRacker Road Singletrack
3,478 ft-200 ft33 ft
Bandit ExtensionRacker Road Singletrack
3,990 ft-127 ft87 ft
Bandit Log RideRacker Road Singletrack
117 ft-5 ft2 ft
Barbed WireQuinebaug River Trail
2,871 ft
Barney RubbleCase Mountain
1,276 ft-31 ft26 ft
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