segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1401 - Photo Op to Rustler's Lot Trail 4012 miles908 ft455563295
2Upper 401 descent Trail 4014 miles1,522 ft4532629216
3Marcellina Lane Climb Crested Butte Paved Path1,162 ft279 ft446097997
4Snodgrass DH to Washington Gulch Snodgrass3 miles504 ft361370091
5401 - Avery picnic area to Judd Falls parking Trail 4011 miles329 ft335441981
6Race Starts Lower Loop1,222 ft27 ft323072530
7Rec Path Crested Butte Paved Path2 miles427 ft307570816
8Rec Path - Moon Ridge Lane to Gothic Crested Butte Paved Path1 miles209 ft296777672
9E-W Snodgrass Climb to Open Sign Snodgrass1 miles394 ft291351495
10Lupine DH (original) Lupine4,254 ft288 ft2875771910
11Upper - Happy Hour to Tony's Upper Loop4,467 ft223 ft284778781
12Lupine Lupine2 miles278 ft281375588
13Bethel Rd Climb Lupine3,406 ft182 ft278274081
14The Tourist Trap Teocalli (557)2 miles815 ft268836801
15Upper Loop DH to Tony's Upper Loop1 miles323 ft243357544
16Lower Doctors Dr. Park2 miles919 ft238236904
17Doctor Start Dr. Park1 miles594 ft237936490
18Middle Doctor Dr. Park1 miles456 ft235836303
19High Plains Drifter Lupine3,815 ft275 ft235759992
20Upper Doctor Dr. Park2 miles1,159 ft235736146
21Lupine 2.0 Lupine1 miles308 ft235259795
22Jedi Mind Tricks Dr. Park2 miles850 ft234835996
23Lupine 2.0 DH from cattle guard Lupine1 miles303 ft234259354
24Doctor Park DH Dr. Park5 miles2,469 ft2309350916
25County Road 740 Climb FSR 759.13,897 ft290 ft230733132
26Country Rd 740 descent Deadmans Gulch2 miles1,083 ft229632194
27The grunt Bear Creek (Boston Peak)662 ft110 ft228732610
28Snodgrass Downhill Big Finish Snodgrass2,161 ft164 ft226143432
29No Rest for the Wicked Deadmans Gulch1 miles936 ft223431121
30Shoulder Hopper DH Snodgrass2 miles493 ft222742436
31Bush Creek Rd Climb to the fork Brush Creek Road4,838 ft214 ft220939350
32Jct after Spring Creek to Dr Park Doctor Gulch (7554)2 miles848 ft216732052
33Doctor Gulch to Upper TH Doctor Gulch (7554)3 miles1,081 ft211030990
34It's worked so far, but we're not out yet. (sign to sign) Deadmans Gulch881 ft112 ft210029192
35Doctors Park Spring Creek to Singletrack Climb Doctor Gulch (7554)3 miles1,194 ft209130761
36Doctor's Park: Spring Creek to start of Singletrack Doctor Gulch (7554)3 miles1,187 ft208530724
37Skyland Pass to Upper Upper Cattleguard Brush Creek Road4,530 ft130 ft204948131
38Woods walk strait back town Lower Loop/Ruby Bend4,175 ft40 ft204755030
39County Road 734 Climb Lower Loop2,449 ft413 ft184542304
40Canal Tr. Down Canal2,659 ft77 ft184441541
41Canal DH Complete Canal4,953 ft196 ft183641192
42Rip Van Winklin' Strand Hill4,897 ft336 ft176335852
43Strand Hill descent Strand Hill2 miles500 ft176235876
44Strand DH Full Strand Hill2 miles614 ft175735783
45Shortcut singletrack Slate River1,296 ft56 ft172446310
46Thousand Yard Stairs Strand Hill1,054 ft202 ft170133412
47Down Time to Avery Jumps Up and Away2,099 ft166 ft159766130
48Strand Rd. To Ferris turn-off Strand Hill3,631 ft332 ft149931290
49Bear Creek Downhill Bear Creek (Gunnison NF)3 miles1,140 ft145520293
50Bear Creek Final Descent Bear Creek (Gunnison NF)2 miles911 ft145420293
51Middle Bear (Reno/Flag/Bear) Bear Creek (Gunnison NF)2 miles982 ft145420223
52Flag Creek Climb Bear Creek (Boston Peak)2 miles766 ft145420060
53Flag Descent Flag Creek3 miles950 ft144319952
54Flag Creek DH Flag Creek3 miles869 ft144219901
55Flag first 1.5 mile down Flag Creek2 miles517 ft143119841
56Flag Creek Descent Flag Creek3 miles933 ft137018621
57Tony's Descent Tony's3,555 ft204 ft132440234
58Personal Jesus Upper Loop2,834 ft388 ft127220103
59Unnamed Rd Climb Deer Creek1 miles402 ft127219580
60Deli Tr: From Riverbend to School Deli1 miles39 ft123625890
61Teo Singletrack to Ridge Teocali Mountain (554)1 miles676 ft123216421
62Upper Teo Ridge Climb to Lunch Spot Teocalli (557)4,583 ft196 ft121616241
63This Crazy! Teocalli (557)1 miles784 ft119915860
64You know that one fun short-fun part Canal2,366 ft130 ft118719240
65Teocalli Upper Woods Descent Teocalli (557)2 miles802 ft118615661
66Primer Horseshoe (Primer)3,598 ft215 ft118327712
67Teocalli Descent (from overlook to road) Teocalli (557)4 miles1,681 ft118015584
68New Teo Downhill Teocalli (557)4 miles1,814 ft117015471
69Strand Hill Road Climb Strand Hill2 miles805 ft116721527
70Climb to Strand Strand Hill1 miles781 ft116722390
71WHAT?! Teocalli (557)4,906 ft410 ft114915161
72County Road Climb Lower Loop/Ruby Bend1,511 ft306 ft110924121
73Tony's Climb Tony's3,550 ft204 ft110334373
74Woods walk strait away from town Lower Loop/Ruby Bend4,206 ft41 ft110223770
75Whetstone Vista Actual Whetstone Vista4,263 ft310 ft107223370
76Pay Dirt Deer Creek3,448 ft424 ft101315000
77frequency 2014 Frequency3,988 ft376 ft93119752
78Gunslinger Lando Calrissian2 miles611 ft92316051
79Lando Calrissian Lando Calrissian2 miles607 ft92116036
80Strand Bonus up Strand Bonus1 miles289 ft92116260
81NoFlow by CBMBA Lando Calrissian3,573 ft91 ft90615730
82Luge 2012 Luge1 miles509 ft88616282
83403 Descent Trail 4033 miles1,743 ft86411283
84Up & Away Up and Away3,593 ft264 ft86022672
85Trail 403 Trail 4034 miles1,767 ft80710467
86Dear Creek - the Wall Deer Creek2,855 ft512 ft77511200
87Green Lake Switchbacks Green Lake2,410 ft234 ft74313154
88Lower Green Lake Green Lake1 miles534 ft74113154
89Gunsight Bridge climb Lando Calrissian111 ft19 ft72012090
90Deli Tr- School to Riverbend Deli1 miles39 ft69919270
91Budd Trail N to S Bud1 miles203 ft69013462
92Avery Top Avery3,426 ft470 ft68416631
93Upper Lower Upper Lower Loop1 miles105 ft68312081
94Green Lake DH from Para Me y Para Te Green Lake3 miles1,438 ft68111385
95Hot Dogger Hot Dogger1 miles486 ft67814051
96Happy Hr Down Actual Happy Hour4,386 ft356 ft65115453
97Snodgrass out and back from Washington Gulch Snodgrass2 miles577 ft6168770
98Dr's bonus Doctor Park Bonus2 miles241 ft6137671
99A piece of Devine singletrack Private Access1,813 ft114 ft57716060
100KB South Kb Connector3,066 ft73 ft5688260
101583 climb Crystal Peak (583)1 miles920 ft5688082
102Meander Downhill Meander2 miles392 ft56213400
103583 reroute Crystal Peak (583)2 miles923 ft5447740
104Wildcat Trail Climb Green Lake4,010 ft318 ft5279170
105Meander Up Meander2 miles396 ft4979961
106Devine Trail Down Private Access1,773 ft93 ft47312653
107Upper Upper backwards to top of climb Upper Loop3,110 ft434 ft4726930
108Unnamed Rd Climb Lupine4,254 ft284 ft4679502
109Lower Lupine Lupine1 miles314 ft4629451
110Green Lake DH to Wildcat Road Green Lake2 miles1,006 ft4476810
111Upper (New) to fenceline Upper Upper Loop4,461 ft173 ft43611612
112Snodgrass: Short Steep (Gate Ahead) Climb Snodgrass582 ft65 ft4346290
113Strand road descent to Brush Creek Strand Hill3,335 ft300 ft4185610
114County Road 12 Climb Green Lake2 miles959 ft4186200
115Up the Aspen Tunnel Mount Crested Butte Road2,351 ft212 ft40810510
116Paradise Rd Climb Snodgrass3,595 ft287 ft4085890
117Budd Trail Bud1 miles202 ft4036832
118738 Downhill Upper Loop3,370 ft383 ft3935070
119County Rd Climb Bud3,797 ft267 ft3876300
120Lower Meander (East-West) Meander1 miles339 ft3786660
121Wash Gulch field climb Snodgrass2,374 ft222 ft3775350
122409.5 bottom half Farris Creek Bypass (409.5)5,225 ft777 ft3765111
123Teaser DH Teaser2,505 ft237 ft3729584
124Upper 409.5 dh Farris Creek Bypass (409.5)1 miles797 ft3715090
125Psycho Rocks Psycho Rocks2,945 ft431 ft3714874
126409.5 dh Farris Creek Bypass (409.5)2 miles1,488 ft3675011
127Cement creek up to B&T Cement Creek (612)3 miles379 ft3174760
128Lupine W to E Lupine4 miles402 ft3166532
129Whetstone Vista climb Whetstone Vista4,475 ft295 ft3157032
130Crystal Peak Tr after Re-route (UP) Crystal Peak (583)2 miles923 ft3073892
131Jack of Hearts Captain Jack1,705 ft426 ft3046511
132Point Lookout up Point Lookout2 miles837 ft3024682
133Green Lake Trail Out and Back Green Lake8 miles1,692 ft3024481
134lower gb extension Gb Loop1,753 ft22 ft2926300
135Prospector via Deer Park Prospector5,166 ft357 ft2925470
136405.2A DH to Hidden Junction with Waterfall Cutoff Double Top Walrod Spur (405.2)4,797 ft429 ft2834591
137Captain Jack Captain Jack1 miles753 ft2815895
138KB Norte Kb Connector2,928 ft68 ft2704421
139Deer Creek East 2 West RE-ROUTE 2018 Deer Creek9 miles1,154 ft2673001
140Strand Bonus to Canal Strand Bonus1 miles280 ft2513590
141Strand Hill Road descent from Strand Bonus Strand Hill4,402 ft458 ft2272810
142Painterboy to Teaser Painter Boy5,186 ft251 ft2264400
143County Road 740 Climb Walrod Cutoff (418)2,140 ft291 ft2234960
144County Road 740 Climb Deadmans Gulch4,711 ft589 ft2192710
145Walrod Cutoff Climb Walrod Cutoff (418)1 miles409 ft2174870
146County Road 740 Climb Deadmans Gulch1 miles612 ft2162670
147Deadman's Switchback climb Deadmans Gulch2 miles1,191 ft2142623
148Cement Creek DH partial Cement Creek (612)2 miles337 ft2123460
149Westside Westside2 miles488 ft2024690
150b&t cement crk trail Cement Creek (612)3 miles379 ft2023310
151County Road 740 Climb Block And Tackle West (545)1 miles839 ft2012490
152County Road Climb Block And Tackle West (545)1,859 ft334 ft2012500
153Block Tackle - 405 Climb Block And Tackle West (545)2 miles843 ft1992480
154County Road 740 Climb Double Top Walrod Spur (405.2)1,906 ft292 ft1972790
155Cement Creek Trail to Hunter Creek Cement Creek (612)3 miles427 ft1962860
156Reverse Happy Hour Happy Hour3,870 ft343 ft1853730
157Wood's trail 2013 Woods3,578 ft495 ft1843103
158County Road 739 A Climb CR 739A4,382 ft385 ft1752091
159Unnamed Rd Climb Deer Creek3,351 ft418 ft1601900
160County Road 740 Climb Waterfall Cutoff (638)2,352 ft268 ft1551710
161Clarke Way Climb Warm Springs (406)3,361 ft397 ft1501850
162Brush with Death Farris Creek (409)4,246 ft372 ft1492390
163GB CW Gb Loop3,602 ft259 ft1473330
164Point Lookout Trail descent Point Lookout2 miles862 ft1462624
165409 Top to Bottom North Farris Creek (409)3 miles587 ft1412242
166FatBike Downhill Crusader2,141 ft476 ft1372340
167County Road 740 Climb Cement Creek (740)1 miles265 ft1311720
168Cement Creek Trail downhill from Hunter Hill Cement Creek (612)3 miles424 ft1171870
169Crusader Crusader4,285 ft455 ft1131791
170402's Best 4022 miles630 ft1111830
171The Sweet Spot 4024,242 ft535 ft1091811
172Warm Springs Down Warm Springs (406)3,469 ft428 ft1083511
173Trail 402 downhill 4022 miles619 ft1041780
174Gunsight Connector Singletrack Uphill Lando Calrissian2 miles629 ft911201
175DOWN Crystal Peak Tr after Reroute Crystal Peak (583)1 miles914 ft901021
176Roaring Judy Rd Climb Eccher3,023 ft301 ft761051
177Eccher Descent to CDOT Turnoff Eccher2 miles1,278 ft70950
178County Road 740 Climb Waterfall Creek (555)2,945 ft344 ft69720
179Roaring Judy Rd Climb Eccher4,055 ft640 ft68951
180Eccher Descent Eccher2 miles1,405 ft67911
181Eccher Down Eccher2 miles1,385 ft67880
182Pearl Pass Rd Climb Pearl Pass Road (738)4,230 ft436 ft58630
183Green Lake Wall Green Lake3,773 ft259 ft49510
184403 climb. The Wrong Way Trail 4034,272 ft849 ft32320
185County Road 740 Climb Farris Creek Bypass (409.5)2 miles1,671 ft29370
186Washington Gulch Rd Climb Trail 4032,659 ft366 ft27270
187627 Climb 4021 miles594 ft14140
188County Road 744 A Climb Flag Creek2 miles601 ft11130
189County Road 740 Climb Flag Creek3,672 ft347 ft11130
190405 - Block Tackle Block And Tackle West (545)1 miles843 ft10100
191Teocalli Mountain Trail (554) Teocali Mountain (554)1 miles702 ft000
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