segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Ivan Milat climb Codes Climb1,201 ft80 ft101138828
2walk the plank Shuttleworth Singletrack910 ft39 ft68213940
3Cliffy's Collar Cliffy's1,806 ft95 ft63826269
4pivot's a pussy run Pivot's a pussy1,654 ft73 ft63725056
5Bear Grylls Bear Grylls868 ft57 ft52617126
6Bear Grylls pt.2 Bear Grylls3,623 ft106 ft50316281
7After Cliffies v2 Bear Grylls4,581 ft91 ft50315930
8Bear Grylls pt.2 Bear Grylls3,623 ft106 ft50016285
9aquaduct Aquaduct1,740 ft21 ft4939772
10Will need to kiss the bars Aquaduct1,121 ft46 ft4919691
11Short White Swan Single Track Reverse Whiteswan Singletrack2,337 ft27 ft38617962
12single track reverse Whiteswan Singletrack4,608 ft33 ft37018104
13Brackenberm start to creek BrackenBerm3,787 ft168 ft31811732
14BrackenBerm Descent BrackenBerm1,889 ft135 ft31811964
15BrackenBerm BrackenBerm2,515 ft73 ft31711904
16Brackenberm full BrackenBerm5,147 ft112 ft30610671
17Short Alkera ST Trail of Blood1,802 ft65 ft2836191
18The Real Wiggo Wiggo3,309 ft58 ft2676210
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