Mountain Bike
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401Lois Creek
2 miles-135 ft159 ft
48 HoursMorrissey Ridge
2 miles-1,391 ft7 ft
48 Hours Blue ConnectorMorrissey Ridge
171 ft
48 Hours Steep (Kootenay Canal)Morrissey Ridge
450 ft-162 ft2 ft
A Little Bit of SpiritColumbia Lake
1 mile-180 ft273 ft
A-Frame TrailLois Creek
1 mile-8 ft69 ft
Aggravated AssaultFernie Alpine Resort
709 ft-107 ft
Aggravated AssaultFernie Alpine Resort
2,201 ft-348 ft3 ft
Aggravated Assault ExtensionFernie Alpine Resort
828 ft-190 ft
Al MatadorMorrissey Ridge
3 miles-2,334 ft168 ft
Alternate Flight PatternFernie Alpine Resort
2,562 ft-476 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
387 ft-20 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
397 ft-45 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1,532 ft-203 ft
Anti-Clockwise ( Boomers Landing Tail, Upper Levels East/West Trail, East Side TrailPilot Point Peninsula
4 miles-813 ft895 ft
ApacheKimberley Nature Park
2 miles-136 ft162 ft
Apache SpurKimberley Nature Park
440 ft10 ft
Arbour Connector #037Cranbrook Community Forest
1,614 ft-48 ft
Arbour Trail #24Cranbrook Community Forest
2 miles-43 ft316 ft
Army Road (The Great Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
2 miles-103 ft81 ft
ArnicaSouth Star Trails
2,448 ft-55 ft62 ft
Aspen BendSouth Star Trails
1,821 ft-6 ft9 ft
Atlas ShruggedBootleg Mountain
2 miles-2,113 ft
Atlas to Pinch ConnectorBootleg Mountain
1,411 ft-158 ft
Atlas/Purple connectorBootleg Mountain
492 ft-50 ft
AvalancheWasa Crown Land
1 mile-261 ft156 ft
Axel Alley #10Cranbrook Community Forest
1,919 ft75 ft
B-DogNipika Mountain Resort
2 miles-339 ft471 ft
back way to south starSouth Star Trails
1 mile-57 ft222 ft
BackdoorWasa Crown Land
1,814 ft27 ft
BacksideWasa Crown Land
4,052 ft-15 ft30 ft
Bail OutWasa Crown Land
817 ft4 ft
Baker Death GripMount Baker
2 miles-3,202 ft59 ft
Balance of TerrorWasa Crown Land
2,913 ft-7 ft85 ft
Bare HillElkford
3,343 ft-338 ft178 ft
BartsLois Creek
1 mile-136 ft64 ft
Bashful (Snow Mexican to Snow White Connector)Bootleg Mountain
Baynes Lake Connector (The Great Trail)Kikomun Creek Provincial Park
2,149 ft7 ft
Baynes Lake MeadowsBaynes Lake
1 mile-53 ft91 ft
Baynes Lake NorthBaynes Lake
6 miles-188 ft561 ft
BC Cup DownhillFernie Alpine Resort
3,530 ft-830 ft
BearKimberley Nature Park
4,531 ft-5 ft540 ft
Bear Hill LookoutKimberley Nature Park
364 ft-10 ft3 ft
Bee Line HikeCranbrook Community Forest
2,979 ft-118 ft311 ft
Bee-Line ClimbCranbrook Community Forest
4,747 ft560 ft
Bee-Line DHCranbrook Community Forest
1 mile-804 ft9 ft
Ben EmmettMount Fernie Provincial Park
2 miles-307 ft249 ft
Ben Emmett to NordicMount Fernie Provincial Park
259 ft-13 ft2 ft
BenchLois Creek
1,168 ft-6 ft6 ft
4,511 ft-42 ft111 ft
Ben’s Big RigFernie Alpine Resort
1,837 ft-298 ft
Bicycle ThiefFernie Alpine Resort
1 mile-1,356 ft13 ft
Big MoneyFernie Ridge
2 miles-2,185 ft233 ft
Big Tree ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
856 ft-53 ft
Big Tree Trail #026Cranbrook Community Forest
2 miles-205 ft172 ft
Bin LogdinFernie Alpine Resort
1,581 ft-208 ft
Black BettyMt Fernie
1,757 ft-387 ft
Black ForestMount Fernie Provincial Park
1 mile-725 ft6 ft
Black Forest ConnectorMount Fernie Provincial Park
535 ft34 ft
Blake's Single TrackLois Creek
2 miles-96 ft117 ft
Blakes to Totem ConnectorLois Creek
361 ft
Blow Your ChamoisNipika Mountain Resort
2,080 ft-78 ft87 ft
Blue BettyMt Fernie
2,710 ft-438 ft6 ft
Blue MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1,043 ft-180 ft
Blue MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1,440 ft-157 ft
BobsledSouth Star Trails
2,789 ft-47 ft30 ft
Boivin Cross CountryElkford
4 miles-1,089 ft51 ft
Boivin North -Elk Valley Trail (The Great Trail)Elkford
4,760 ft-27 ft233 ft
Boivin SouthElkford
2,488 ft-86 ft5 ft
Boivin XC AlternateElkford
2 miles-226 ft709 ft
Bonehead #3Cranbrook Community Forest
3 miles-321 ft322 ft
Bonehead Connector #039Cranbrook Community Forest
2,090 ft-57 ft64 ft
Bonzai (The Wall Part III)Cranbrook Community Forest
2,669 ft-119 ft33 ft
Boom CreekFernie Alpine Resort
1 mile-181 ft153 ft
Boom TrailFernie Alpine Resort
4,645 ft-174 ft400 ft
Boomer's LandingCrawford Bay
1 mile-6 ft940 ft
Boomerang ConnectorFernie Alpine Resort
1,063 ft-6 ft3 ft
Border LineKimberley Nature Park
1,001 ft32 ft
BoulderKimberley Nature Park
3,248 ft-146 ft38 ft
Brads Gay TrailRidgemont
1,653 ft-241 ft8 ft
Bridge View ConnectorMount Fernie Provincial Park
2,559 ft-139 ft39 ft
Brodie #23Cranbrook Community Forest
3,885 ft-78 ft149 ft
Brokeback RidgeMount Fernie Provincial Park
1 mile-1,009 ft53 ft
Broken DerailleurRidgemont
2,612 ft29 ft
Broken Hip aka Space UnicornFernie Ridge
1,391 ft-142 ft
Bullfrog HillKimberley Nature Park
1,493 ft63 ft
Bump 5Cranbrook Community Forest
5,105 ft-112 ft141 ft
Bumps Connector #122Cranbrook Community Forest
2,421 ft-9 ft166 ft
BurntKimberley Nature Park
1,306 ft-167 ft16 ft
Butte Lookout LoopKimberley
2 miles-379 ft380 ft
Bypass TrailSparwood Ridge
2,421 ft-96 ft32 ft
Cabin TrailKimberley Nature Park
1,529 ft-93 ft51 ft
CalypsoSouth Star Trails
2,398 ft-34 ft82 ft
Campground TrailMount Fernie Provincial Park
148 ft
Campground TrailMount Fernie Provincial Park
219 ft-3 ft
Campground TrailMount Fernie Provincial Park
190 ft5 ft
Campground Trail (The Great Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
761 ft61 ft
Can't WaitWasa Crown Land
2,329 ft-104 ft
Captain KirkWasa Crown Land
2 miles-34 ft489 ft
Carpal TunnelMontane Fernie
2,326 ft-228 ft23 ft
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