Mountain Bike
Christopher's Loop - Sand Harbor Vista Spur
2,959 ft-147 ft140 ft
Flume Trail
4 miles-388 ft298 ft
Incline Flume Trail
6 miles-107 ft481 ft
Marlette Peak Campground
574 ft-58 ft
Red House Flume Trail
2 miles-341 ft365 ft
Snapdragon Trail
5,260 ft-61 ft413 ft
Sunflower Hill Trail
3 miles-806 ft
TRT: Marlette Peak
1 mile-352 ft138 ft
TRT: Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek Rd.
8 miles-1,292 ft551 ft
TRT: Tunnel Creek Rd. to Marlette Rd.
5 miles-649 ft955 ft
Tyrolean Doubletrack
4,856 ft288 ft
Tyrolean Jumps Bypass
2,992 ft-254 ft
Tyrolian Downhill Trail
3 miles-1,503 ft29 ft
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