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      Originally a hiking trail, Crescent Mountain offers a lot to bikers. Unsure of the total distance, as I clocked almost exactly 4.80 miles to the top of the ridge where the trail then forked, but was covered by enough downed trees to make it impossible to carry on forward. The ridge itself offers some of the greatest views that I had the pleasure to witness in my week in Oregon. Probably the highest elevation I was at as well at just above 5400'.

      Once you start from the trail head, you'll be welcomed by a very fast-paced, but gradual descent. That will last for about a mile or so before you start crossing old bridges with missing planks and start your ascent. By your second mile, you'll be on some steep switchbacks. Even if you're the meanest climber, you'll eventually reach a point where you'll either be pushing or carrying your bike. After about your third mile in you'll eventually get to where the trees clear and you can get back in the saddle. You will re-enter trees for about the last 0.20 miles or so of your ascent.

      I only have one complaint about this trail, but it's a mighty hefty complaint. It's a brilliant trail with classic PNW singletrack and views, but it comes acroos like it's been abandoned. I don't mind carrying my bike for miles to get some good pictures and an even greater ride down, but I lost count of how many trees I had to get creative with while crossing, ducking under, etc. The top of the ridge is amazing to ride, breathtaking even, but ferns overhanging the trail too the point that you can't see more than a foot or two of trail ahead of you in some places.

      One day, maybe two, of a small group of people doing trail maintenance would make this trail top notch. Some of the most exciting descent I have experienced outside of a bike park. Even more exciting was the mama black bear and her three cubs I ran into on the way back! Always expect the unexpected.
      Primary Trail Type: All-Mountain & Downhill
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