segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1End of Metro 2 to T-connector Fireroad4,329 ft161 ft37073897416Dublin
23Rock older/longer Tom's climb Euroskeptic Lower3,116 ft216 ft3299420222Dublin
31 Min Intervals Mast Climb687 ft64 ft3221392366Dublin
4Three Rock - Last Dig (Rock to Aerials) Mast Climb951 ft86 ft30203952214Dublin
5Toms climb through felled trees Euroskeptic Lower3,617 ft208 ft2864296968Dublin
6ticknock road climb Mast Climb869 ft74 ft2689249647Dublin
7Three Rock Man Made lower (1st half) Skyline1,812 ft131 ft26232916113Dublin
8Eurotrail-Climb After Burner lower (after rebuild)1,324 ft103 ft25003209911Dublin
9Metro1 (Second Half) Skyline2,971 ft191 ft24622300711Dublin
103Rock Metro2 Hip-R part8 After Burner lower (after rebuild)874 ft47 ft2454283024Dublin
113Rock Metro2 Hip-R part7 After Burner lower (after rebuild)201 ft9 ft2448308954Dublin
12TW End 2 Skyline786 ft84 ft2403245752Dublin
13Metro 2 (top half) After Burner lower (after rebuild)1,151 ft120 ft2197161272Dublin
14Eurotrail, top to first downed tree Blazin' Saddles (Euro)1,142 ft67 ft2076187055Dublin
15Metro 1 Upper Rock Garden Metro 1 Upper Rock Garden446 ft21 ft2059145828Dublin
163 rock new man made, top section Blazin' Saddles (Euro)621 ft52 ft2023174073Dublin
17EuroServs_3Dec Blazin' Saddles (Euro)2,973 ft142 ft1982162669Dublin
18MAD Club League HC Euroskeptic Lower4,055 ft247 ft18902067822Dublin
19LM new Tom's climb Euroskeptic Lower2,887 ft200 ft1795172575Dublin
203Rock Metro2 Hip-R part1 After Burner lower (after rebuild)726 ft95 ft1775157132Dublin
21Tom's tits Euroskeptic Lower911 ft56 ft17731735810Dublin
22Kiddies' Highway Euroskeptic Lower908 ft38 ft17161534317Dublin
23New Euro Trail to bridge Euroskeptic Lower2,020 ft43 ft16471463219Dublin
24New euro trail descent Euroskeptic1,487 ft106 ft16091394520Dublin
25Euroskeptic climb to Ninja Euroskeptic2,948 ft170 ft1609150335Dublin
26Son Of Expressway Euroskeptic2,542 ft200 ft15941370532Dublin
27Euroskeptic Decent full Euroskeptic2,862 ft212 ft1593136214Dublin
28Euroskeptic Climb Euroskeptic4,066 ft210 ft15871399923Dublin
29Euroskeptic Euroskeptic1 mile230 ft15781329046Dublin
30Tickety Boo early turnoff Tickety Boo1,486 ft107 ft1542126858Dublin
31Sacred Stone Access road1,019 ft82 ft1396976818Dublin
32Tickety Boo Tickety Boo3,700 ft259 ft1328542320Dublin
33Easy Rider Easy Rider2,129 ft167 ft1277574121Dublin
343 Rock lower to upper car park Doubletrack1,068 ft98 ft92572001Dublin
353 Rock - Lower Car Park to Upper Car Park - Off Road Doubletrack1,110 ft104 ft91993177Dublin
36Fairy Castle half climb Climb to Fairy Castle1,202 ft167 ft82626191Dublin
37Three Rock - Dogtown from Club course to fireroad Dogtown1,251 ft48 ft78858501Dublin
38Smash and Bash T-connector left to deadmans pool627 ft53 ft73349293Dublin
39T-Conn to Old DH (half of GE st.4) GE stage3 '162,145 ft255 ft70133354Dublin
40Jump track GE stage3 '16792 ft182 ft67524584Dublin
41Three Rock - Romper Romper (Right and Steep)1,580 ft163 ft673329412Dublin
42Fire road climb on back of Threerock (from reservoir to top barrier) Purple Road4,835 ft416 ft65419815Dublin
43bombhole to small jump Bombhole424 ft85 ft63039064Dublin
44Massys Run - Bottom Half Massey Woods Full Ridge Climb2,267 ft184 ft36015021Dublin
45Wurly Curly Stumpjumper1,096 ft83 ft30220112Dublin
46Boneshaker Boneshaker1,201 ft145 ft2998233Dublin
47Bag of Cips Bag of Cips614 ft122 ft1939046Dublin
48Cruagh Rip Cruagh Rip708 ft90 ft1795773Dublin
49Cruagh Waterbars DMW upper2,807 ft211 ft1635311Dublin
50Soot to the GAA club Howth Downduro622 ft76 ft1599981My City
51Pathfinder Pathfinder502 ft109 ft1574111Dublin
52Tooly Keith Fireroad622 ft84 ft1152053Dublin
53Legend High-Line Legends High Line2 miles283 ft1034356Dublin
54Howth Downhill Hardtail Howth Downduro1,197 ft121 ft915465My City
55Alpha Alpha2,600 ft352 ft912294Dublin
56Sketchy Widow Maker582 ft59 ft664141My City
57Gumpert Gumpert1,426 ft162 ft641413Dublin
58MAD Dogtown loop Dogtown2,746 ft60 ft541130Dublin
59Da North Face Widow Maker144 ft4 ft493200My City
60Three Rock - T-connector GE stage3 '161,049 ft109 ft000Dublin
613Rock Metro 2 Descent After Burner lower (after rebuild)3,520 ft260 ft000Dublin
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