segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Last burst to the basin Bears Best276 ft23 ft26082870314
2Cleavage Betty Boop1,689 ft44 ft1065560813
3ADH Top Bears Best1,007 ft77 ft101579482
4Your Mom Your Mom504 ft44 ft98884669
5Buelshat Bears Best3,942 ft103 ft94263692
6F U golf! Round the Outside2 miles144 ft824549210
7Washless Round Round the Outside2 miles169 ft80654171
8Happy Ending Your Mom1,688 ft81 ft78342634
9The real Ike's Exposure Menny Thanks4,100 ft107 ft77444256
10Bench Mark Benchmark4,247 ft70 ft772540715
11Singletrack Roller Coaster Benchmark5,060 ft176 ft765489919
12All of Your Mom Your Mom4,825 ft87 ft71336985
13Bears Best Jump Line Bears Best748 ft80 ft67625662
14Dam to M Wood Menny Thanks2,927 ft170 ft65922282
15Man with a Van UH Man with a Van4,857 ft202 ft62531404
16Upper F Bomb Menny Thanks3,969 ft199 ft59223157
17F-bomb split to end Menny Thanks1 miles319 ft58923052
18enduro 2016 Menny Thanks280 ft58922980
19F-Bomb from Legal Menny Thanks2 miles418 ft58622718
20Heartbreak Ridge Step Mom4,525 ft61 ft58334806
21SWR single track climb to Good Call Menny Thanks2 miles316 ft57521935
22Man with a Van dh Man with a Van3,540 ft170 ft57226796
23Legalize It (West) CCW Legalize It1 miles73 ft57124590
24Stash Stage 3 Up The Stash4,279 ft79 ft56826563
25Round The Outside Round the Outside2 miles155 ft54828771
26Titty Twister dh Triple Tittie2,827 ft110 ft51324256
27un-droppin' the dots Connect the Dots981 ft70 ft50518473
28Down Call from Legal Good Call1 miles244 ft50516277
29Beats the road Beats the Road2,766 ft84 ft50423045
30Gambler Triple Tittie1,381 ft136 ft49220015
31Good Call, the "I think I'm going to explode" part Good Call1,648 ft182 ft490221312
32Up yours golf! Round the Outside2 miles142 ft48618384
33Stairway to Heaven dh Triple Tittie1,600 ft53 ft48620797
34Connect The Dots straightaway climb Connect the Dots1,052 ft64 ft48215563
35up Good Call to Legal Good Call2 miles444 ft48121816
36up the connector Connect the Dots2,264 ft65 ft47916660
37Alice Alice2,134 ft85 ft47617908
38Droppin' the Dots Connect the Dots901 ft64 ft47417432
39Tig ol Bitties Triple Tittie2,746 ft105 ft46618444
40Triple Titty DH Triple Tittie1 miles116 ft46118170
41Up Alice Alice2,131 ft84 ft45521913
42Connect The Dots - final descent Connect the Dots909 ft60 ft45415384
43Connect the Dots descent Connect the Dots2,323 ft73 ft45416233
44Connect the Dots fence to SWR Connect the Dots4,892 ft100 ft45316121
45Hidden Canyon DH Hidden Canyon2,321 ft236 ft44314168
46SWR Down Connect the Dots to fence Connect the Dots4,830 ft102 ft43615331
47Good Call final DH section Good Call2,097 ft185 ft43211211
48enduo 2017 Good Call2 miles408 ft42511010
49Little loop Bears Best1,696 ft60 ft40416262
50Connect The Dots (Up) Connect the Dots1 miles165 ft40212872
51Legal to Good Call Legalize It2 miles103 ft40113357
52Full Hidden Canyon DH Hidden Canyon1 miles277 ft39511874
53Up Good Call Good Call1 miles278 ft39217628
54La Bomba Triple Tittie950 ft69 ft38111933
55Little Loop Clockwise Bears Best1,262 ft50 ft34924543
56Good Call from the Bottom Good Call2 miles488 ft34013621
57lower the flag Lower Flagpole2,460 ft213 ft33710842
58Rocky Road Morgans Mile792 ft54 ft33510484
59Depression Bipolar1,164 ft149 ft32712680
60My uncle's dick Upper Deck4,284 ft150 ft3179905
61Drop-in climb Bears Best2,358 ft97 ft3109171
62Stash Stage 3 Down The Stash4,190 ft89 ft30911011
63mid deck Upper Deck2 miles177 ft3078963
64Bipolar Bipolar1 miles203 ft302118414
65Bipolar split to end Bipolar1 miles285 ft30111800
66Southern Braaaap zone Legalize It1 miles75 ft2929526
67Stairway to Heaven Triple Tittie1,369 ft55 ft2907530
68Bingo Triple Tittie2,513 ft143 ft2857272
69upper deck south end Upper Deck1 miles154 ft2818327
70????????Mustache Ride???????? Upper Deck2 miles160 ft2677884
71Legalize It Legalize It3 miles104 ft2608529
72Stash Stage 2 The Stash2 miles94 ft2588413
73Up Beats the Road Beats the Road2,459 ft80 ft2536922
74Good Call Down Good Call2 miles443 ft2505380
75Stash Highway The Stash3 miles96 ft2486383
76Taylor Swift Aiden Quarries3,375 ft98 ft2406824
77Stash bucket counter Rusty Bucket1,671 ft45 ft2385641
78This way to Tiger Mom Pass Brokeback Mtn4,186 ft87 ft2324891
79Stash Stage 1 Up The Stash4,578 ft113 ft2317553
80Reverse exposure Menny Thanks3,833 ft80 ft2164452
81Turtle wave Aiden Quarries5,059 ft35 ft21210263
82"The Stash" Northbound The Stash4 miles151 ft1975171
83That way Brokeback Mtn3,252 ft93 ft1955044
84Prostitute Butte Aiden Quarries1,665 ft51 ft1924423
85Rusty Bucket Rusty Bucket3,914 ft80 ft1925176
86Goat Fuker Aiden Quarries1 miles249 ft1914004
87Upper deck southbound Upper Deck4 miles177 ft1814885
88Up her Skirt Aiden Quarries1,845 ft72 ft1763972
89Backside Connector SW Ridge DT4,177 ft124 ft1745961
90Southern Stash down The Stash4,455 ft108 ft1744340
91OLD VERSION - Knocking up a pornstar Porn Star2,566 ft52 ft1713530
92PornStar Porn Star2,746 ft69 ft1683084
93Grinperma Benchmark4,506 ft177 ft1662671
94atomic Atomic3,335 ft23 ft1642953
95Knocking up a pornstar Porn Star2,649 ft55 ft1523172
96It Gets Right to Ya! Juicy Fruit655 ft1406881
97Rusty Bucket Uphill Rusty Bucket3,993 ft81 ft1403201
98But You Fuck One Goat.... Aiden Quarries1,652 ft157 ft1383034
99When You Pop it in Your Mouth Juicy Fruit689 ft20 ft1356850
100"The Stash" southbound The Stash4 miles131 ft1322722
101A Foot in each Bucket- Bruce/Kaitlyn Style Aiden Quarries4,257 ft219 ft1312632
102Upper Bucket DH Rusty Bucket1 miles118 ft1312211
103Down her Blouse Aiden Quarries2,540 ft94 ft1232891
104tortoise Extension Juicy Fruit2,504 ft118 ft1225913
10569 Aiden Quarries2 miles294 ft1202531
106Baking Powder XC Challenge Baking Powder2 miles99 ft1096544
107Menny Thanks UP (to Bipolar) Menny Thanks2 miles319 ft972200
108Return From the Darkside Return from the Darkside3,295 ft75 ft945641
109Menny Thanks UP! Menny Thanks2 miles374 ft912062
110This Shit is for the birds! Sidewinder1,314 ft58 ft902832
111At the End of the Tip Juicy Fruit584 ft22 ft893071
112A Kiss is NOT a Contract Juicy Fruit3 miles189 ft832661
113Baking Powder Alt dh Baking Powder DH682 ft70 ft813761
114Gimme that Gimme that Nut Gimme that Nut834 ft26 ft803111
115Sidewinder Sidewinder2,438 ft60 ft762320
116SHART Upper Decker Shark Ridge4,913 ft250 ft762960
117Bu-u-u-u-mpy Wash Climb Jeep Road2,787 ft107 ft751620
118SHART-Upper Decker dh Shark Ridge4,624 ft240 ft672760
119Legalize it (East to West) Legalize It3 miles115 ft64954
120Cock Extension Cock Sleeve2,215 ft57 ft551161
121Power plant Hill Leonidas Access919 ft71 ft553270
122Cock sleeve Cock Sleeve2,168 ft121 ft421021
123Moose Knuckle Shark Ridge816 ft125 ft401921
124Moose Cock Shark Ridge875 ft131 ft38731
125Tour de Bris (Long Loop) Tour de Bris4 miles141 ft372077
126UP, UP to Waterfall Jeep Summit Road708 ft67 ft27460
127Illegal call Legalize It2 miles121 ft13140
128Donkey Punch Shark Ridge3,373 ft113 ft13841
129Climbing the Pole Shark Ridge148 ft7 ft9150
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