segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Flo Rida Switchblade411 ft14 ft53454428811
2Clear the pumps and tables The Cribbar605 ft29 ft53447286111
3Speed Trap Angel Bridge589 ft28 ft53404423110
4Cribbar switchbacks The Cribbar1,782 ft57 ft53374468214
5First Proppa Down Breakneck508 ft17 ft53114341610
6Speed speed brake The Cribbar1,127 ft122 ft5311436454
7The Cribbar The Cribbar2,926 ft163 ft53094373229
8Serpent Ascent (full climb) Switchblade1,763 ft66 ft53064391821
9Birdhouse: Flow The Cribbar631 ft71 ft5289431777
10Muppet climb Breakneck710 ft34 ft5283429189
11Serpant zigs Switchblade879 ft38 ft5252613502
12The hips don't lie Breakneck992 ft54 ft52294268413
13fraggle rock's Breakneck212 ft3 ft5156422455
14Steve's Bridge Angel Bridge177 ft8 ft5127413564
15Dialled-in Dave 2 Switchblade2,014 ft58 ft50553922118
16Ryan is slow Breakneck1,353 ft33 ft4969365583
17Lidcutt wood Short climb Switchblade1,176 ft44 ft4951372655
181st Section Breakneck812 ft25 ft47633533312
19Final Descent Proper Target1,416 ft115 ft46743110715
20ROCK 'N ROLL Range2,378 ft141 ft4090299566
21Toothless Hell Hells Teeth1,737 ft81 ft3484128653
22Stairway to Hell Hells Teeth953 ft197 ft32711059018
23Bazely Sprint Bazley's Trail3,605 ft52 ft2761996216
24Timber Trail top section between posts 13 & 14 Timber Trail1,017 ft28 ft27381432619
25Timber Trail - Step downs (FlickYourEndOut) Timber Trail3,380 ft192 ft26401270117
26Hart Attack Hart Trail2,802 ft162 ft25941326825
27NT - Hart Descent Lower Section Hart Trail1,379 ft121 ft25891328713
28Hart First Blast Hart Trail1,005 ft55 ft25671311815
29Sawpits - descent only The Saw Pit610 ft70 ft2495108339
30NT The Saw Pit - red grade The Saw Pit1,328 ft69 ft24841070913
31NT Bazley's Trail - blue grade Bazley's Trail1 mile70 ft2169709718
32NT Walter's Trail - Descent Walter's Trail1,131 ft74 ft2168730712
33WT loop Walter's Trail2,736 ft70 ft215672182
34NT Walter's Trail - blue grade Walter's Trail2,748 ft90 ft2152720516
35Water blast Road section and the ignored short cut3,978 ft24 ft19781651013
36to carharrack Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe1,486 ft41 ft136350028
37To poldice Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe1,441 ft39 ft110044764
38Wheal Buller Lane westwards Tresavean Tramway2,972 ft35 ft103465304
39First Half Ridge Racer - Poldice Ridge Racer710 ft36 ft96691894
40Carnon River off road section by Bissoe Bike Chain Bissoe low line2,407 ft49 ft95426522
41Ginger step child Ridge Racer1,408 ft92 ft84657480
42Downhill 1 to wall jump Grogley DH Middle Line409 ft43 ft845109366
43Top section go left at jump Grogley DH Middle Line703 ft73 ft81070763
44Carharrack boys do it in these woods Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe2,064 ft61 ft76935623
45Unity Woods - round the berms? Berms to table top442 ft55 ft74366366
46VOMIT THE SOUL Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe324 ft30 ft70632373
47Top of Rat run with Flash Grogley DH Middle Line1,522 ft152 ft69451022
48After going left at jump - cross to 2nd Section Grogley DH Middle Line666 ft97 ft68244321
49Got wood ! Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe2,115 ft64 ft64329594
50The Canyon of Death Quarry Tipper668 ft136 ft64343723
51Top of Rabbit Hole The Rabbit Hole703 ft75 ft61543613
52Grogley DH Middle line full run Grogley DH Middle Line2,398 ft367 ft579410713
53Lower Rabbit Hole The Rabbit Hole693 ft137 ft56133323
54quarry tipper ( set in from top fire track ) Quarry Tipper2,656 ft356 ft546363311
55Unity dh 2 Berms to table top687 ft57 ft54528612
56rabbit hole The Rabbit Hole1,867 ft135 ft53835507
57bottom section rat run Grogley DH link594 ft135 ft52526142
58outer wood blast Mining trails to Poldice and Bissoe4,667 ft71 ft49220453
59Unity Test DH Unity Main DH Line802 ft70 ft46320111
60Start of new Enduro line with Jump The Yellow Brick Road1,190 ft72 ft42922594
61Unity main DH Unity Main DH Line1,088 ft86 ft41713613
62Lower Ridge Racer Ridge Racer1,776 ft160 ft41025443
63River run River Run1,341 ft83 ft33312122
64That was steep... Hells Teeth1,188 ft213 ft3324171
65Loe Bar climb Climb out of Loe3,182 ft168 ft32011492
66downhill to tregoose DH to Tregoose1,542 ft177 ft31013373
67Down to Loe Bar Berepper Ripper1,136 ft93 ft31015078
68Bishops Finger Bishops Finger479 ft124 ft3087030
69Ripper Berepper Ripper1,834 ft111 ft30514792
706 - Blue Jump (1st half) Blue Jump1,037 ft59 ft30335432
71St Agnes Beacon Descent - Bz Beacon south line822 ft112 ft30116854
726 - Blue jump (full line) Blue Jump3,100 ft271 ft30134663
73root canal Root Canal2,104 ft28 ft29110791
74Loe Bar Cliff Climb Berepper Ripper2,265 ft132 ft2789311
75Bishop fingered me Bishops Finger554 ft48 ft2749782
762 - Dirt Wave (red) Dirt Wave2,901 ft267 ft26117202
77Church Cove to Poldhu Climb Church Cove1,167 ft111 ft2586791
78Down to Penrose Sneaking through the woods1,544 ft123 ft24711335
791 - Es Ol (blue) Es Ol3,336 ft280 ft2466493
80through the woods Sneaking through the woods821 ft88 ft23110292
81wallah wallah Berepper Ripper661 ft33 ft2246732
82Dusty Rutty Climb out of Loe2,753 ft164 ft2175171
83Church Cove Descent Church Cove856 ft29 ft2137566
844 - Valley of the Bones (black) Twisted Sister1,580 ft202 ft2027541
85Carn Brea Castle (Corrected without climb) Get your rocks off1,074 ft159 ft2009046
86loopy Walter's Trail1 mile75 ft1992782
87Down the hatch FreeRider342 ft74 ft1984613
88Carn brea castle downhill Get your rocks off1,171 ft167 ft1988850
89Southside Southside473 ft43 ft1905522
90FreeRider FreeRider1,267 ft33 ft1896235
91Tough at the top Beacon south line702 ft101 ft1815760
92Church Cove coastal dh mk2 Cliff to Cove1,962 ft141 ft1706632
93Church Cove Coastal Descent (to the gate) Cliff to Cove1,154 ft95 ft1696631
94Cliff Top Cliff to Cove2,233 ft15 ft1676172
95fuck off Face Off1,033 ft199 ft1594432
96Face Off Face Off1,189 ft211 ft1564405
97Poldice to Goongumpas Poldice2,882 ft111 ft1563532
98Flowing down and around Pascoe's shaft Flowing down and around Pascoe's shaft1,972 ft63 ft1515995
99Feeder Tunnel Vision949 ft110 ft1433983
100Soggy when wet Soggy when wet1 mile57 ft1416830
101Out of Penrose Sneaking through the woods1,324 ft119 ft1382691
102Flat out to the car park Soggy when wet1 mile48 ft1363122
103Oak Wood 1 The three bears.905 ft29 ft1327055
104RockOn The Badgers819 ft72 ft1277065
105Badger Run The Badgers938 ft93 ft1216573
106heath ledger - 12 inch version Heath Ledger1,897 ft195 ft1143961
107Stay low or eat branch without tarmac sprint - RWY Stay low or eat branch2,002 ft149 ft1134624
108Grange Climb - Bz Baby head alley2,075 ft130 ft1102565
109Heath Ledger Descent (ammended) Heath Ledger1,166 ft136 ft1094005
110Chase the Fox Grow A Pair462 ft98 ft1031861
111Pendarves Ruined Lane - Bz Pendarves riverbed3,648 ft71 ft1003392
112stay low or eat a branch Stay low or eat branch2,156 ft233 ft973170
113Treskillard Hill Ger off my landd1,053 ft59 ft973323
114Treslothan wood run Tresolthan wood run1,151 ft18 ft975423
115Pendarves climb Pendarves riverbed2,903 ft69 ft973064
116Sh*t a Bick DD Downhill746 ft81 ft903883
117Forest > Bolenowe Drop - Bz Boggy as...2,157 ft169 ft893633
118Bolenowe Drop Short Boggy as...1,041 ft133 ft863191
119Oak Wood To River Bridge The three bears.1,607 ft92 ft803464
120The Flyer The Flyer923 ft16 ft781640
121Life's a Beech Life's a Beech1,524 ft110 ft681320
122Bar farm climb To the Beach871 ft67 ft641250
123Down Chapel Lane, Bolenowe - Bz Chapel lane1,328 ft55 ft621851
124The Highline The Highline2,202 ft37 ft591140
125Bolenowe to Troon Climb Chapel lane985 ft52 ft562763
126steeple downhill Steeple Runner874 ft110 ft553281
127Godolphin Hill Southern Exit - Bz Godolphin Climb1,823 ft67 ft541153
128Stairway to Heaven Life's a Beech1,403 ft114 ft50960
1293 - Twisted Sister (black) Twisted Sister1,892 ft215 ft451561
130Kemyel to Lamorna Cove Descent Lamorna DH2,490 ft221 ft351031
131Kemyel to Lamorna Cove Descent Lamorna DH2,490 ft221 ft351030
132Lamorna DH (without stream ;) Lamorna DH2,061 ft197 ft351051
133You Can Go Your Own Way You Can Go Your Own Way926 ft76 ft34650
134Slip Slidin' Away Slip Slidin' Away392 ft24 ft30450
135Bolenowe Climb Boggy as...1,155 ft75 ft29470
136Waaahhhoooooooo! Wahoo781 ft52 ft27441
137Matt's Drop Poldice132 ft31 ft27330
138Deadwood Deadwood1,180 ft25 ft16170
139Lidcutt Wood Full Climb Switchblade1,768 ft149 ft000
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