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402Crested Butte
2.5 miles-718 ft
405.3aCrested Butte
4,121 ft
AccessCrested Butte
1,337 ft-76 ft
AveryCrested Butte
4,603 ft-618 ft
Avery (Lower)Crested Butte
2,739 ft-307 ft
Bear Creek (Boston Peak)Crested Butte
2.5 miles-61 ft
Bear Creek (Gunnison NF)Spring Creek
3.2 miles-1,215 ft
Beckwith Pass (842)Evolution Bike Park
2.4 miles-337 ft
Block And Tackle East (545)Crested Butte
1.7 miles-58 ft
Block And Tackle West (545)Crested Butte
1.5 miles-63 ft
Boyscout-GB LoopCrested Butte
1,830 ft-57 ft
Brush Creek (400)Crested Butte
5.0 miles-129 ft
Brush Creek (North)Crested Butte
1.7 miles-423 ft
BudCrested Butte
1.3 miles-202 ft
CanalCrested Butte
2.1 miles-405 ft
Captain JackCrested Butte
4,747 ft-773 ft
CarbonCrested Butte
4.3 miles-490 ft
Cement MountainCrested Butte
3.6 miles-387 ft
Cliff Creek (840)Evolution Bike Park
3.6 miles-623 ft
Columbine (Crested Butte)Crested Butte
1.9 miles-289 ft
ConnectCrested Butte
907 ft-8 ft
ConnectCrested Butte
1,125 ft-18 ft
ConnectCrested Butte
170 ft
ConnectCrested Butte
855 ft-104 ft
ConnectCrested Butte
496 ft-2 ft
ConnectorCrested Butte
227 ft
ConnectorCrested Butte
314 ft
ConnectorCrested Butte
1,938 ft-9 ft
CrusaderCrested Butte
4,694 ft-541 ft
Crystal Peak (583)Crested Butte
2.1 miles-129 ft
Deadmans GulchSpring Creek
6.2 miles-1,370 ft
Death PassEvolution Bike Park
3,192 ft-202 ft
Deer Creek (568)Crested Butte
8.4 miles-2,021 ft
DeliCrested Butte
3,322 ft-15 ft
DivineCrested Butte
1.9 miles-532 ft
Doctor Park LoopSpring Creek
2.5 miles-279 ft
Double Top (405)Crested Butte
13.5 miles-4,612 ft
Double Top Walrod Spur (405.2)Crested Butte
1.4 miles-324 ft
Down TimeCrested Butte
3,700 ft-318 ft
Dr. ParkSpring Creek
6.6 miles-2,750 ft
Dyke Creek (837)Crested Butte
5.1 miles-1,897 ft
Dyke Creek (838)Crested Butte
1.2 miles-841 ft
EccherSpring Creek
5.0 miles-2,038 ft
Farris CreekCrested Butte
2.4 miles-385 ft
Farris Creek (409)Crested Butte
5.4 miles-1,779 ft
Farris Creek Bypass (409.5)Crested Butte
2.9 miles-1,704 ft
Flag CreekCrested Butte
3.0 miles-997 ft
FrequencyCrested Butte
4,394 ft-405 ft
Gb LoopCrested Butte
4,181 ft-189 ft
Grassy (562)Crested Butte
1.7 miles-28 ft
Green LakeCrested Butte
3.7 miles-1,726 ft
Happy HourEvolution Bike Park
4,227 ft-427 ft
Horseshoe (Primer)Crested Butte
3,072 ft-6 ft
Horseshoe (Upper Westside)Crested Butte
1.1 miles-52 ft
Hot DoggerEvolution Bike Park
1.3 miles-540 ft
Hunter Creek (410)Crested Butte
2.6 miles-1,354 ft
Hunter Hill (410.0a)Crested Butte
2.3 miles-1,272 ft
Kb ConnectorCrested Butte
2,995 ft-118 ft
Kebler Pass Wagon (606)Crested Butte
1.7 miles-131 ft
Kebler Pass Wagon (606)Crested Butte
3.0 miles-515 ft
Lando CalrissianEvolution Bike Park
2.1 miles-241 ft
Lilly LakeCrested Butte
3.6 miles-445 ft
Lower LoopCrested Butte
1.8 miles-163 ft
Lower Loop/Ruby BendCrested Butte
1.4 miles-80 ft
LugeCrested Butte
1.1 miles-524 ft
LupineCrested Butte
3.6 miles-807 ft
Lupine AccessCrested Butte
2,057 ft-181 ft
MeanderCrested Butte
1.3 miles-224 ft
MeanderCrested Butte
1.8 miles-614 ft
New UpperCrested Butte
4,357 ft-128 ft
Overlook DriveEvolution Bike Park
572 ft-23 ft
Painter BoyCrested Butte
1.3 miles-47 ft
Para Me A Para TeCrested Butte
3.4 miles-838 ft
PB AccessCrested Butte
405 ft-25 ft
Point LookoutCrested Butte
2.1 miles-57 ft
ProspectorCrested Butte
1.2 miles-517 ft
Psycho RocksEvolution Bike Park
2,766 ft-436 ft
Reno Ridge (607)Spring Creek
3.1 miles-932 ft
Roaring JudySpring Creek
5.0 miles-2,565 ft
Rosebud Gulch (423)Spring Creek
2.8 miles-1,329 ft
Slate RiverCrested Butte
1,539 ft
SnodgrassCrested Butte
3.6 miles-723 ft
Snodgrass AltCrested Butte
4,114 ft-10 ft
Strand BonusCrested Butte
1.4 miles-86 ft
Strand HillCrested Butte
2.0 miles-735 ft
TeaserEvolution Bike Park
2,443 ft-257 ft
Teocali (557)Crested Butte
4.5 miles-1,993 ft
Teocali Mountain (554)Crested Butte
1.2 miles-34 ft
Time TableEvolution Bike Park
2,183 ft-229 ft
TimelineEvolution Bike Park
3,377 ft-408 ft
Tony'sCrested Butte
3,839 ft-230 ft
Trail 401Crested Butte
7.7 miles-2,389 ft
Trail 403Crested Butte
3.9 miles-1,858 ft
Up and AwayCrested Butte
1,700 ft-26 ft
Upper Lower LoopCrested Butte
1.5 miles-176 ft
Upper UpperCrested Butte
2.4 miles-525 ft
Walrod Cutoff (418)Crested Butte
1.5 miles-110 ft
Walrod Gulch (412)Crested Butte
1.1 miles-16 ft
Warm Springs (406)Crested Butte
3,580 ft-456 ft
Waterfall Creek (555)Crested Butte
3.1 miles-186 ft
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