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      This is the route for the Dongduchon Wangban ralley. This race is held every year in September or October. The entire route is 21 miles or about 33 km. You start at the Dongduchon stadium, and the first 8km is along a road route with a steady climb to the trail head. There are many signs along the way to point you in the right direction. Once you get to the trail head is is generally a fire break road along the side of the mountain with various steady climbs anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees in slope. The climbing altitude is somewhere from 200m up to around 400meters above sea level. Once you are at the peak it is somewhat like a roller coaster ride up and down the entire route. Loose rock and gravel on some of the down hill sections, nothing to difficult for an intermediate to expert rider. You will drop down off the mountain into a large Korean cemetery from which you can see almost the entire valley you just rode around.

      After that you will come onto some short single track the drops into a extremely steep down hill section that is somewhat sandy with little to no large rocks as you descend. That will bring you out onto some more fire break trails that leads you into a long speedy decent into the Korean village of Tokori. No worries there are more signs showing you the way to go. After you pass through the village you will ride along the US Army Camp Hovey and come into some more single track. This section is a steady climb then into about a 40 degree climb to the top of the ridge. You then drop into a downhill section back towards the Dongduchon soccer stadium to the end of the ride.

      The entire route also has many scenic points for some good pictures. Be advised that you may encounter a Korean hiker or too during the fall and spring time. Just need to make sure you have plenty of energy gels or chews if you plan on riding the entire course. If you would like more info you can also find more info about this trail on the single tracks web page. There are three bike shops in the Dongduchon area, MTB Story, Born Bike and a few others. The folks at the MTB Story have the best customer service and prices in the area. The serve many American soldiers and have a MTB Club with Korean and American members. the club is called the Casey Riders who have been around since 2008.
      eBikes Allowed: Yes
      AKA: TDC
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      Open on Jul 20, 2017


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