segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Rocky road rush Ranger Trail2,516 ft81 ft22217823Elkwater
2Last Grizzly Last Grizzly2,370 ft352 ft15466410Elkwater
3Sherwood Crescent Climb Horseshoe Canyon Trail3,553 ft319 ft1303911Elkwater
4Sherwood Crescent Climb Horseshoe Canyon Trail3,471 ft338 ft1303924Elkwater
5Mazama Up 1/3 2018 Mazama Drop3,574 ft295 ft1046463Elkwater
6Upper Mystery (North Bound) Upper Mystery Trail5,030 ft136 ft978272Elkwater
7Lower Cobble Miner Climb Cobble Miner Trail2,331 ft113 ft958435Elkwater
8Ferguson Hill Rd to Mystery Trail Start Plateau Trail2,763 ft12 ft953623Elkwater
9Mystery (East Bound) Mystery Trail2 miles156 ft913575Elkwater
10Mitchell Down Mitchell Creek Trail1 miles484 ft791370Elkwater
11Horseshoe Canyon to Ferguson Hill Rd Plateau Trail4,732 ft39 ft762093Elkwater
12Cobble Miner (Descent) Cobble Miner Trail1 miles350 ft702991Elkwater
13Mystery (West Bound) Mystery Trail2 miles161 ft702961Elkwater
14Baby Back Ribs Last Grizzly2,023 ft250 ft694102Elkwater
15Range Road 31A Climb Mitchell Creek Trail1 miles565 ft601461Elkwater
16Mitchell Trail Climb Mitchell Creek Trail1 miles555 ft571424Elkwater
17Beaver Creek Trail Beaver Creek Loop2,470 ft73 ft461383Elkwater
18Last Grizzly Last Grizzly2,425 ft363 ft461832Elkwater
19Cobble Miner (Climb) Cobble Miner Trail1 miles347 ft441862Elkwater
20Spruce Coulee Rodeo to Gravel Rd. Spruce Coulee Trail4 miles538 ft41810Elkwater
21Ranger Ranger Trail3,050 ft161 ft39900Elkwater
22Spruce Coulee Gravel Rd to Rodeo Spruce Coulee Trail4 miles544 ft29643Elkwater
23Lower Mystery (South Bound) Lower Mystery Trail2,958 ft52 ft29891Elkwater
24Watertower Climb Tower Trail1 miles539 ft27551Elkwater
25Upper Mystery (South Bound) Upper Mystery Trail4,861 ft124 ft27800Elkwater
26Watertower Trail Descent Tower Trail1 miles506 ft22393Elkwater
27Dreamcatcher West to East Ranger Trail1 miles144 ft22390Elkwater
28Nicol Springs Bypass Beaver Creek Trail1,150 ft64 ft21630Elkwater
29Rodeo Loop West Rodeo Loop1 miles208 ft20291Elkwater
30Ferguson Hill Down Lodgepole Trail1,332 ft196 ft16360Elkwater
31Beaver Creek 2016 Beaver Creek Trail2 miles611 ft15390Elkwater
32Big Beaver Climb Beaver Creek Trail2 miles590 ft15281Elkwater
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