segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1W8 Descent W82,411 ft89 ft96212761
2Death Rattle/Sweetwater Death Rattle2,476 ft309 ft91211611
3BCBR Enduro 2 Edgehill Rip2,830 ft172 ft90910330
4Suicide Creek descent Suicide Creek Trail2 miles287 ft88910491
5Death Rattle/Sweet Water Death Rattle2,486 ft301 ft87410891
6Aloha Climb Aloha1,597 ft142 ft85310832
7Suicide Creek Trail (Full) Suicide Creek Trail5 miles299 ft8519741
8Washout descent (off Blue Trail) Blue Connector4,065 ft79 ft8319700
9Toad Hollow (Descent) to Deer Lake Toad Hollow1,498 ft35 ft7639290
10Edgehill Rip Enduro Edgehill Rip2,453 ft216 ft7528390
11Bob's Yer Uncle Bob's Your Uncle1 miles85 ft6759320
12Dodge '41 UP 51 Dodge2,448 ft136 ft6758940
13Sweetwater descent Death Rattle1,860 ft162 ft6248280
14Aloha (up) Aloha1,807 ft161 ft5546940
15Myrtle Grind Myrtle Springs929 ft83 ft4525880
16Cream Soda Cream Soda2,922 ft40 ft3914990
17Squirrel Weir Trail1,044 ft15 ft641280
18Enchanted Forest (up and over) Enchanted Forest4,764 ft127 ft631720
19Halsam Lake Rd Climb Yew2,590 ft543 ft58700
20Going down on Myrtle Myrtle Springs2,484 ft138 ft531290
21Drop in the Bucket Bucket Upper704 ft79 ft411060
22Lower Bouquet Bucket Upper2,058 ft105 ft411070
2313 Slurpees (descent) 13 Slurpees950 ft88 ft411200
24Bob's Yer Uncle (Up) Bob's Your Uncle1 miles76 ft39700
25Dodge Trail 51 Dodge2,749 ft145 ft38710
26Myrtle Springs climb - over the bridge & up the switchbacks Myrtle Springs2,413 ft139 ft31800
27Yew Yew1 miles62 ft31550
28Oil Can (up) Oil Can3,541 ft76 ft27300
29Malcolm's Moto Meander Howzitlangin3,120 ft60 ft20860
30Washout (up) Blue Connector3,979 ft92 ft20350
31Fred's Trail (up) Fred's2,969 ft95 ft20620
32Oil Can Oil Can3,348 ft68 ft18390
33Power up a level IT Road2,407 ft110 ft16220
34Hinogo Hinogo4,850 ft655 ft16250
35Bogie's Trail Bogie's2,927 ft85 ft16410
36High Voltage (East to West) High Voltage3,150 ft67 ft13700
3713 Slurpees (climb) 13 Slurpees1,253 ft96 ft12210
38High Voltage (West to East) High Voltage3,193 ft64 ft12650
39Game Trail Game2,881 ft81 ft10180
40Dis-Enchanted Forest Up Enchanted Forest2,821 ft93 ft10140
41BLUE Trail (South to North) Blue2 miles135 ft8110
42Langover going north Langover2,793 ft22 ft6390
43Langover going south Langover2,674 ft22 ft5220
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