segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Smilov Sneak Tastey Berms977 ft112 ft92243853
2Final Flow Final Flow617 ft42 ft60323607
3The Smilov Sneak Tastey Berms977 ft112 ft578254610
4Rhody-Flow DH Rhody-Flow2,273 ft195 ft462187515
5Micro Steez DH Micro-Steez859 ft123 ft45014177
6Tasty Berms Tastey Berms656 ft67 ft39511796
7tiny down Lotta Strands790 ft56 ft39415434
8Just The Tip Just the Tip2,684 ft55 ft36414267
9Head Cheese Head Cheese3,184 ft63 ft34113505
10Head Cheese Head Cheese3,184 ft63 ft34113461
11Rodeo Rhody-O1,356 ft145 ft322120311
12Little Cheese Head Cheese1,082 ft51 ft30611943
13Tower Hill Rd Climb White Climb3,533 ft267 ft2799063
14Diamond Hill DH 1 Clyde Frog1,217 ft133 ft19966310
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