segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Snake Track Snake Track941 ft30 ft50025110
2Firetrail Sprint Firetrail Sprint820 ft30 ft49925490
3Al's Downer Al's Downer2,991 ft139 ft49824870
4Fence Run Fence Run Out761 ft21 ft45821390
5Flat Out Top Link1,163 ft34 ft45421421
6Fire Me Up Fire Me Up1,310 ft43 ft43119580
7Short Hile Hile Climb1,386 ft64 ft40719270
8SwitchBack Up Switchback Up2,312 ft104 ft40516840
9Switchback Up Switchback Up3,188 ft103 ft39514321
10The Bowlo The Bowlo1,013 ft49 ft39015092
11Bowlo "True" The Bowlo967 ft35 ft38513540
12The Bee Hives Beehives1,655 ft40 ft38316080
13Necessary Evil - Short Necessary Evil3,159 ft139 ft37817680
14hill climb Hile Climb3,047 ft106 ft36017171
15Up, Up & Away Up Up And Away2,786 ft114 ft32812231
16Inny & Outy Inny and Outty3,267 ft60 ft2345600
17Exposed Exposed1,326 ft72 ft1654750
18Hard Intro Jacks Black3,361 ft120 ft1632830
19Into the Fire Dungog Common Firetrail1,067 ft81 ft1452430
20Bone Yard The Boneyard1,563 ft30 ft1364151
21Black & Blue Black And Blue1,684 ft45 ft1204260
22Snake Track Snake Track848 ft35 ft803480
23Al's Downer Al's Downer2,785 ft131 ft602070
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