segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Becketts Beckets1,678 ft31 ft58646257
2Sesame St top entrance Dirty Dancing1,849 ft88 ft520352214
3twister Ballycarton Fireroad1,582 ft131 ft50518642
4Churchtown climb Forest Road1,604 ft87 ft339304114
5River Run Forest Road919 ft23 ft25911695
6River Run Forest Road919 ft23 ft25711703
7Nature Reserve Climb Ballycarton Fireroad1,128 ft112 ft255134011
8Bluebell Meadow Trail470 ft30 ft25523049
9Warm up Ballycarton Fireroad1,177 ft75 ft250106710
10World of Hurt World of hurt1,250 ft55 ft217153810
11Sesame Crossroads Forest Road2,205 ft115 ft1999297
12hit the diff Hit the diff1,152 ft47 ft19613958
13The Bluebell Run Hit the diff1,237 ft50 ft19013466
14Black and Blue Black and Blue1,134 ft55 ft17613144
15Black and Blue Full Run Black and Blue2,242 ft36 ft16610962
16Roots Pyramid988 ft17 ft1475555
17The Drop Quarry run948 ft48 ft1308797
18Crossy Road Ballycarton Fireroad1,177 ft118 ft1284086
19Seacoast Rd Climb Binevenagh Lake fireroad1 mile434 ft912224
20Leighery to Lake Binevenagh Lake fireroad1 mile411 ft891831
21Floaty trail to junction Floaty Trail949 ft122 ft531411
22New Cliff Trail New Cliff Track1,600 ft220 ft422025
23Gilkies Tree Night and Day!861 ft108 ft31781
24Night and Day! Night and Day!894 ft111 ft29791
25Dark into the Light Through the trees1,575 ft162 ft291351
26Axe Breaker Axe Breaker1,828 ft225 ft24550
27down the funnel Down the Funnel1,214 ft64 ft17293
28first half of new enduro trail Badonkadonk1,489 ft140 ft16585
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