segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1my Juniper campground to hairpin corner Summit Trail1 mile516 ft219741158228
2YCT Autumn Sprint Ygnacio Canal1,005 ft2 ft233397505
3Edwards Loop DH Edwards Loop Trail2,811 ft247 ft2255800727
4Edwards Loop singletrack - Downhill Edwards Loop Trail2,933 ft241 ft225479983
5SC smooth sailing Sugar City Trail1,039 ft64 ft218063650
6Sugar City 2014 DH Sugar City Trail1 mile362 ft2138621149
7Edwards Loop singletrack - Uphill Edwards Loop Trail2,953 ft238 ft2129588411
8Flat section sprint Sugar City Trail1,159 ft47 ft211961430
9Fire road climb to the slab Big Valley Trail2,064 ft148 ft206356228
10Sugar City Fireroad Climb Big Valley Trail3,576 ft385 ft201553573
11Big Valley Trail uphill death march Big Valley Trail1,759 ft231 ft196750247
12The bridge to lookout Dan Cook/Summit Trail1,654 ft274 ft17552936915
13Time to open it up!! Tree Frog3,850 ft134 ft170448298
14TF Split 5 - Don't Go Left Tree Frog3,121 ft51 ft170448273
15TF Split 4 - Pump and Bump Tree Frog1,923 ft89 ft167947543
16TF Split 2 - Go with the Flow Tree Frog2,119 ft58 ft166747443
17TF Split 3 - Oak Dash Tree Frog1,070 ft37 ft166647583
18The Start! Tree Frog1,842 ft40 ft161645455
19Upper Tree Frog Tree Frog2 miles260 ft154842086
20Thanks you East Bay Parks! Tree Frog2 miles281 ft1508408817
21Wood Rat (Fire Road to Edwards) Wood Rat Trail2,081 ft52 ft149144893
22Wall Pt- 1st Downhill Wall Point Fire Road3,376 ft240 ft1474127336
23South Tree Frog Climb Chorus Frog Trail1,546 ft247 ft143037866
24Wallpoint DH #2 Wall Point Fire Road2,192 ft238 ft1334106057
25wall point fron secret to the gate Wall Point Fire Road2 miles620 ft121968908
26Wall Point Climb Wall Point Fire Road2 miles677 ft1141684719
27Helipad Fireroad Summit Trail2,077 ft276 ft101993789
28South Gate Rd to Summit Rd Summit Trail2,919 ft344 ft93988340
29BBQ climb, Dusty to Secret BBQ Terrace Road5,135 ft448 ft93830974
30BBQ from secret BBQ Terrace Road4,195 ft606 ft88330195
31Last push up BBQ BBQ Terrace Road1,856 ft279 ft84630301
32now it gets hard Paradise Valley1,135 ft129 ft844145404
33ranger grade Summit Trail2,884 ft459 ft83349487
34Summit Trail Summit Trail3,150 ft491 ft81449603
35G's cut Middle Trail2,657 ft238 ft791111347
36rangers grade down Summit Trail2,316 ft359 ft74638042
37Mad Cow and Patties Soaring Eagle Trail1,112 ft31 ft73412680
38Summit trail fire road DH Summit Trail1 mile807 ft69235802
39Buckeye from Northgate drop-in Buckeye1 mile192 ft63331282
40Secret Trail Single. Wall Pt to BBQ Terrace Secret2,887 ft290 ft58133056
41Top of Hell to parking lot DH Stewartville Trail4,745 ft294 ft57884977
42Bench to Bench Junction (adjusted) Bench Trail Through Desert Downhill736 ft207 ft52645678
43Cardiac Lafayette Ridge518 ft99 ft49816821
44Briones Traverse ST junction through to Spengler Bench Trail Through Desert Downhill2,743 ft262 ft49427770
45Welcome to Hell Stewartville Trail1 mile278 ft481539710
46Wall Climb -TJ Stewartville Trail3,551 ft427 ft44637828
47Bench Killer Bench Trail Through Desert Downhill350 ft29 ft43924830
48Burma blast Burma Road2,349 ft483 ft4389813
49Desert Downhill Bench Trail Through Desert Downhill427 ft94 ft43225244
50Stewartville Trail Home Stewartville Trail1 mile114 ft42549775
51Bench To Spengler Bench Trail Through Desert Downhill3,855 ft573 ft40120808
52Diablo Ranch descent from Buckeye to BBQ Stage Road2,394 ft377 ft3837551
53Diablo Ranch DH (all) Diablo Ranch1 mile382 ft38115221
54Heart attack hill Crockett Ranch Trail3,160 ft404 ft3776025
55Highland Dr Climb Danville Fire4,063 ft484 ft34625011
56Summit Trail (Lower Summit Parking Lot to Devil's Elbow) Diablo Summit1,170 ft177 ft3206252
57Cardiac Hill Lafayette Ridge1,087 ft162 ft3109155
58Lafayette Ridge Heart Breaker Climb Lafayette Ridge642 ft163 ft2879357
59Ridge ContraLoma to corcoran Ridge Trail4,104 ft204 ft27725062
60MT Diablo MTB Single Track Steep Ascent Buckeye368 ft52 ft2705301
61Briones Crescent Trail Arrow Catching Crescent Ridge Trail1 mile523 ft2506130
62Oil Canyon Rd Climb Ridge Trail1 mile364 ft24918582
63Lafayette Ridge Climb, Acalanes Gate to first Gate Lafayette Ridge1 mile597 ft2346895
64Homestead climb to north portal Old Homestead Loop Trail1 mile375 ft22223803
65BBQ to Wall via Secret trail UP Secret3,180 ft290 ft1944971
66Lack of traction climb - Homestead Old Homestead Loop Trail1,537 ft200 ft18716683
67The fun part Whipsnake Trail4,515 ft344 ft1824770
68DH - Corcoran Corcoran Mine Trail3,562 ft585 ft18112338
69this sucks Acorn Trail1,577 ft188 ft18018121
70NW Woodrat Trail to Whipsnake Trail Woodrat Trail3,299 ft215 ft1774432
71Mogul Madness climb Sugar City Trail2 miles392 ft1713910
72Sugar City 2014 UH Sugar City Trail2 miles373 ft1713911
73Windmill Trail -- top run (gate-to-gate, east-west) Woodland Trail4,982 ft127 ft1643690
74Windmill Trail -- climb to gate (east-to-west) Woodland Trail2,944 ft239 ft1633770
75Six Bridges Woodland Trail2 miles329 ft1613610
76Miners Trail DH Acorn Trail2,108 ft202 ft1335712
77Layfayette Ridge ST Finish TJ's Pawnshop1,307 ft156 ft1326466
78Lower Birthday DH Brians Trail1,529 ft293 ft1204181
79Shortcut to HELL Contra Loma Trail5,073 ft445 ft1153420
80Windmill Grind Windmill Trail1,403 ft236 ft871240
81Six Bridges to Windmill Woodland Trail1 mile327 ft871810
82Whipsnake to Overlook Whipsnake Trail4,939 ft370 ft781681
83Contra Loma Trail to Ridge Trail Contra Loma Trail1 mile620 ft721900
84Unnamed Road Climb Windmill Trail4,818 ft436 ft60691
85The Real Dewies Full DH Brians Trail1 mile654 ft572296
86Windmill Descent Windmill Trail3,482 ft387 ft12160
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