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124Bethunes Gully/Forrester Park
630 ft-88 ft
124 / Zig Zag LinkBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
509 ft-10 ft
4X TrackSignal Hill
1,792 ft-270 ft
Bacon ExtractWhare Flat
1,127 ft-64 ft
Contour TrackSignal Hill
764 ft-51 ft
Dead Cow GullyBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,016 ft-86 ft
DebacleSignal Hill
1,437 ft-203 ft
Evil ShenanigansWhare Flat
1,253 ft-256 ft
Fir TraderWhare Flat
1.2 miles-108 ft
Football LinkJubilee Park
277 ft-37 ft
Forrester LinkBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
495 ft-19 ft
Fruit LoopRedwoods/Wakari Creek
1,882 ft-291 ft
Ginger CougarSignal Hill
2,695 ft-382 ft
GLCBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,746 ft-70 ft
GonzoBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
567 ft-112 ft
Haggis BasherSignal Hill
1,363 ft-139 ft
Haggis HunterBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,742 ft-164 ft
Holler CoasterRedwoods/Wakari Creek
2,204 ft-284 ft
In and OutBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
2,292 ft-212 ft
Jumps TrackSignal Hill
2,024 ft-328 ft
K9Bethunes Gully/Forrester Park
2,708 ft-72 ft
Lower Rock GardenSignal Hill
1,529 ft-230 ft
Lower Rooty RidgeRedwoods/Wakari Creek
419 ft-33 ft
Mackie DackieWhare Flat
1,590 ft
MagnatronSignal Hill
1,944 ft-547 ft
Maverick MikesSignal Hill
1,052 ft-228 ft
McGouns ExtensionRedwoods/Wakari Creek
1,068 ft-80 ft
Moustache ExpressSignal Hill
1,390 ft-248 ft
Mt. Cargill Walking TrackBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
3,282 ft-18 ft
Nationals TrackSignal Hill
2,510 ft-553 ft
Nats TrackBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
2,766 ft-184 ft
Nicols Creek - Switchback TrackLeith Valley
3.8 miles-1,230 ft
OC TrackSignal Hill
1,219 ft-343 ft
OceaniasSignal Hill
853 ft-242 ft
Out TrackRedwoods/Wakari Creek
236 ft-1 ft
Quarry TrackSignal Hill
1,318 ft-281 ft
Ravensbourne TrackSignal Hill
2,448 ft-224 ft
Redwood Loop (Down)Redwoods/Wakari Creek
982 ft-123 ft
Redwood Loop (Up)Redwoods/Wakari Creek
3,547 ft-82 ft
Redwood Loop LinkRedwoods/Wakari Creek
938 ft-105 ft
Rockin' RollerWhare Flat
978 ft-126 ft
Rooty RidgeRedwoods/Wakari Creek
1,329 ft-218 ft
Rooty Ridge TopRedwoods/Wakari Creek
391 ft-12 ft
ShenanigansWhare Flat
1,790 ft-256 ft
Short StuffRedwoods/Wakari Creek
234 ft-14 ft
Skid TrackRedwoods/Wakari Creek
1,111 ft-24 ft
Skid Track / RoadBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,192 ft-124 ft
Slytherin (Down)Redwoods/Wakari Creek
1,948 ft-247 ft
Slytherin (UP)Redwoods/Wakari Creek
2,744 ft-51 ft
Snakes 'n' LaddersWhare Flat
4,388 ft-323 ft
Spooky ForestBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
4,655 ft-190 ft
Sticky BottomWhare Flat
3,339 ft-230 ft
Student TrackSignal Hill
1,847 ft-408 ft
Swampy SpurWhare Flat
2.9 miles-1,283 ft
Swampy SummitWhare Flat
3.2 miles-989 ft
The Emersons Big EasySignal Hill
3.8 miles-535 ft
The Green MileWhare Flat
1,440 ft-158 ft
The LoopJubilee Park
2,232 ft-130 ft
The MistressSignal Hill
2,158 ft-312 ft
The MrsSignal Hill
3,126 ft-407 ft
Third Place EntranceWhare Flat
369 ft-57 ft
Three Little PigsWhare Flat
2,707 ft-161 ft
Tims TrackSignal Hill
733 ft-236 ft
Top Rock GardenSignal Hill
524 ft-93 ft
Treaty TrackSignal Hill
2,433 ft-520 ft
Two RonniesWhare Flat
1,723 ft-20 ft
Up TrackJubilee Park
872 ft-12 ft
Weir TwoRedwoods/Wakari Creek
3,059 ft-107 ft
XC Start LoopBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
760 ft-31 ft
Zig ZagsBethunes Gully/Forrester Park
1,927 ft-187 ft
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