segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Jason Bourne - up Billy Idol (Treadstone)2,372 ft76 ft2539112755
2Moose Tracks Cow Tracks3,313 ft82 ft154349294
3Hidden Hollow DH Ridgeline (Hidden Hollow)3,458 ft209 ft138153657
4West Side Down Up Down Ridgeline (Hidden Hollow)3,772 ft211 ft135152673
5Rock Dodge City Deadwood2,469 ft42 ft129368625
6Fast and Fun Deadwood1 mile350 ft128868549
7Deadwood DH Deadwood2 miles324 ft1286680415
8Shawn Kemp - up Supersonic3,060 ft153 ft124737481
9Jackrabbit DH(Bench to Fence) Jackrabbit2,730 ft136 ft124664047
10Jackrabbit Trail Jackrabbit1 mile136 ft1236637310
11The Roadrunner Trail Roadrunner3,728 ft70 ft1096557911
12Schrute Farms Creed1,227 ft93 ft1041373410
13With Arms Wide Open!!! Creed2,571 ft161 ft103135224
14That's what she said Creed2,753 ft197 ft100430644
15HH view Ridgeline (Hidden Hollow)1,863 ft176 ft94026933
16Creed West Up Creed2,962 ft216 ft92724783
17creed north west to east 2017 Creed1 mile219 ft91023852
18Bike Park Fire Road Connector1,114 ft104 ft57524601
19Heart Attack Hill Climb Connector1,326 ft212 ft46110105
20Cow Tracks Cow Tracks3,314 ft82 ft44821406
21Thunder valley and 220 connecter 220224 ft44 ft39022502
22Billy Idol - up Billy Idol (Treadstone)1,991 ft135 ft38212082
23Fly Through The Rocks Ridgeline740 ft88 ft3698511
24Cougar Tracks - west Billy Idol (Treadstone)2,382 ft30 ft36913560
25West Side Descent Ridgeline (Hidden Hollow)2,110 ft202 ft36218973
26Top To Drop Big Thunder875 ft78 ft3289891
27Thunder Valley Descent Big Thunder2,227 ft173 ft3189934
28Backside Ridgeline3,217 ft190 ft3069201
29Rock Pile Hill Climb Water Tank Road1,190 ft112 ft2794381
30Eddie and the unthought known Billy Idol (Treadstone)4,600 ft54 ft2657940
31Road to Mountain Bike Course OHV-1822 ft31 ft24811421
32Roadrunner SB Roadrunner3,417 ft42 ft2125773
33Backside DH Ridgeline3,047 ft183 ft2043871
34Jackrabbit NB Jackrabbit3,149 ft104 ft1562532
35Bike Park Up n' Down 1104,474 ft109 ft1464051
36Deer Tracks - up Deer Tracks1,149 ft64 ft1405150
37Deadwood UPHILL Deadwood1 mile320 ft1011621
38Golden Eagle Bypass DH 2018 Golden Eagle Bypass1,474 ft87 ft333820
39Golden Eagle Bypass Up 2018 Golden Eagle Bypass1,448 ft85 ft302860
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