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"Up and Over N&S"Redding
568 ft-16 ft
77 to NE Trail - Jeep TrailDurham
4,994 ft-116 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
518 ft-34 ft
Access trailOld Furnace State Park
159 ft-23 ft
access trailOld Furnace State Park
337 ft-38 ft
Access TrailOld Furnace State Park
638 ft-25 ft
Access trail from RT6 to parking lotOld Furnace State Park
958 ft-54 ft
BackdoorOld Furnace State Park
3,887 ft-114 ft
Ball Field ConnectorRidgefield
889 ft-12 ft
Bambi trailRockland Preserve
3,889 ft-85 ft
Bear Rock BypassMillers Pond State Park
677 ft-17 ft
Bee LineRockland Preserve
1.0 miles-137 ft
Bennett's Pond Spur - NorthBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
2,321 ft-116 ft
Bennetts Pond - NorthBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1.3 miles-70 ft
Beyond ThunderdomeDurham
3,425 ft-212 ft
Blue ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1,679 ft-67 ft
Blue EastWilton Woods
1.3 miles-30 ft
Blue RectangleWestwoods
1.2 miles-261 ft
Blue SpurRidgefield
1,362 ft-37 ft
Blue TrailRedding
2.3 miles-265 ft
Blue TrailBradley Park
1,559 ft-39 ft
Blue TrailRedding
1.5 miles-125 ft
Blue TrailBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
4,395 ft-238 ft
Blue TrailRedding
1.0 miles-43 ft
Blue TrailTrout Brook Valley
2.3 miles-373 ft
Blue TrailPequonnock River Valley
1,831 ft-14 ft
Blue Trail - Parking Lot SingletrackBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
3,742 ft-134 ft
Blue WestWilton Woods
1.3 miles-244 ft
Blue/White TrailTrout Brook Valley
1.5 miles-191 ft
Bluff Point Eastern TrailBluff Point State Park
1.5 miles-60 ft
Bluff Point TrailBluff Point State Park
3.5 miles-117 ft
Butt CrackQuillinan Reservoir
1,650 ft-117 ft
Cabin TrailMianus River Park
1,522 ft-24 ft
Cart rdOld Furnace State Park
239 ft-27 ft
Cart RoadOld Furnace State Park
4,654 ft-103 ft
Cart roadOld Furnace State Park
1,227 ft-65 ft
Central WhiteWilton Woods
1,836 ft-10 ft
Chimney Trail with lollipop loopRedding
2.0 miles-282 ft
Cold FeetRockland Preserve
16.0 miles-31 ft
ConnectorBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
504 ft
Connector to Goes Both WaysDanbury
823 ft-36 ft
Corner TrailMianus River Park
362 ft-7 ft
Crescent Lake TrailSouthington
5.4 miles-543 ft
CrossoverRockland Preserve
16.0 miles-11 ft
Cut thruOld Furnace State Park
281 ft-11 ft
Day PondEast Hampton
4.0 miles-655 ft
Dirt ChurchDurham
4,644 ft-227 ft
DNROld Furnace State Park
2,616 ft-151 ft
Double Track logging roadOld Furnace State Park
1.5 miles-234 ft
Elm Drive ConnectorTrout Brook Valley
599 ft-5 ft
EP trialHarvey Farms
2,488 ft-45 ft
ErraticaRockland Preserve
2.1 miles-256 ft
Farrington WoodsDanbury
5.2 miles-980 ft
Farrington WoodsDanbury
Fisherman's LoopMianus River Park
2,405 ft-37 ft
Frame TwisterOld Furnace State Park
816 ft-28 ft
GladesRockland Preserve
2,654 ft-51 ft
Goes Both Way - CounterclockwiseDanbury
1.1 miles-202 ft
Gone fishingOld Furnace State Park
395 ft-32 ft
GreenTrout Brook Valley
2,359 ft-122 ft
Green RectangleWestwoods
3.2 miles-700 ft
Green TrailTrout Brook Valley
1.6 miles-155 ft
Green TrailCockaponsett SF
Green TrailRedding
3,136 ft-75 ft
Green Trail - Bennetts PondBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
2.0 miles-263 ft
Green Trail - Red Maple SwampBennetts Pond / Hemlock Hills
1.0 miles-254 ft
Green WhiteTrout Brook Valley
3,500 ft-104 ft
Grey/WhiteTrout Brook Valley
1,337 ft-28 ft
GS Trolley TrailHaley Farm State Park
1.8 miles-41 ft
Haley Farm LaneHaley Farm State Park
2,924 ft-40 ft
Hangmans HillHarvey Farms
2,863 ft-153 ft
Hartman Park TrailHartman Park
3.8 miles-270 ft
Harvey loopHarvey Farms
1.4 miles-143 ft
Hell HollowOld Furnace State Park
1.2 miles-325 ft
Hill TrailMianus River Park
666 ft-24 ft
Holy RocksMine Hill
2.4 miles-722 ft
Indian Mill TrailMianus River Park
1,368 ft-32 ft
Indian Rock TrailMianus River Park
2,884 ft-45 ft
Inner RoadMianus River Park
1,203 ft-7 ft
Ive's ConnectorRidgefield
1,333 ft-49 ft
Ive's Trail - Orange BlazeRidgefield
3,061 ft-47 ft
Ives Ct - Pine Mountain ConnectorRidgefield
2,877 ft-267 ft
Jump lineEast Hampton
2,470 ft-194 ft
Laurel TrailMianus River Park
2,907 ft-67 ft
Little SoapstoneNortheast
3,299 ft-81 ft
Lollipop to RoadMine Hill
2.4 miles-774 ft
Lone Pine - 77 to MattabessettDurham
2.9 miles-484 ft
Lone Pine - Rockland to 77Guilford
1.0 miles-435 ft
LookoutOld Furnace State Park
1,244 ft-54 ft
MadentaTrout Brook Valley
3,501 ft-85 ft
Mag 5Rockland Preserve
1.8 miles-336 ft
Main RoadMianus River Park
4,643 ft-83 ft
Meander TrailMianus River Park
1,527 ft-13 ft
MeshomasicMeshomasic Forest
9.2 miles-1,861 ft
Middle TrailMianus River Park
1,128 ft-33 ft
Millers Pond Red LoopMillers Pond State Park
7.9 miles-1,427 ft
7.2 miles-878 ft
Mumford Cove TrailBluff Point State Park
2,174 ft-3 ft
New England Trail - Bluffs Head SegmentGuilford
4.3 miles-915 ft
New England Trail - Clapboard Hill to Guilford LakesGuilford
4.3 miles-781 ft
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