segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bamboo DH Trail - MadMonkeys Stage 2 Bamboo Trail1,212 ft196 ft43514187
2Bamboo DH Trail - MadMonkeys Stage 3 Bamboo Trail1,612 ft369 ft43114197
3Bamboo bottom Bamboo Trail4,274 ft737 ft42913602
4Scout camp_bottom Scout Camp4,127 ft724 ft42310601
5Pedaling Power - Phai Kingdom(#อาณาจักรไผ่ร่ำเปิง) Bamboo Trail1,727 ft42 ft35910140
6Gee's House final section after river Gee's House Trail1 miles749 ft2985460
7Gee's House middle section Gee's House Trail1 miles957 ft2644860
8ATV rock garden + steep section ATV1,258 ft423 ft2615610
9420 HUT - Turtle Kingdom(#อาณาจักรเต่ากัญชา) Gee's House Trail3 miles2,141 ft2474460
10Madmonkey ATV Downhill Trail ATV4 miles3,410 ft2264695
11Dont get off Huay Tueng Tao to MaeRam Trail (Western Option)2 miles182 ft1947700
12Cross country หลังพืชสวนโลก Night Safari XC Sprint2,293 ft93 ft1505223
13Trail to Mae Yen Huay Tueng Tao to MaeRam Trail (Eastern Option)1 miles181 ft1004242
14North-S NightSafari SingleTrack XC by BenSofia Night Safari XC Sprint1 miles135 ft42892
15Thep Phithak Raksa DH Chihuahua Hill (Thep Phithak Raksa)3,761 ft257 ft351090
16แทรคดอยกอมdownhill Night Safari Back Door Buster5,130 ft558 ft25810
17Night Safari XC South to North Full Night Safari XC Sprint2 miles177 ft21510
18Doi Kham southern ridge downhill South Ridge Rip4,487 ft629 ft16872
19Doi Kham Western Ridge DH Doi Kham Golden Ticket Up4,847 ft362 ft11130
20Trail from Mae Yen (almost) to creek Huay Tueng Tao to MaeRam Trail (Eastern Option)2 miles186 ft571
21Sriwichai Alley Climb ATV3,538 ft438 ft110
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