Mountain Bike
5th Dimension
3,757 ft-196 ft3 ft
5th Line Bypass
2,587 ft-8 ft99 ft
5th Line Valley Run
3,150 ft-216 ft
Across to the Green Lagoon
2,146 ft-79 ft38 ft
Around the Top
4,613 ft-45 ft101 ft
Beaver Feaver
3,647 ft-109 ft108 ft
Bomb Hole
1,119 ft-26 ft32 ft
Bottom of DH Connector
562 ft-22 ft5 ft
1,591 ft-60 ft
Code Brown
1,670 ft-4 ft110 ft
299 ft9 ft
1,083 ft-21 ft10 ft
459 ft3 ft
Connector - Green Lagoon
1,719 ft-19 ft19 ft
Copeland - No Name
617 ft-16 ft
Copeland - No Name
400 ft-13 ft
Copeland - No Name
902 ft-10 ft9 ft
Copeland Downhill
2,411 ft-195 ft
Copeland Grind
4,318 ft193 ft
Copeland Intro
1,978 ft-9 ft35 ft
Corduroy Knob
1,768 ft-52 ft3 ft
1,922 ft-73 ft108 ft
Double Track - Sign Post 36 to 35
3,110 ft-89 ft152 ft
570 ft-61 ft
Duck Pond
4,449 ft12 ft
Duel Slalom
1,401 ft-74 ft
Fast Track
3,448 ft-11 ft78 ft
Five Points Connector
164 ft
Fox Run
1,873 ft-135 ft8 ft
Fox Run Ridge Connector
787 ft-3 ft65 ft
Fox Run Sidepiece
955 ft-102 ft
Ganaraska Trail
2,024 ft86 ft
Hucksterberry Finn
364 ft-9 ft
Land Shark
1,719 ft-28 ft14 ft
Low Rider
1 mile-40 ft17 ft
Maui Wowie
3,021 ft-206 ft195 ft
144 ft
Mile High
2,753 ft186 ft
Mile High Connection
1,432 ft-78 ft13 ft
Mind the Ditch
1,342 ft85 ft
Misty Bottom
3,009 ft-89 ft30 ft
Mr. Twister
2,582 ft-2 ft146 ft
Old School Cool
3,778 ft-33 ft22 ft
2,339 ft26 ft
Parallel Trail
1,093 ft-3 ft3 ft
4,140 ft-44 ft
651 ft-24 ft2 ft
Purple Star
3,018 ft-182 ft3 ft
Purple Urkle
2,303 ft-166 ft20 ft
Rail Trail
2 miles-119 ft126 ft
Redneck Express
1,913 ft-46 ft49 ft
2,219 ft-16 ft61 ft
Ricky Bobby
3,248 ft-221 ft52 ft
Ridge Run / Left Bank
1 mile-378 ft146 ft
Ridge Run Connector
359 ft-13 ft26 ft
Ridge Run to Sunset Connector
856 ft-10 ft33 ft
Rock Bottom
446 ft-23 ft
Rock Wall #1
2,621 ft-46 ft27 ft
Rock Wall #2
2,825 ft-25 ft12 ft
2,303 ft-177 ft24 ft
2,089 ft-172 ft9 ft
Root Shoot
1,089 ft-23 ft47 ft
Rusty Mud Bucket
1,670 ft-35 ft
1,617 ft-25 ft
3,940 ft-186 ft82 ft
Sign Post 5 to 10 Single Track
495 ft12 ft
Singletrack - Unnamed
2,398 ft-57 ft30 ft
Singletrack - Unnamed
2,375 ft-2 ft21 ft
Slippery When Wet
2,808 ft-163 ft31 ft
578 ft40 ft
Split Rock
1,470 ft-43 ft33 ft
1,299 ft-12 ft76 ft
2,129 ft-207 ft4 ft
1 mile54 ft
Swoopy Down
1,877 ft-103 ft10 ft
Terry's Root
692 ft-17 ft
The Bridal Path
2,602 ft-43 ft42 ft
The Loam Ranger
3,624 ft-78 ft78 ft
1,417 ft-6 ft19 ft
Tree Hole
854 ft-52 ft39 ft
Up & Over to the Green Lagoon
1,289 ft-44 ft86 ft
Upper Decker
417 ft13 ft
West Nile
521 ft-2 ft23 ft
Will it End?
2,008 ft-11 ft161 ft
Wobbly Wheel
319 ft-24 ft
Wobbly Wombat
1,660 ft-79 ft83 ft
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