segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Cleveland Rd Climb Coppermine Trail4,641 ft413 ft3838152496
2carpark entry Coppermine Trail1,967 ft115 ft2484209915
3Codgers to Pipeline Coppermine Trail1 mile313 ft23001536518
4Brook Street Climb Coppermine Trail1,196 ft378 ft173239092
5Brook Street Climb Coppermine Trail1,299 ft306 ft172630492
6Brook Street Climb Coppermine Trail1,789 ft344 ft165533731
7Brook St Climb Coppermine Trail1,191 ft263 ft150128261
8Four Corners to Third House Coppermine Trail3 miles922 ft142725963
9Dunn Mtn Start Gate to Four Corners Coppermine Trail3 miles806 ft131726324
10Coppermine Saddle descent to Maitai dam Coppermine Trail6 miles2,393 ft129321839
11Dun Coppermine Track Climb Coppermine Trail4,148 ft431 ft104817542
12Predator fence detour climb Brook Waimarama Deviation3 miles814 ft5176721
13Third House to Four Corners Coppermine Trail3 miles919 ft3575421
14Dun Coppermine Track Climb Coppermine Trail2,762 ft265 ft981150
15Dun Coppermine Track Climb Coppermine Trail2,760 ft323 ft42471
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