1,154 ft-54 ft
Alpine Perimeter
1.8 miles-64 ft
Anns (East)
2.2 miles-452 ft
Anns (West)
3.2 miles-592 ft
Anns Pointe
274 ft-5 ft
Aqueduct Trail
2.5 miles-322 ft
Ball Park Access
735 ft-27 ft
Ball Park Access
178 ft
600 ft-42 ft
Brocks Point
2,102 ft-134 ft
BST (Bear Canyon)
1.4 miles-227 ft
BST (Big Willow Creek)
712 ft-113 ft
BST (Draper)
4.2 miles-694 ft
BST (Hidden Valley)
3,369 ft-38 ft
BST (Oak Hollow Upper)
3,498 ft-321 ft
BST (Oak Hollow)
2.1 miles-667 ft
BST (Steep Mtn)
1.6 miles-89 ft
BST (Traverse Ridge)
434 ft-1 ft
BST Acc 1 (Steep Mtn)
146 ft
BST Acc 2 (Steep Mtn)
140 ft
BST Access (Bear Canyon)
1,320 ft-3 ft
BST Access (East Bench)
198 ft-4 ft
BST Access (Highland)
598 ft-57 ft
Canyon Hollow
1.9 miles-115 ft
Canyon Hollow (Silica Pit)
2,308 ft-81 ft
Canyon Hollow Alt
282 ft
Carolina Hills
72 ft
CC Connect
46 ft
Clarks Trail
1.3 miles-32 ft
Corner Creek
3,147 ft-24 ft
Coyote Hollow
151 ft-13 ft
Creek View
4,897 ft-357 ft
Creek View (Down)
1,687 ft-104 ft
Creek View (Equestrian Center)
1,165 ft-87 ft
Creek View Acc
273 ft
Creek View Alt
1,038 ft-20 ft
Creek View Connect
122 ft-15 ft
CX Flow
1,721 ft-44 ft
Cycle Park Connect
333 ft-17 ft
Cycle Skills Park
485 ft-27 ft
Cycle Skills Park Acc
82 ft
863 ft-48 ft
Eagle Crest (East)
1.4 miles-43 ft
Eagle Crest (West)
4,859 ft-181 ft
Equestrian Access
80 ft
Equestrian Back Acc
441 ft
Equestrian Riding
4,588 ft-70 ft
Flow Entry
149 ft
Flow Track (Beginner)
294 ft-17 ft
Flow Track (Expert)
576 ft-29 ft
Flow Track (Intermediate)
254 ft-15 ft
Fly by Night
337 ft-19 ft
Gas Line
2,632 ft-34 ft
Ghost Falls
4,183 ft-409 ft
Ghost Falls Connect
132 ft-12 ft
Ghost Falls North
3,768 ft-342 ft
Ghost Falls South
597 ft-22 ft
Ghost Falls TH
123 ft-8 ft
Hidden Valley
3,093 ft-65 ft
Highland Drive
4,200 ft-8 ft
Highland Drive Trail
5,041 ft-119 ft
800 ft-59 ft
Jacobs Ladder
1.2 miles-771 ft
Little Valley
3,691 ft-93 ft
Lower CC (Down)
1,442 ft-131 ft
Lower CC (Up)
1,832 ft-1 ft
Lower Corner Canyon
1,192 ft
Maple Hollow
1.1 miles-17 ft
Maple Hollow
96 ft-3 ft
Maple Hollow DH
1.5 miles-724 ft
Maple Hollow DH
2,364 ft-360 ft
Neighborhood Access
405 ft-39 ft
Oak Hollow
394 ft-71 ft
Oak Vista
3,785 ft-345 ft
Oak Vista Link
555 ft-76 ft
Orson Smith
1,326 ft
Orson Smith
2,367 ft-14 ft
Peak View
820 ft-75 ft
Potato Hill
3,125 ft-22 ft
1,776 ft-31 ft
1.2 miles-64 ft
975 ft-65 ft
Red Potato
3,849 ft-272 ft
Red Rock
2,194 ft-83 ft
Rush Climb
682 ft-6 ft
Rush Connector
72 ft
Rush Flow
2.4 miles-1,020 ft
2,399 ft-252 ft
Sadler (Upper)
878 ft-4 ft
Silica Pit
1,597 ft-111 ft
South Maple Hollow Acc
1,477 ft-111 ft
Spring Hollow
1.1 miles-461 ft
Steep Mountain
1,040 ft-21 ft
The Trees
1.1 miles-261 ft
To Road
497 ft-25 ft
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