segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Junk Yard - Who's King of corners Junkyard Trail1,583 ft61 ft14571467212
2Junk Yard Tree Berm DH Junkyard Trail619 ft26 ft1457147131
3Partial Junk Yard Junkyard Trail383 ft26 ft1451283014
4Junk Yard Up Junkyard Trail2,337 ft126 ft1354130115
5Spring Valley Creek Trail to gate Spring Valley Creek2 miles490 ft123649376
6Pump up the Vol Weekend At Bermy's408 ft6 ft864115430
7Soilers Weekend At Bermy's1,023 ft70 ft79032422
8Spring Creek Up Spring Valley Creek2 miles486 ft78337855
9Upper Stormin Mormin Stormin Mormon2,323 ft127 ft77349615
10Unnamed Rd Climb Bovine Nirvana3,905 ft264 ft76715610
11Feeling Lucky Weekend At Bermy's725 ft76 ft76449536
12Stormin Mormon Stormin Mormon3,750 ft240 ft758460218
13Lower Broken Horn Fisher Lane4,128 ft315 ft64621570
14Twisted Sister to TS Connector Twisted Sister858 ft41 ft59432511
15Fence to road crossing Shooting Range1,969 ft77 ft5769951
16Shooting Range from Gate down to Whip Tail Shooting Range1,840 ft74 ft5729651
17D's Chaos from Southernmost point to Twisted Sister D's Chaos3,841 ft71 ft56423683
18Broke Neck Mtn Fisher Lane1 mile395 ft45614325
19Bovine Nirvana DH Bovine Nirvana3,006 ft232 ft4516130
20Fischer Lane Down Fisher Lane2 miles672 ft40111894
21Short Baun's Eye (up) Short Baun's Eye1,551 ft78 ft3839331
22Shooting Range Down Shooting Range3,904 ft286 ft3726660
23Final Powerline Descent to Cartwright Powerline Connector2,892 ft270 ft3236131
24::::: Spring Valley Connect2,543 ft104 ft2855901
25The new eye of Baun Baun's Eye1 mile254 ft2546471
26Whiptail to Gate Whiptail Ridge3,554 ft376 ft1031420
27Skull Candy Climb (backside) Skull Candy1,562 ft222 ft11180
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