segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Lower Section Rush to sign Exit Stage Left (Rush)4,151 ft260 ft129681424493
2anns piece Anns (East)1 miles175 ft8419709625
3Boosting Corners Exit Stage Left (Rush)1,736 ft134 ft8296874106
4Lower Rush to NEW Canyon Hollow Intersection Exit Stage Left (Rush)3,363 ft235 ft82598676530
5Clarks up to Ann's TH Clarks Trail1 miles574 ft80014558915
6Rush, the End! Exit Stage Left (Rush)979 ft45 ft77007023012
7Lower Rush Exit Stage Left (Rush)2,994 ft190 ft76986738329
8Creek View trail DH via on-ramp Limelight (Rush)3,495 ft219 ft7499661760
9Last Dash to Equestrian Center Creek View (Down)1,288 ft56 ft71528523319
10New Upper Rush Exit Stage Left (Rush)3,635 ft250 ft69745241039
11Coyote TH to Clark's Bridge BST (Draper)811 ft66 ft69566508420
12New Upper Rush to Canyon Hollow Connector Exit Stage Left (Rush)1 miles494 ft69505162344
13Coyote Hollow Dash from C.C. Crossroads (UP) BST (Draper)1,391 ft102 ft6887592526
14Rush (Flow to CH Connector) Exit Stage Left (Rush)2 miles527 ft68144901019
15Big Ring Gusla Lower Corner Canyon1,738 ft104 ft68018318910
16DT climb to CreekView BST (Draper)971 ft73 ft6618584923
17Full Rush (via flow section) Exit Stage Left (Rush)2 miles719 ft615336664130
18Upper Hindenburg Vertigo3,246 ft213 ft58813124915
19Canyon Hollow Grunter Canyon Hollow1,599 ft155 ft57445436415
20Berms & Rollers Lower CC (Down)1,379 ft107 ft56714489318
211300 to Rambling Rd Sprint Highland Drive1,285 ft59 ft56175308418
22anns look out up to clarks Anns (East)1 miles132 ft5569465959
23Kolobs Revenge Canyon Hollow609 ft62 ft55384807911
24Half Ann Anns (East)1 miles187 ft5536466805
25Ann's Trail Anns (East)2 miles326 ft545545326104
26Potato Hill Proper Potato Hill1,690 ft114 ft51374495918
27Potato Hill Potato Hill2,636 ft159 ft5131454665
28Brock's Brocks Point2,042 ft106 ft50624637330
29Canyon Hollow Ghost to Road Canyon Hollow1 miles358 ft50492014212
30Canyon Hollow Canyon Hollow2 miles587 ft49153518565
31Creek View DH Creek View3,212 ft210 ft44993890719
32Silca Uphill Grunt Silica Pit781 ft49 ft43743239510
33Woods Hollow to Eagle Crest Eagle Crest (East)2,582 ft131 ft42842466711
34Start of Canyon Hollow to Lower Rush Trail Canyon Hollow3,781 ft253 ft42283100912
35Ghost (uphill) Ghost Falls3,901 ft299 ft4141218667
36Lower Levitate DH Levitate3,824 ft289 ft40251965218
37Full Levitate DH Levitate1 miles521 ft40101970964
38Jacobs Descent Jacobs Ladder1 miles657 ft4006223387
39Gasline Uphill Gas Line2,380 ft52 ft39953124817
40The REAL Jacob's Ladder Descent Jacobs Ladder1 miles672 ft3893222446
41Top of Canyon Hollow - Sprint up from Brocks to the Road Canyon Hollow1,003 ft68 ft3850232088
42Upper Levitate DH Levitate2,359 ft180 ft38471887218
43Ann's Trail (DH) Anns (East)2 miles290 ft36152309821
44Ann's Climb to Little Valley Fork Anns (West)1,175 ft73 ft3366197353
45Brock's Descent Brocks Point2,094 ft117 ft3361220099
46Potato Hill DH to BST Intersect Potato Hill2,296 ft145 ft3189196697
47Ghost to Rush Corner Canyon Road, Lower3,968 ft119 ft3121154508
48Up Ghost Ghost Falls3,451 ft274 ft31101641329
49Ann's Climb Anns (West)4,492 ft242 ft31061716212
50Upper Jacobs Ladder Jacobs Ladder2,542 ft343 ft3104219046
51Jacobs Ladder DH (Upper) Jacobs Ladder2,807 ft396 ft31012189828
52The Start Jacobs Ladder937 ft125 ft3088218497
53BST jump to Rattler BST (Draper)1,560 ft64 ft3047218296
54Final Summit Push Peak View1,819 ft194 ft3016217599
55Serpentine ShowDown Rattler3,190 ft197 ft2820185047
56Rattler DH (Official) Rattler3,784 ft239 ft2778176883
57Jacobs lower DH switchbacks Jacobs Ladder3,241 ft311 ft2618161345
58Draper Flow Green Flow Entry273 ft14 ft2567290122
59Jacobs Descent (Official) Jacobs Ladder1 miles689 ft25281552831
60Canyon Hollow Down Hill Canyon Hollow5,252 ft345 ft244098874
61Rattler to Ghost Falls Rattler1 miles295 ft23601585232
62Bluff Point Drive Climb (REAL start at turn-off) Maple Hollow1 miles361 ft22701381021
63From Ann's summit to tunnel Anns (West)1 miles321 ft21501108610
64Red Potato Climb Red Potato3,882 ft259 ft203396733
65Final Sprint Creek View (Equestrian Center)541 ft40 ft1939174527
66Upper Ann's (Traverse Ridge to Water Tanks) Anns (West)3 miles415 ft184967778
67Eaglecrest Climb Eagle Crest (West)926 ft99 ft184592565
68Bottom Half Zooropa Zooropa4,600 ft352 ft179229355
69Upper Ann's (Water Tanks to Traverse Ridge Road Tunnel) Anns (West)3 miles420 ft173283064
70BST East Bound Scramble BST (Draper)3,190 ft196 ft158355982
71Finish her off Maple Hollow DH2,380 ft208 ft154758793
72Oh Snap Maple Hollow DH1 miles679 ft1536581212
73Eastbound & Down 2016 Eagle Crest (East)1 miles243 ft152676930
74Eastbound and Down Eagle Crest (East)1 miles215 ft152477096
75Eaglecrest Descent to Suncrest Eagle Crest (East)1 miles261 ft152277061
76Water Tower to Ann's BST (Oak Hollow Upper)1,245 ft101 ft150691864
77Hardtail Haulin' Basin Road555 ft10 ft150393433
782018 Mid-Week Mini Enduro CC Stage 1 Rattler4,731 ft257 ft149847263
79Top Speed!! Maple Hollow DH898 ft154 ft146846746
80Draper DH Top Maple Hollow DH2,104 ft315 ft146146544
81Maple Hollow down to Annes Maple Hollow1 miles377 ft145975178
82Like a Boss CX Flow640 ft10 ft1428129190
83Pork and Beans Achtung Baby1 miles310 ft140538021
84Even Better Than The Real Thing Achtung Baby4,018 ft238 ft140538203
85Red Potato Hill Up Red Potato3,806 ft246 ft1386612320
86The Tally Tree Corner Canyon Road, Lower1,611 ft156 ft137755043
87Pain in the Ann's BST (Oak Hollow Upper)3,690 ft294 ft130469963
88Rattler Trail Downhill Rattler4,843 ft229 ft129038462
89Oak Hollow Ann's Connector DH BST (Oak Hollow Upper)3,570 ft298 ft123249532
90S Maple Hollow Access Up South Maple Hollow Acc1,377 ft115 ft119344241
91Eagle Crest East (Oak Vista) Eagle Crest (West)4,832 ft177 ft117346054
92Hot Red Potato (Down) Red Potato3,779 ft246 ft1115515610
93Orson Smith DH Orson Smith2,038 ft220 ft111033165
94OS DH complete from N fork Orson Smith2,362 ft271 ft109032362
95Eagle Crest Trail to Traverse Road Eagle Crest (East)4,224 ft189 ft104345573
96Jacob's Ladder Lower Climb Jacobs Ladder2,794 ft298 ft92321852
97Eagle Crest West Eagle Crest (West)4,234 ft167 ft89530093
98Ann's/Clark's to BST BST (Draper)4,652 ft217 ft84521184
99Clarks Trail DH Clarks Trail1 miles583 ft81522592
100VERTIGO 90% Vertigo1 miles455 ft766175518
101Lower VERTIGO Vertigo3,509 ft242 ft76117223
102Sketchbag Deluxe Descent BST Access (Bear Canyon)1,248 ft211 ft57623276
103Jacob's Ladder Climb Jacobs Ladder1 miles621 ft4868461
104Battleship Low Road DH Aqueduct Trail278 ft67 ft31616240
105Random Climb off Fire Road Sivogah (Draper Ridge)1,313 ft220 ft2747151
106Red Gate Hill BST (Big Willow Creek)718 ft112 ft2694191
107fastpoop Sivogah (Draper Ridge)4,480 ft637 ft1343332
108Stoneleigh Dr Climb Exit Stage Left (Rush)1,338 ft269 ft32570
109Lucille Austero Vertigo2 miles519 ft10100
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