segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1halfy nelson Half Nelson1 miles632 ft72221675311
2Legacy Climb? Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'3,680 ft394 ft6732259290
3Road - Legacy crossing to EastLow Ring Creek Access Road4,266 ft243 ft5874303280
4Half Nelson Climb (Ring Creek FSR) Ring Creek Access Road2 miles657 ft5464156195
5Half Half Nelson Half Nelson2,043 ft296 ft50891499717
6Angry Midget to Climb Trail intersection Angry M2,958 ft529 ft4911141842
7Lower PT3 from Low Down 3 Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 33,477 ft297 ft4904176001
8Psuedotsuga 2 Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 21,974 ft217 ft4833153509
9Psuedotsuga 2 Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 21,974 ft217 ft4832153533
10Switchback to Half Nelson Ring Creek Access Road3,701 ft250 ft4746153797
11Psuedotsuga 1 Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 11,720 ft156 ft46701440611
12pseudo tsuga new berms Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 3609 ft24 ft4452129851
13Pseudotsuga 3 Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 33,890 ft428 ft4424131685
14Half Nelson Half Nelson1 miles718 ft4316972049
15Legacy Climb to Exit Fork Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'4,249 ft379 ft3686146513
16Legacy Climb (complete to culverts) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'1 miles397 ft36701457617
17HITW Hoods in the Woods3,762 ft439 ft351270070
18Blueshore Samurai Toonie Climb Ring Creek Access Road2 miles511 ft3401112880
19Climb Trail (Full Nelson to Top) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'4,418 ft273 ft326096078
20Boneshaker '17 Stage 2 - Bone to Be Wild Tinder2,945 ft136 ft317876640
21Jalopy Jungle (Legacy Climb) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'2,471 ft135 ft317297750
22Darwin's Crossing Climb Power House Plunge - Access1,805 ft177 ft317192012
23Showpiece (Legacy Climb) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'894 ft59 ft308091310
24Angry to Half Nelson Angry M2,098 ft415 ft304894305
25Legacy Climb after Traverse to AM Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'2 miles657 ft304487131
26Legacy Climb after Traverse to AM Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'2 miles657 ft304487130
27Legacy Climb Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'1 miles645 ft3013861110
28Climb Trail (400 grade to Full Nelson) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'1 miles396 ft299988791
29Three Stitches (Legacy Climb) Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'5,237 ft397 ft293386770
30Flowin' It! Hoods in the Woods1,199 ft231 ft284953030
31Lower Angry Midget Angry M937 ft112 ft265573323
32Hoods in the Woods Hoods in the Woods4,750 ft585 ft234949215
33Hoods Descent (All down from here!) Hoods in the Woods2,599 ft414 ft225946576
34Upper Somewhere Somewhere Over There1,795 ft291 ft225256040
35Hoods in the Woods Hoods in the Woods5,064 ft664 ft2238477310
36Fred (correct alignment) Fred2,532 ft191 ft208258656
37Let 'er rip Ring Creek Access Road1,301 ft146 ft196638892
38Somewhere over there my way Somewhere Over There4,485 ft724 ft195847110
39Upper Meadow of the Grizzley Meadow of the Grizzly (Spélhx̱en tl'a Stl'lhalem)3,838 ft791 ft1928275011
40JABR aid station to Angry Midget Ring Creek Access Road2 miles634 ft192849220
41Stealth Nelson (aka Another Mans Gold) Another Man's Gold2,059 ft191 ft1912527011
42Your Moms Your Mom1,998 ft301 ft190949830
43Tinder Tinder4,538 ft132 ft1842432711
44Cakewalk Proper Cakewalk4,710 ft858 ft168433820
45Switch back to Angry Midget Ring Creek Access Road5,052 ft462 ft165841483
46Power Hood Power-Hoods (pH)542 ft31 ft164948920
47Angry Midget Angry M4,353 ft793 ft161233416
48gps stopped Powerhouse Plunge4,829 ft94 ft160241370
49Recycle 2 Recycle3,207 ft209 ft158233850
50Garibaldi Park Road Climb Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'2,658 ft271 ft157529840
51Powerhouse2 Powerhouse Plunge2,081 ft392 ft142937750
52Somewhere Over There Descent (Slab Entry) Somewhere Over There3,188 ft484 ft138234092
53WOM final jankfest descent Word of Mouth Lower1,092 ft156 ft135041960
54Somewhere over there descent Somewhere Over There4,653 ft650 ft1348325611
55FSR Climb: Cakewalk Exit to Full Nelson Cakewalk - Full Nelson Access1,604 ft255 ft133727670
56Recycle Recycle3,618 ft289 ft123929043
57WOM Ridge Decent Word of Mouth Lower3,240 ft212 ft112529130
58Lowdown (lower cut block section) Low Down Part 2901 ft194 ft104728091
59Lowdown Low Down Part 1879 ft174 ft102426212
60cakewalk Cakewalk4,454 ft803 ft948186214
61East Infection Low Down Part 1344 ft72 ft91322790
62Fred Fred3,453 ft229 ft87514220
63BeLow Down to Lower Pseudo Climb Trail - Stl'lhalem Sintl'2,939 ft399 ft78018900
64Word of Mouth, Part 1 Word of Mouth Upper1,671 ft318 ft72315690
65Powersmart / IMBA Smart IMBA Smart3,837 ft476 ft69313801
66Gnar Fest Climb Hike a Bike376 ft92 ft66015200
67Panda Connector Operation Panda Climb3,210 ft241 ft63820833
68Plum Smugglers - the Resurrection Plum Smugglers2,292 ft118 ft63712961
69Middle Powersmart to IMBA Smart IMBA Smart3,404 ft469 ft63712810
70Middle Powersmart to IMBA Smart IMBA Smart3,404 ft469 ft63712821
71East Infection to lowdown Pt.1 Low Down Part 1681 ft157 ft57511410
72Middle Powersmart & IMBA Smart IMBA Smart3,968 ft525 ft4567910
73Somewhere loamy SOT Alt Ending1,177 ft252 ft4396543
74expert unlimited Hybrid271 ft57 ft4398380
75Halfteenth Hole 19th Hole1,984 ft426 ft4337140
76Hybrid Hybrid1,416 ft331 ft4055070
77Diamond Head Trail Climb Elfin Lakes2,889 ft351 ft3935040
78Diamondhead Parking to Red Heather Hut Elfin Lakes3 miles1,411 ft3394171
79Diamond Head Trail Climb Elfin Lakes4,505 ft372 ft3313871
80Garibaldi Park Rd Climb Elfin Lakes3,611 ft384 ft3314270
81Deliverence Deliverance3,396 ft602 ft3103831
8219th Hole 19th Hole3,816 ft1,077 ft2965154
83Antithesis Antithesis1,226 ft213 ft2944220
84Unrelated Dead Guys Unrelated Dead Guys1,785 ft217 ft2703603
85mcld Mcloud839 ft166 ft2685531
86Powersmart Upper PowerSmart1,950 ft576 ft2543240
87Diamond Head Trail Climb Access62,214 ft317 ft1952560
88DH Galactic Top to View point Galactic Scheisse2 miles1,336 ft1822413
89SORCA Grin n Holla DH Race Grin and Holler2,922 ft721 ft901050
90Grin n Holler Grin and Holler1 miles1,372 ft861000
91Garibaldi Park Rd Climb FSR Road2,197 ft280 ft49560
92Unnamed Rd Climb Word of Mouth Upper2,140 ft321 ft16160
93Pseudo Tsuga 3 Climb. Pseudo-Tsuga - Part 33,301 ft316 ft16160
94Unrelated Dead Guys Unrelated Dead Guys4,132 ft374 ft11110
95Mamquam Rd Climb Hoods in the Woods1,647 ft321 ft11140
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